What’s Bing Create AI, and how does it work?

bing ai creatae

Bing Image Creator is an AI text to Image generator designed to assist users in generating AI images using DALL·E. By inputting a text prompt, the AI system will produce a collection of images that correspond to that prompt. Before using Bing Create, you must create a Microsoft account or simply log in with your existing account.

Microsoft created Bing Create, and you can find it at

Get Familiar with the Bring Create UI

Like ChatGPT, there are best practices and tips to make the most out of Bing Create. Let’s see how it works!

Looking at the website, there are a few important fields to take a look at:

bing create User interface

The prompt field is where you’ll type your text. When you’re done, hit the Create button to start generating images. It takes about 5-10 seconds to generate the images on a stable internet connection. 

bing create User interface

You receive 100 credits per 24 hours. When you run out of credits, you can still generate images, but it will take a little bit longer as the priority is given to people with credits. So there’s no need to pay for anything!

On the top right, you will see your profile and your points. Your points are earned by using Bing Create, and you can exchange them for gift cards or donate them to charity.

Limitations of Bing Create

Now you’re probably wondering, are there limitations to Bing Create? Not in terms of how much you can use the tool, but there are some prompts that Bing Create will refuse to follow because it’s against the rules. The filter sometimes makes no sense and will refuse prompts even though you don’t have bad intentions. If that’s the case, you’ll see this message:

bing create User interface  warning box

Try to rephrase your prompt and see if it still triggers the prompt. You can work by elimination to figure out which words trigger the filter.

How to prompt in Bing Create?

It’s very simple! Here’s a list I created in order to write the best possible prompt:

  1. Subject/content of the image
  2. What is the subject doing
  3. In what environment?
  4. Mood
  5. Color style/composition
  6. Art style

For example: A young man wearing dark clothes walking in a street, dark ambiance, dark colors, anime style

A red car going fast on the beach, neon ambiance, cyberpunk vibes, hand painting style

Depending on the context, you can add details like “full body visible, view from knee height, FPS view, view from the dashboard, view from the cockpit, etc. It’s all about knowing what you want!

You can also find prompts online. Some of them are very complex and include photography settings and other details. If you are trying to generate specific things, you can add as many details as you want, like “young woman with short dark hair and piercings, wearing medieval armor, holding a sword that is glowing blue.”

Bing Create Images and Where to Find Four previous designs?

Once you click the create button, you will see a new screen where your previous Bing Create images are saved. Watch out, though, the website will keep around 30 pictures saved, and after you generate too much, they disappear. On the right, you can see the beautiful glowing sardine cans that I generated earlier.

bing create images example

Round Up

That’s it for Bing Create! The more you use it, the better you’ll be at generating Bing Create images, so don’t worry. And remember, it’s still AI that is evolving. Sometimes, hands, faces, and details may not look great or make much sense, but it will only improve in the future.

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