13 ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Tools to Make You A Master

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Prompt engineering is a critical skill in today’s AI-driven world. Whether you’re crafting marketing copy, generating code, or trying to set your daily schedule, mastering prompt engineering can significantly improve your results.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 13 valuable ChatGPT prompt engineering tools that will empower you to become a better prompt engineer. Stick around until the end because we’ll also give you our additional tips.

List of Invaluable Prompt Engineering Tools

1. OpenAI Playground


A safe sandbox by OpenAI that allows you to experiment with prompts in a user-friendly interface. It’s an excellent starting point for beginners and a great tool for people who want to sharpen their prompt engineering skills. 

2. Playground A


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This tool compares outputs from different language models based on the same prompt, helping you understand the nuances of each model’s response. The tool is free. However, you will need an API key to make it work.

(Playground A)

3. GPTtools


This website is a collection of useful tools you can use to get better at using ChatGPT, such as a token estimator, engine comparison, and many tutorials.

4. PromptBase 


A comprehensive platform that provides curated prompts for various applications, helping you save time and effort in crafting effective prompts. The search system lets you find the perfect prompt in a second. Even if you don’t want to buy, you can get inspired by the free preview you can see on each product page.

5. GitHub 

( While not exclusively designed for prompt engineering, GitHub is like a treasure chest for code and has many resources for AI enthusiasts. You can find prompt templates and tools for various language models. It works in folders, a bit like Reddit and subreddits. 

6. Find Anything


This tool is a browser extension that helps you create copyright-free images with the help of AI. If you see a picture that you like online, you can simply ask the extension to modify the picture and create your own version of it

7. Eye for AI 


Eye for AI is a tool to help you create images from text, help you build your prompts and save them to save time. As you can see on the screenshot, it has a good amount of choices to help you build your prompt or image.

screenshot chatgpt prompt engineering tools 2

8. Promptperfect 


This prompt engineering tool focuses on perfecting your prompts by analyzing your inputs and suggesting improvements, helping you achieve better outcomes. This website also allows API access and provides access to their SDK.

9. Visual Prompt Builder 


This unique tool allows you to create prompts based on visual styles, providing a fresh perspective on crafting prompts. After you create your prompt, you can copy it in a click and paste it in your favorite AI image generator.

And the result is pretty good: 

chatgpt prompt engineering tools 4



An informative website that offers guidance on creating effective prompts, covering various domains and use cases. It covers various topics, is free to access, and is well organized.

11. Flow GPT 

( Flow GPT assists you in finding and using the best prompts, learning from successful examples, and adapting them to your needs. You can access lots of prompts for free and even test them on the website itself and discuss the prompt with other users.

12. Promptly

( This tool allows you to build your own chatbot without learning to code. In three easy steps, you can publish your own chatbot and either use it for your goals or publish and monetize it for the world.

13. Knit

( Knit provides a playground for prompt designers, allowing you to manage and build prompts effectively. There is no need to save your prompts locally or on the cloud, you can edit them and save them in Knit.

Additional Prompt Engineering tips and tricks

  1. Adapt to the AI you’re using. Not all LLMs work the same, and using similar prompts in different LLMs would not make sense. 
  1. Ask ChatGPT about the best way to prompt. Ask GPT about all aspects of the topic you prompt to ensure you’re not missing anything.
  1. Take time to learn prompt engineering. There are a lot of free resources online. Take the time to learn to master the art of prompts. It will save you a lot of frustration and time in the future. 
  1. Adapt your prompt to avoid bias and misinformation
  1. Share with others. Share tips and prompts on sites like Facebook, Reddit, or Github, and use the community to learn new things.


Becoming better at creating prompts for AI involves trial and error, even if you took the time to learn prompt engineering.

On websites like GitHub, Reddit, and PromptBase, you can get inspired by other people’s prompts to make yours even better.  By studying and using these example prompts, you learn how to write prompts that get good AI responses.

Websites that help with prompt building will allow you to save a ton of time when writing your prompts. It’s easier to drag and drop prompt elements or simply copy an existing prompt template.

Hanging out where other AI enthusiasts are is definitely a good way to learn new things and share what you know. Make sure you join moderated communities to avoid spam and ChatGPT related scams.

By practicing and learning from different experiences, you can write prompts that ChatGPT understands well, and you’ll get the best output possible.

You’re now equipped with knowledge of some of the best prompt engineering tools to become a better prompt engineer. What will you accomplish next?

You can also check our other ChatGPT content on Automation Switch.

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