Will Nimble Be The New Bittensor of 2024? Find Out!

Will Nimble Be The New Bittensor of 2024

There is almost nothing new in the crypto market. You could evaluate new projects by examining other projects in their ecosystem. Most new projects are upgrades of existing ones. This assertion is true in the case of Nimble and Bittensor. Hence, the big question is will Nimble be the next Bittensor?

There are many big narratives in the crypto ecosystem, such as DePIN, zkRollups, RWAs, etc. We believe that quite a handful of them would be great. One of those big narratives we are bullish on is the AI narrative.

This ecosystem is going to be huge, and that is why we are bullish on some legitimate projects.

This article will show you an AI project you should add to your watchlist. We are very bullish on this project and will explain why we believe it will be massive in the crypto AI narrative.

What is Nimble?

Will Nimble Be The New Bittensor of 2024

This project is a new investment we became bullish on after reviewing its fundamentals. We believe it is an AI crypto project that will give you the ‘100X and 1000X’ in this bull cycle.

AI will be very big in this upcoming bull cycle, and Nimble’s approach to the AI narrative stands out.

They want to democratize AI by allowing developers to access composable AI models and data. In our previous article, “14 New Altcoins That Could Make You Millions,” we covered the key features of this project.

We also discussed why we like and believe the project will be prominent in the bull cycle.

Bittensor and Fetch are the biggest Nimble competitors. While we believe in the AI narrative, we have not recommended so many AI projects to our readers and subscribers. This project is the first AI project we are going big on.

Why We Are Very Bullish on This AI Project

Will Nimble Be The New Bittensor of 2024

Nimble is an intense technical project. It wants to be more centralized, which is why it may stand tall above Bittensor. To achieve this goal, the project works with ML (Machine Learning) engineers from web2 (Centralized Web) giants.

They have engineers from Uber, Google, Apple, and Facebook with at least 5 years of experience working on this project. The project is not only technical; it has a very technical team of engineers working to make it stand out.

We believe this project will be the premier project in the AI narrative and even rise to become a top 30 market cap crypto project. The project has yet to launch, but it is already gathering a lot of attention. They have confirmed the airdrop.

Final Thoughts

Nimble is that project you do not want to get your eyes off if you are very bullish on AI projects for the bull cycle.

Please note that this article is not financial advice. Please do your due diligence before buying into any crypto project. Finally, invest what you can afford to lose.


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