Vision Pro: A Glimpse into the (Slightly Dystopian) Future?

Apple Vision Pro

Welcome, welcome, Welcome, welcome. And welcome to the future. I’m over-emphasizing the word welcome because, as of February 2024, we officially entered the future thanks to the Apple Vision Pro.

I write this article not from an Apple Vision Pro user perspective but from the perspective of an observer and commentator. I intend to shine a light on what the Vision Pro technology represents. What I believe to be society’s subtle dystopia acclimating as we’re being ushered along a path of increased technological advancement.

The first-generation Apple Vison Pro device has ushered us into an interactive future, which I christened “The Future now” ( I hope this catches on). The future now” that combines Virtual reality and spatial computing technology with the natural world, all made accessible through headgear/goggles that look like they are props from an 80’s sci-fi movie.

Apple Vision Pro: Supercomputer in Headgear

The Apple Vision Pro allows users to watch movies, connect to their Mac, browse the web, play games, browse social media, be immersed in digital environments, and more, all while on the move.

Supercomputer in Headgear

The device seamlessly fuses the digital world with the real world, and based on the reviews and user posts across social media, it may become a groundbreaking success. Well, should we expect anything less from Apple products?

The Vision Pro symbolizes how the lines between sci-fi and reality are becoming harder to see. If you think I’m exaggerating, just go on YouTube and type in a “man driving Tesla and wearing Vision Pro.” Just make sure you come back and finish this article.

Also, try taking yourself back 20-30 years. Imagine watching a sci-fi movie. Picture a scene in a coffee shop; the actor is sitting at a table wearing a headset or what seems like the Vision Pro headgear and nonchalantly typing into thin air on an imaginary keyboard. This scene has not been plucked from science fiction but is, in fact, a description of social media footage.

For more perspective on this point, please do me a favor and Google search the 1995 movie Johnny Mnemonic. In 1995, this movie’s headgear/goggles scenes could have wowed the audience. But in the present “The Future Now” of 2024, the Apple Vision Pro is a tangible device that achieves a wow factor made possible by combining technologies and manufacturing techniques packaged and shipped as headgear/goggles.

The Vision Pro is meticulously pieced together with tech wizardry comprising metal, glass, carbon, fiber, plastic, semiconductors, cameras, and sensors. It has entered the arena to threaten other VR headset competitors in its class.

The comparison between the Vison Pro and other VR headsets is comparable to walking into a boxing gym and rating all the fighters you present as being good fighters, but when the Pro or the champ enters the gym, the focus quickly shifts to the pro boxer’s precision, power, accuracy, movement and all the attributes that make them the Pro.

The Already Iconic Gen One Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro is not perfect, but it’s about something other than perfection. It’s about what it represents. The Vision Pro is already iconic. It represents a leap forward in AR/VR technology. It represents an acceptance of AR/VR technology by the masses. It represents what could become the norm.

This is just the first generation of the Vision Pro. Assuming you’re familiar with the way Apple ships its products. In that case, you will understand that the first generation of all their product lines are usually clunky and have loads of room for improvement.

Suppose this manta is anything to go by. In that case, onlookers, commentators, and customers should recognize that the first generation of all Apple product releases is a starting point for what usually evolves into a cult following. I predict that the Apple Vision Pro will birth a cult following comparable to the iphone and MacBook’s, and that people will line up for hours or camp overnight for the release of the next-gen Vision Pros.

What do the people say about the vision Pro

Suppose you frequent social media like I am compelled to for my work (Yes, I promise, it’s only for my work). In that case, you will discover many videos of people using Vision Pro in real-life scenarios while simultaneously immersed in the digital world. Just incredible.

What do the people say about the vision Pro

What amazes me about the Vision Pro and my inspiration for this article is how it has been used in conjunction with other tech innovations, how it is being effortlessly used in public, and Apple’s emphasis on intentionally marketing the Vision Pro as a futuristic device.

Whether the social media posts are publicity stunts by Apple or genuine users’ posts, note that the web is now filled with video clips of the Vision Pro being effortlessly used in public places.

Examples include people crossing the road while wearing the Vision Pro. People using the Vision Pro while on public transport, a man in London walking his robot dog using a virtual leash, and a man who was pulled over by police for using the Vision Pro while driving his Tesla with no hands.

This is evidence of society slowly acclimatizing to the fact that we have entered the next phase of human ingenuity and technological innovation. OR. Are we being conditioned to accept this narrative? Hmm.

I see the future

Either way, I see a future where the Vision Pro and similar devices are as much of an everyday accessory as a laptop, personal computer, or TV. As the Vision Pro evolves, its form factor will evolve to become sleeker and more refined. I’ll now put on my Automation Switch futuristic forecaster hat and predict a future where the Apple Vision Pro could be in the form factor of glasses or even contact lenses.

The launch of the Apple Vision Pro feels like the Apple company is preparing us for a future that we cannot yet comprehend. A future where humans are fully immersed in the digital world with less separation from the real world. But do we want that? Do you want that? Do I want the inability to separate the digital from the real world?

Let’s take one step at a time, address “The Future Now,” and focus on the Apple Vision Pro. I want one, and I hope an Apple rep is reading this so I can review it for my work (Honest). Owning a Vision Pro will set you back about $3500; if Apple doesn’t send me one to review, I hope to quickly generate enough funds from my day job to buy a Vision Pro before AI takes my job away.

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