When will AI Go Mainstream?

When will AI Go Mainstream

When Will AI Go Mainstream? On reflection, I should be asking, When did AI Go Mainstream? The inflection point was in December 2022, with OpenAI’s chat GPT.

I remember seeing a graphic comparison graph on LinkedIn showing how long technology solutions and brands took to reach one million users. The longest time on the list was Netflix, which took 3.5 years to reach one million users, and amazingly, ChatGPT took five days to get one million users. Yeah, you read right, FIVE DAYS! This is the fastest technology to achieve adoption by that many users in the shortest time frame.

Since the unleashing of AI, and yes, it has been unleashed, the world has not been the same. Automation Switch has been talking about AI from our inception. I remember writing an article titled “Geffory Hintion: The God Father of AI“. Who would have known back then how pertinent that article would become? We’ve also covered the topic of chatbots in-depth. Still, I never expected chatbots to morph into the current incarnations of ChatGPT, Microsoft BingChat, Google’s Bard, and others.

At, we sensed that something massive was coming with AI, and we aim for our coverage to capture emerging and futuristic technologies. However, I didn’t expect AI to be as rapidly transformative as it has been and to think that AI has yet to deliver on a fraction of its promise and potential.

One of our core objectives at is to explore transformative technologies and how they will impact and transform the world. AI’s transformative potential going Mainstream is something we’re proud to have captured. AI has gone Mainstream, and there is no turning back.

The excitement and anticipation of what is to come is hard for my mind to comprehend. When I listen to commentaries or deep dives with AI influences like Stability AI’s founder Emad Mostaque or Xprxize founder and Sirel moonshot entrepreneur Peter Diamandis I feel like running to the rooftop and announcing to the world that AI is here.

AI is here

With AI going Mainstream, opportunities and challenges will pave the road to mass adoption. This echoes Peter Diamandis’s AI rhetoric that AI will transform the world. Moreover, Diamandis believes that this transformational power lies in the hands of those driven by passion and who are ready to get stuck in. AI is indeed the great equalizer.

AI Has Gone Mainstream, and it’s alive. I tell you, it’s alive.

What are you doing right now? What are you working on? STOP. Down your tools and listen. The world as we know it has changed. You may not notice it, but it has changed.

My 65-year-old Mom, who is nifty with her iPhone and laptop but has a limited understanding of technology, asked me questions about AI. For me, this indicates a shift. I compare this to the time she asked me about Bitcoin. And we all know what Impact Bitcoin has had on the world.

Bitcoin had already been through three bull cycles before I had a conversation during which Mom mentioned it. Yeah, yeah, I know my Mom knowing about technology is not a great metric to measure technology adoption. But it does infer that with AI going Mainstream, the AI bomb has detonated, and an explosion has occurred. The question is, where will you be when the dust settles?

For creators, it’s time to start creating with AI. For builders, it is time to start building. For writers, it’s time to start writing with AI. For coders and developers, it’s time to start incorporating AI tools into your workflow. Furthermore, whatever you do, it’s time to start seeing how you can integrate AI.

Should I feel guilty for things becoming easy?

In my previous consultancy role as a Digital infrastructure engineer, I remember being tasked to Migrate a code base, of users and user groups from one repository software solution to another (Github to Gitlab). The task had to be repeatable and written in code. Hmmm, how do I do this? I pondered on this for about a day and thought, hold on, I’ll prompt the task requirements into chat GPT.

Well, What do you know? Chatgpt spat out the shell script code to me in less than a minute. NICE! Let me generate an alternative programming language so that I can give future maintainers of the code base an option of the programming language they prefer. So, I entered another prompt. Hey, presto. Another script was output in Python faster than a microwave pasta meal on a weekday evening.

My colleague who had been given a similar task told me how he had been working for the previous two days and asked me how I was getting on. He even said let’s work together. I felt embarrassed and sympathetic simultaneously because I had already finished. Should I tell him my little secret? I smiled, said I was almost there, and thanked God for remote working.

This incident occurred about a month before writing this. However, I now strongly advocate promoting AI as part of all workflow. AI is the way forward. AI is already mainstream and will continue to impact and touch every area of our lives.

AI is already mainstream

Many pros and cons come with the mass adoption of AI. There are different language models to choose from. The tech behemoth companies are fighting their own battle for AI supremacy, the world governments are racing to put legislation in place for AI, and who knows what else is going on behind closed doors as AI continues to rise from its origins.

Many things About AI are good, some things are of concern, and some things about AI are neither here nor there, but those have nothing to do with what this article aims to address.

When will AI go Mainstream? The Answer, people, is that AI is already Mainstream. AI is here to stay.

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