Telesign relies on AI, and ML for omnichannel security

Telesign Verify API AI ML Security

Telesign, a prominent provider of customer identity and engagement solutions, has introduced Verify API to combat the escalating threat of cyber fraud and rising SMS costs. 

This new omnichannel API integrates seven leading user verification channels: SMS, Silent Verification, Push, Email, WhatsApp, Viber, and RCS (Rich Communication Services) into a unified API. 

With a single integration, Telesign’s Verify API effortlessly enables businesses to scale new authentication channels with minimal development resources.

The launch of Verify API marks a significant milestone in the fight against fraudulent activities. 

Equipped with built-in defense against SMS vulnerabilities such as social engineering, phishing, and SIM-based attacks, this API promises a better, more secure end-user verification experience.

In an era where the cost of SMS continues to fluctuate unpredictably, Verify API offers a stable, predictable solution. 

Businesses can mitigate risks associated with over-reliance on any single communication channel by providing a diverse range of authentication channels. 

This cost-effective approach ensures that businesses can maintain affordability without compromising on security.

With Verify API, businesses can customize the verification and authentication experience based on market needs, customer preferences, or business priorities. 

This flexibility and automatic multichannel fallback ensure end-users receive a one-time password (OTP) regardless of the original verification method or geographic location.

Telesign CEO Christophe Van de Weyer highlights the importance of powerful customer authentication technologies in combating fraudulent activities. 

Verify API empowers businesses to select the newest, most secure, and customer-friendly verification channels for their specific use cases, making the digital world safer for everyone.

According to the 2023 Telesign Trust Index, 94% of consumers believe that companies are responsible for protecting their digital privacy. 

The influx of bots, fake users, and fraudsters underscores the critical need for robust authentication measures.

Chris Steffen, vice president of research at Enterprise Management Associates, emphasizes the importance of integrated solutions that deliver protection and enhance user experience in combating fraud. Verify API streamlines verification and mitigates risk, fostering trust among end-users.

Verify API offers a stable and predictable solution amidst fluctuating SMS costs. 

It equips businesses with diverse authentication channels, reducing the risks associated with over-reliance on any communication channel. 

This cost-effective approach ensures that businesses can maintain affordability without compromising on security.

With the rise of cyber threats, Verify API provides a reliable defense mechanism while ensuring a seamless and positive user experience.

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