You May Have Heard The News About Spacemesh and How It May Outperform Bitcoin

The News About Spacemesh and How It May Outperform Bitcoin

Spacemesh aims to be equitable and effectively rival Bitcoin and Ethereum as a more energy-efficient cryptocurrency. With a market capitalization of 104 million, it is ranked among the top 3,000 with a market value of 7.5 billion. But will Spacemesh outperform Bitcoin? This article will compare Spacemesh and Bitcoin and show their growth.

When mining tokens, the FTV (Futurov Governance Token) is a real consideration. Comparing Bitcoin’s analysis using its FTV rather than its real circulating coins is akin to traveling back in time. Spacemesh will take a while for the tokens or coins to hit the market, but it is a coin you can start mining now.

Comparison Between Spacemesh and Bitcoin

The News About Spacemesh and How It May Outperform Bitcoin

Spacemesh can be compared to Bitcoin in 3 ways.


Blockchain didn’t appear overnight. Bitcoin emerged at a specific place and time, intending to create a decentralized, unstoppable form of money that is outside the purview of nation-states. Although it’s easy to forget, the core of this movement has always been decentralization.

Since then, many developments have occurred in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Thanks to Ethereum and other smart contract platforms, building an extensive range of applications, including things far more complex than money, has become possible. There are also other ongoing developments on Bitcoin, such as the BRC20 (Bitcoin Ordinal Standard) and Bitcoin Runes.

Although decentralization is extremely difficult, it is also very effective. These conditions are why Bitcoin—a genuinely decentralized currency—was considered the holy grail.

The movement around cryptocurrencies is divided into two narratives. The first is the regulative narrative, which is widely used through DINO (Decentralized in Name Only) applications like NFTs, centralized exchanges, and KYC.

The second is the dark cypherpunk narrative. This narrative is slowly dying because of uncertainty and regulations. It turns out that most people aren’t that interested in abstract ideas like censorship resistance or decentralization.

Applications running on DINO-based blockchains are a step backwards for crypto society. Regretfully, this encompasses most current layer one and two platforms and many applications.

Thus, Spacemesh stands apart as a layer one smart contract platform that defies convention by pushing the “decentralization” slider to the maximum. This project was launched about a hundred days ago and currently has about fifteen thousand nodes.


The News About Spacemesh and How It May Outperform Bitcoin

Four or five years ago, technological advancements justified investing in blockchain. Naturally, Bitcoin was revolutionary, as were a select few other layer ones and a few creative layer twos.

The new project took a decidedly different course. Spacemesh created an off-the-shelf account model and developed its off-the-shelf consensus mechanism.

At launch, Spacemesh had a unique account design, but it was a minimal virtual machine (VM) that only executed a few hardcoded smart contracts.

Purchasing Spacemesh entails investing in both the notion that cutting-edge technology is essential and these core technologies.


This new project has a genuine, organic atmosphere, which is one of the best predictors of long-term success. The early iterations of Ethereum and Bitcoin got that right, and Spacemesh seems to be headed in the same direction.

Final Thoughts

It remains uncertain whether Spacemesh can keep up with Bitcoin’s growth. However, Spacemesh is forming a new pattern and may become the next big thing in the crypto market. If you are a huge crypto risk taker, this project is one of the projects you should keep an eye on in this bull run.

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