Stocks Alerter Review: A Complete Guide

stocks alerter review

The Stocks Alerter is a powerful stock analysis and indication App designed for Apple users. It offers complete guidance to help you manage your stocks to gain maximum profits. This subscription app offers tips for the best time to buy stocks and then sell them when the prices are promising. It also offers advice and strategies on the stock market trends. Moreover, if your stock prices start falling, they will alert you about the same.

In this article, we will walk you through a detailed Stocks Alerter review. Based on our analysis, you can decide whether you want to download and subscribe to the Stocks Alerter App.

 Stocks Alerter Product Information

  • Seller: Taplistic, LLC
  • Size: 60.9 MB
  • Category: Finance
  • Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac
  • Subscription Required

Stocks Alerter: How Does it Work?

Stocks Alerter

In the volatile market of stocks, it is just not possible to accurately predict the future of your equity. Here is an app that tries to predict the future prices of your stocks. It tells you when is the best time to buy or sell these stocks. The results might take time to materialize, usually between 6-8 weeks. And if you are lucky, you might get results sooner!

The app promises that it can significantly streamline your stock management, allowing you to dedicate a mere 3 hours every week to your stock trading. With strong insights from the app, it’s incredible how soon your equity portfolio will appear promising and sturdy.

Subscription Pricing and Terms


Here is a Stocks Alerter review of all the alerts available with the app:

Swing Signal Alerts

Get maximum profits with swing trading by using the swing signal alerts from the Stocks Alerter app. These alerts are quick in and out signals for buying and selling. There are various options available such as:

  • Unlimited yearly subscription: $899.99
  • Unlimited monthly subscription: $199.99
  • 5 signals/month subscription: $139.99
  • 10 signals/month subscription: $169.99

As a bonus, unlimited alerts and unlimited stocks analysis are included in the monthly and yearly plans.

Stocks Analysis

You can search and analyze over 25,000 stocks based on technical statistics and variables that the app provides. Also, all ratings are done based on technical analysis indicators.

  • 10 searches/month: $12.99
  • 25 searches/month: $24.99
  • Unlimited searches: $149.99

Custom Alerts

With this option, users enjoy a free hand in creating their very own stock lists and custom indicators. Thereafter, you will receive alerts when the stocks’ rating matches the custom indicators.  The Stocks Alerter Review reflects that these custom alerts are a great option for those who like to experiment with novel ways to determine buy and sell signals.

  • Unlimited alerts: $12.99
  • 5 alerts/month: $3.99
  • 10 alerts/month: $7.99

Custom Signals

Users can create a customized list of stocks and review them using the Stocks Alerter App’s AI algorithms to find out the buy and sell signals.

  • 19 custom signals/month: $149.99
  • 5 custom signals/month: $129.99
  • Unlimited yearly: $899.99
  • Unlimited monthly: $199.99

As a bonus, the yearly and monthly subscription plans also include unlimited Stocks analysis searches and unlimited alerts.

Long Term Signals

As opposed to swing signals that are quick buy and sell, long-term signals convey signals to buy and hold for longer durations which is over 6 months This is viable for cases where users are on a lookout for wealth accumulation. They don’t have time to regularly monitor their equity portfolio and need signals just for stock investment.

  • Subscription for 3 months- $499.99 (one-time payment)
  • Subscription for 12 months-$899.99 (one-time payment)    


  • If an unused portion of a free trial period is left, it will be forfeited when the user purchases a Stocks Alerter subscription.
  • To manage subscriptions for auto-renewal and other features, head to the Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. Do remember this tip as no refunds are provided for any unused part of the term.

Stocks Alerter Review


Here is a comprehensive Stocks Alerter review of the various features, functionality, and usability of the app.

Pros of the Stocks Alerter App: 

User Friendly

Customers of the stocks alerter app find that the navigation is easy and intuitive. Clear and precise instructions are given to go to the next step/page. The Stocks Alerter app is responsive and works superbly on the mobile app as well. This is a great bonus as people like to browse the internet and take account of their stocks while on the go.

Many customers’ reviews suggest that they enjoy using the app as it has no frills, taking the users straight to the desired page. The Stocks Alerter seamlessly holds and manages stock portfolios.

Easy Installation & Subscription Option

Users can download the app, sign up for free, and also use the free signals once they are logged in. Users must set up an iTunes account and specify the mode of payment. Installation is easy and quick.

Once you reach your limit of free access, you can buy a subscription from the various options available. When buying a specific subscription, the payment is charged via your iTunes account. At the end of each subscription period, the renewal is automated unless canceled at least 24 hours in advance. Pricing does not increase on renewing. Users can even use the free software app although features and signals are less compared to the paid version. The Stock Alerter review is that installation is easy and quick. Also, users have a plethora of subscription options to select from.

High Rate of Accuracy

The company claims that the Stocks Alerter signals are very accurate. Their predictions are based on AI algorithms and statistical findings. Hence, Stocks Alerter’s findings are correct to a large extent. They have helped numerous users make profits. Some customers stated that though some tips take a while(sometimes a couple of weeks) to hit their targets, the app’s stock picks are usually good.

The alerts, swing signals, custom signals, and stock analysis are phenomenal alert features that inform the user about the latest stock pricing and changes. They can even customize their stock lists using custom indicators. These hot tips could be particularly useful for small-cap and mid-cap companies or individuals who are new to the equity trade market. The Stocks Alerter could prove a handy tool to understand the mechanics of the equity market that can increase your net worth through stocks.

Time Savings

Traders, investors, and shareholders could spend the entire day monitoring their stocks. They want to stay abreast with the latest stock prices so that they can buy or sell equity at the best times. However, this could be exhausting and could take up too much of your time.

With the Stock Alerter app, get instant notifications of your current and potential investments as they rise or fall. You can accordingly buy or sell your stocks.  Our Stock Alerter review is that the app is not just time-saving, it notifies users timely to trade stocks to enjoy rich dividends and capital gains.

New Updates

The newer versions get better with updated features. The algorithms have improved to add the latest market trends. A new feature added to the app is the addition of stock reports. The developer company is constantly on the lookout for customers’ Stock Alerter reviews to add better functionality and features to the app.

Cons of the Stocks Alerter App: 


Some customers have reviewed the subscription plans of the app as expensive. They find the monthly plan costs bizarre as the developer is not very involved and returns are low. There should be a one-time purchase or a yearly subscription.

Exclusive to Apple

The Stocks Alerter app is available only for the Apple and Mac platforms. It should extend its usage to Android, Windows, and Chromebook platforms.

Missing Features

The Stock Alerter app does not have commodities and futures on it.

Late Alerts

When the app sends alerts, it’s usually too late as the stock has surpassed its ‘buy below” price range.

Accuracy and Limitations

Further, the app claims only 60% accuracy. Closed/past signals cannot be verified and have limited access to viewing.

Small Swing Profit Range

For 70-80% of signals sent by the app, the swing profit range is a mere 2.10%. 


The verdict of the Stocks Alerter review suggests that it is a good app for the trading community. While the app claims an accuracy level of only 60% and the tips could take 6-8 weeks to hit targets, it is still worth a try. Users can purchase a one-month subscription to test the app. If the signals, analysis, and alerts fetch you profits, you can continue with the app subscription. If not, just switch off the auto-renew option to prevent the app from renewing your subscription.

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