How transformative technologies are impacting the fabric of our world.

Automation Switch seeks to explore how developments in transformative technology and the convergence of various technologies impact entire industries and everyday human life.

Automation Switch was created by Mike Babs an SRE/DevOps Engineer for a data-first, artificial intelligence startup specializing in autonomous vehicles. 

transformative technologies

I started Automation Switch as a way to immerse myself into the ecosystem of transformative technologies. I believe that immersion can be achieved by intentionally seeking to learn. This can lead to several benefits: 

  • Becoming inspired
  • The possibility of discovering opportunities 
  • Crystallizing information that can enable one to contribute
  • Developing competencies

The origins of Automation Switch 

The Automation Switch journey started whilst watching a Netflix documentary about a famous car designer. In a segment of the documentary, the car designer mentioned that his next major design project would be eVTOLS. As a naturally curious person, I was keen to learn more about eVTOLs (electrical vertical take-off and landing): aircraft designed to use electric power to hover, take off and land vertically.

Around this time I also stumbled on the works of Peter Diamonds (Founder of the X Prize) and Steven Kotler (A New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning journalist). Their books Abundance, The Future is Better Than You Think and The Future is Faster Than You Think excited me and broadened my mind about the potential that transformative technologies can offer. The duo introduced technologies that I’d never heard of, whilst also illustrating how technologies I was familiar with are fused to create value propositions from transformative technologies. 

What are transformative technologies?

Transformative technologies – sometimes also referred to as disruptive technology – describes technologies that seek to enhance human well being and potential. These technologies can be either hardware- or software-based solutions that can continually produce positive reliable changes to the human physical and psychological experience.

Technology has had an almost incalculable impact on human life. Transformative technologies add value as standalone innovative solutions or as a coupling of several solutions. Some of these technologies that continue to disrupt entire industries and create new industries include:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Internet of things (IoT)

  • Blockchain 

  • Virtual reality (VR)

  • Drones 

  • 3D printing

  • 5G cloud computing

  • Robotics

  • Nanotechnology

  • Biotechnology

These are just a few. Automation Switch attempts to present insights into these technologies in an easily digestible way. Ideas that were once considered crazy are now being brought to market and, in many cases, are literally placed in the hands of consumers. 

The Reason for Creating Automation Switch

Automation Switch was created primarily to aid my personal journey to learn by immersion and documenting my findings. The easiest way to do this was to create a blog. But with so many technologies to cover, Automation Switch now has a team of content contributors that go to great lengths to research and create insightful value-adding content.

By doing so I believe I’ll be able to discover opportunities, be better prepared for the future, and be equipped to make a positive contribution. Furthermore, I intend for this project to serve and benefit like-minded people, organisations, and enthusiasts in the same way. 

The content you encounter on this site should help steer you on the path to discovery and understanding how transformative technologies can be harnessed to help humanity flourish.

If you discover a nugget of information that sparks an idea to create, then the site has served its purpose. If you’re able to glean a piece of information that presents an investment opportunity then the site has served its purpose. Additionally, if you read something on the site that helps you to hold a conversation about the convergence of transformative technologies or a specific technology, the site has served its purpose. I hope you get the idea. Automation Switch has been created to serve its audience.

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