17 Of the Best Virtual AI Friend Apps

AI virtual Friend Apps

Imagine having a true best friend who is there for, yes, just you, no matter what. Someone who knows everything about you and always has your back. That is the power of AI virtual friends.

We all need a little companionship now and then. Someone to talk to, confide in, and be there for us. But what if our only companion was a virtual one? An AI friend, if you will.

It may sound a little odd at first but think about it. An AI virtual companion is always there for you and only you. It never judges you and is always ready to listen. So, here are 17 of the best virtual AI friend apps.

What are Virtual AI Friend Apps

An AI friend could help you with things like your studies or work. They could be a sounding board for ideas, a shoulder to cry on when things get tough, and a celebrant when things are going great. In other words, they would be everything a human friend could be… just without the human bias.

There are various virtual AI friend apps, from those that chat with you to those that can help you with tasks or play games. Some people even use them to keep track of their daily schedule or help them stay motivated.

Virtual AI friend apps can be fun to talk to and keep you company. As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, AI chatbot apps have more functionality and can be perfect virtual companions for those who are lonely or want a virtual friend.

AI virtual friend apps can also be a simulation tool to help explore human relationships in ways never thought possible. Moreover, because they are powered by artificial intelligence, they constantly learn and evolve, getting to know the user better over time. From here, they can then be your perfect personal assistant.

You probably already use a personal assistant chatbot app, but have you explored virtual AI friend apps?

AI Virtual Friend Apps Review

Below is a list of 17 AI virtual friend apps with unique features. Some apps in the list allow you to create a virtual friend that can be customized to look and act how you want. In contrast, others allow you to choose your friend’s personality, interests, and voice. Once you’re set-up, you can interact with them in various ways. Also, the list includes free and paid virtual AI friend apps.

1. Replika AI Chatbot

Replika AI frind
Image Credit: Replika

Replika is one of the best-rated virtual AI friend apps. According to NY Post, there are approximately 10 million active Replika users. This user base generates roughly $2 million in monthly revenue for the company. Replika is one of the most advanced and popular AI friend apps. Replika is not like most other ai chatbots; Replika can look at images, recognize them, and converse about them. 

Replika uses augmented reality and supports voice calls so you can talk to your virtual friend. When downloading the Replika app, you can select your friends and name them, and the more you chat with them, the more points you will earn. In addition, Replika points can be redeemed for your AI friend’s clothes, traits, and interests.

Supported platforms: Web app, Android, and iOS

2. Kuki Social Companion

Kuki Social Companion

According to the Kuki website, Kuki has won 5 awards and has over 25 million users, making it one of the most popular virtual AI friend apps. Kuki understands conversations incredibly well, making it a great social companion for sharing conversations. This AI friend is made up of AI mark-up language and machine learning. Kuki also has quizzes, games, daily horoscopes, and tarot readings.

With Kuki, you can also earn coins and purchase gifts. Of course, there are limitations when it comes to customization options, with other friend apps offering a few more features, but Kuki is a game changer in virtual AI friend apps.

Supported platforms: Online, Facebook Messenger, Twitch, Discord, Kik Messenger, and Telegram.

3. Chai Chatbot

Image of Chai Virtual AI Friend Apps
Image Credit: Chai / Google

Chai Chatbot is an AI app that works differently from other virtual AI friend apps. With Chai, you can build and use your chatbots. Chai uses a specific language model that helps mimic conversations. Before signing up, you can test out their five pre-existing ai chatbots; each chatbot has a different personality and belongs to another category. Some of the categories include romantic, friendly, and well-being.

According to Screen Rant, Chai is free for 100 messages daily; if you want to send more messages, you’ll need to upgrade to the premium version at $13.99 monthly.

Supported platforms: Android and iOS

4. Elomia Emotional Health Assistant

elomia virtual friend app

Elomia is a virtual AI friend but offers more than your average AI friend; it is an emotional health assistant. This AI friend comforts those struggling with loneliness, anxiety, stress, anger, lack of confidence, sleep, and relationship issues. This AI friend has been proven to increase users’ mental and emotional well-being.

According to Dev Post, the average session on Elomia is 42 minutes long, with users rating their conversations with Elomia at 8.4 out of 10. 

The only drawback to using Elomia, compared to other virtual AI friend apps, is that it is restricted to being used on Facebook and Apple devices.

Supported platforms: iOS, Facebook

5. Simsimi

Simsimi virtual friend app

Simisimi has over 350 million users worldwide and supports 81 languages. As with other popular virtual AI friend apps, it mimics human conversations. One unique feature of Simisimi chatbots is that they can use foul language. However, the swear word feature may not be for everyone and can be filtered out with settings in the app.

Supported platforms: online, Android, iOS

6. Anima Virtual AI Friend

Anima virtual AI friend

Anima is an excellent option for virtual AI friend apps. Anima can talk with you, roleplay, and help improve your conversational skills. In addition, Anima offers an option for friendship and a romantic AI partner. You can also play games and trivia via the app. Anima’s free version has some features, but the premium version costs $8 monthly.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

7. Cleverbot

cleverbot AI

Cleverbot is a quirky, intelligent, and witty virtual AI friend app launched in 2006. Besides an engaging chat, Cleverbot tells jokes too. There is a sign-up function, but you don’t need to sign up to use the app. Signing up does, however, open up a lot more features of the app. The only downside of Cleverbot is that it’s only available on Apple devices and does not come with an avatar feature.

Supported platforms: iOS

8. The Boibot And Evie

The boibot virtual friend

Boibot and Evie are two virtual AI friend apps designed by the same company and offering similar features. However, Boibot was designed as a male companion, while Evie was designed as a female companion. This avatar speaks and moves while speaking, making them seem like a real friend. 

Like other virtual AI friend apps, Boibot and Evie were designed to learn from people to give realistic conversations and responses.

Supported platforms: Online, iOS, and Android

9. Andy English Bot

andy english ai bot

Andy English Bot is a chatbot designed to help you learn English. This app focuses on conversational English and has fun games, grammar lessons, and audio messages. Unfortunately, the free version has some grammar limitations, and you’ll need to download the premium version to access all the features.

Supported platforms: iOS and Android

10. Kajiwoto Virtual Friend

Kajiwoto Virtual Friend

Kaijiwoto provides the tools to build your own virtual AI friend apps. The chatbots, known as kajis, were created using machine learning to respond to messages. This platform offers endless possibilities allowing users to create a chatbot that meets their needs.

Supported platforms: Android, Discord, and iOS

11. Jabberwacky Chatbot

Despite the unusual name, the Jabberwacky virtual friend simulates human chat and aims to be entertaining, humorous, and a good companion. The Jabberwacky chatbot is fun and closely resembles chatting with another human being. 

The only drawback to this virtual friend is that it’s only available online and unsuitable for other devices. The lack of availability on some devices can make users reluctant to use the Jabberwacky chatbot.

Supported platforms: Online only.

12. Rose The Chatbot

Rose AI Chatbot

Rose is a two-time award-winning AI chatbot with her personality. This chatbot is a millennial from an orthodox family with a slightly rebellious and quirky side. You can text Rose via the website or use your microphone to speak with her. Unfortunately, this chatbot is only accessible online.

Supported platforms: Online only.

13. Swelly

Swelly api virtual AI friend
image credit: Google / Swelly

Swelly is a virtual helper that uses the opinion of others to help you make decisions. For example, whether wanting to decide which dress to wear or what meal is the healthiest, Swelly uses your question and creates a poll for other users to answer the question.

Supported platforms: Android, iOS

14. Elbot The Chatbot

Elbot The Chatbot Virtual AI Friend

Elbot the chatbot is a top virtual AI friend app that talks like a human. This chatbot aims to be different with its changing images with every response and witty sense of humor. Elbot has natural conversational abilities and can understand complex sentences and conversations. 

Elbot is supported on a few platforms, making it easy for users to download on a few devices.

Supported platforms: Online, Android, and iOS

15. Mydol

mydol virtual friend app

If you want an AI virtual friend app that constantly compliments and adores you, Mydol may be just the app for you. Mydol is a fandom app that offers a unique take on a virtual boyfriend or AI girlfriend who isn’t just a love interest but your biggest fan. 

Mydol even lets you hold virtual conversations with their virtual creation of your favorite celebrities. While some celebrities are on the list, your favourite celebrity may not be, but luckily you can register them on Mydol.

This virtual AI friend app is perfect for those looking for a fandom companion, but fandom attention can be a bit overwhelming for those who are more reserved. Either way, it’s a great app to explore, and most users report a positive experience when using Mydol.

Unluckily, this app is only available for download on Android devices.

Supported platforms: Android

16. Wysa

wysa logo ai mental health app logo

Wysa is a virtual friend who helps users and their mental health. Wysa is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week and is anonymous and clinically safe. This impressive app uses cognitive behavioral techniques to make you feel heard. 

Wysa is also supported with human assistance to provide optimal mental health support. This virtual friend has helped over 3.5 million people and is covered in 65 countries. Wysa users showed a 40% improvement in their mental health when using the app, and this excellent app is available to individuals, employers, healthcare workers, and insurers.

Supported platforms: Android

17. Zen

Zen is a chatbot app

Zen is a chatbot app you can turn to for support If you feel lonely or stressed. is home to Zen, an AI Therapist chatbot that users can use for free. Zen is always available to lend a listening ear, and she’s been specifically designed to provide therapeutic support. While she’s not a substitute for professional help, she can offer a compassionate and non-judgmental space for users to explore their thoughts and feelings.

Zen is available 24/7 to offer advice and suggestions to users from all over the world. And because AI powers her, she can provide a personalized experience for every user.

Zen is based on the work of Carl Rogers, one of the most influential psychologists of the 20th century. Rogers developed a theory of personality that emphasized the importance of human relationships. He believed that everyone naturally grows and develops and that relationships play a vital role in this process. Zen is designed to help users grow and develop in their own lives by providing a supportive and understanding presence. So whether you’re dealing with stress or anxiety or need someone to talk to, check out Zen on Fire.

Supported platforms: Online

Round up

Virtual AI friend apps are undergoing significant transformations to mirror human interactions more closely. These apps boast humor, charm, and distinct personalities, while others focus on enhancing mental well-being and offering companionship.

The demand for virtual AI companions is on the rise. These digital friends provide round-the-clock companionship, ensuring you always have someone to chat with. With engaging and dynamic conversations, they make for stimulating interactions anytime, anywhere.

With a plethora of virtual AI friend apps available, you’re never stuck with just one. Feel free to switch things up and explore different options until you find your perfect match. So why not give it a shot? Your next best friend might just be a download away

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