How To Summarize A Video Or Movie With ChatGPT

Summarize A Video Or Movie With ChatGPT

In a world where everything is fast-paced, watching videos and consuming content at 1.5x or even 2x speed is becoming increasingly popular.

Watching videos on Speed 2x is not always helpful, and the need to rewind to comprehend the content wastes more time.

But that’s an issue of the past. Now, you can summarize a video or movie with ChatGPT content quickly. Let’s see how we can make it happen.

Summarize A Video Or Movie With ChatGPT

Step 1: Getting the transcript

There are two ways to do this: if you already have a transcript (like meeting notes, YouTube subtitles, or even an SRT file extracted from a video), you’re all good to go. If you need to get the transcript, here’s how you can do it:

If you have a movie or video stored on your computer and it has subtitles, you can usually find them in the same folder as the video file.

Getting the transcript

If you have a picture or PDF document to summarize, simply go to an OCR tool (there are many of them available for free online) and convert your document there. You can also go on for MP3-to-text converter tools.

On YouTube, look for the video transcript on the bottom right of the video player and click “Show transcript”.

show transcript

If there is no transcript available, which happens, you can open, put the video on speakers, and let Speechnotes type everything that is said in the video. You don’t need an account, the website will transcribe as much text as you want in many languages. You don’t need to be around the computer when the transcript happens; you can go do other stuff.

If that isn’t convenient, simply go to VEED IO and upload the video you want to be transcribed. Of course, you’ll need to go to a YouTube to MP4 converter first. VEED IO can transcribe your video quickly and accurately. Afterward, you can download the SRT or TXT file (if you pay for the Premium option) or just use your mouse to go through the text and copy it.

YouTube to MP4

Once you have copied the text, go to ChatGPT and prepare for step 2.

Step 2: Using the right prompt

Once your text is extracted from an SRT or TXT file (which you can open in Notepad), simply ask ChatGPT to transcribe and adapt your prompt! If you submitted an SRT file, tell ChatGPT to ignore the timestamps, for example.

You can use prompts like:

  • “I have a raw text from a (meeting/video/script/movie/etc), 
  • there are (number of speakers). Could you summarize the text and (highlight important points/remove repetitive concepts/make a list of the key points/etc). I would like the format to be (formatted text/unformatted text/a list/etc), (ask to ignore timestamps if necessary)”
  • “Please summarize this and use simpler/more complex language”
  • “Please summarize this and translate it to (language)”
  • “Please summarize and convert it to a blog article”
  • “Please summarize it and turn it into a social media post”
  • “Please summarize it and turn it into an email summary for the meeting”.

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Suppose you summarize a video or movie with ChatGPT. You might need to get creative if you want to extract subtitles. You can use some OCR or conversion tools to get your raw text file or obtain an SRT file. But once you have it, you can adapt it to whatever you want in ChatGPT.

Remember to cut the text into chunks if it’s too long, and explain to ChatGPT that it needs to remember that it’s from the same text and put all the chunks together logically. Once you learn the tools available, you can open some begin to make your life easier.

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