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In the world of AI-generated media and deep machine learning, creators and professionals can create unique content from a massive library with just a few prompts. The same is true for music creators, who use these tools to be more efficient and brainstorm amazing ideas into reality. 

Today, we are reviewing one amazing tool that is making sounds and waves in the music industry. Soundraw AI is a tool that can enhance music creation and collaboration. 

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Let’s look into this tool’s features and practical functionality and see how well it fares compared to similar AI tools in the market.

What is Soundraw AI?

Soundraw is an AI music generator that makes great music tracks straightforward and hassle-free. It changes the way music is produced, no matter the content niche you are targeting or the design requirement of your project.

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With so many options to choose from, more on that later, you can make compositions unique and what you want from Soundraw AI in a few minutes. The best is that such tools allow for music creation for even a novice who doesn’t have any experience in music before.

Soundraw excels in that you can make many variations of the music track, tweaking it to fit different content and moments yet keep the underlying theme the same. 

Soundraw AI Features

Most of Soundraw’s features are powered by AI, helping the creator or user to produce very high-quality music comps. The following features make it unique and help streamline the process of creating new music.

Easy User Interface

When we start using the service, we observe that everything is well laid out and the interface is appealing to the user, while interactive options are user-friendly. Especially for a new user, you can navigate easily to important sections of the tool. Everything is clearly modeled and labeled, making the interface modern. 

Find The Right Type of Music Fast and Efficiently

You find the right type of music and addition of different instruments you want to add or remove easily through the search. When searching, filtering different options is on par with others on the market and outputs good results according to your search parameters. 

There are some hiccups as you may get some options you hadn’t searched for, but that is too far and few in between. The best part is with good results; you can make music faster, brainstorm ideas, and get good chunks ready. You can always go back to further optimizing different combinations when needed.

Create Music for Free

There is no need to pay hefty amounts to studios and spend many hours creating music. When you have so many free options to choose from, you can get fantastic music tracks most uniquely.

  • Select genres from hip hop, R&B, Latin, different beats, and more.
  • You want the music track to be Epic, Busy, Frantic, or Dark and Glamourous; no theme or mood is out of reach.
  • Select from many themes such as cooking shows, walking in nature, making excellent sports, and action-themed videos; the sky is the limit.

If you want to take it to a more professional and commercial approach, with a cost of $16.99 when paid annually, you can download up to 50 tracks a day. For a new user, it might not seem small, but if you are a content creator or supporting other companies and artists, this is just a small amount to pay.

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Using the Power of Soundraw AI to Compose Music

As we mentioned in the overview, the music composing process is one of the biggest draw and selling points of Soundraw AI. Like in the section Music for Free, you just mix and match different categories and see how the result sounds. Tweak a little and see changes. If you don’t like it, mix and match what you think is best according to your content and tweak it a bit more.

Trying a few more times allows the AI to curate better results and helps you choose better options for a more pronounced melody nearer to your end goal.

One of the issues we faced with Soundraw AI was adding another music bar instead of catering to the timeline provided. We thought it should focus on beats per minute or adjust it according to the length provided, but it didn’t, making it a bit more rigid here than most. This feature should be implemented in the future.

Editing the Music – The Easy and Simple Way

Like old-school music libraries, especially when working in a sound recording studio, you can sample different music tracks and make minor tweaks. You can then add or subtract different tracks or bars to hear what changes it makes. 

If you are even remotely familiar with different sounds, you can add different instruments as you like and play around with settings. Blocks of sound or music make it easier to cut, add, remove, or replace different blocks. Furthermore, you can fine-tune the intensity of different blocks as well as instruments.

Best for Creators and Artists

Soundraw AI is best for creators and artists; if you are a creator, all the music and tracks you create are royalty-free, and you get their license forever. No more worrying about copyright strikes and use as you like.

But if you are an artist, you need a license, which is very simple to implement, so you can monetize your songs and sell without any worry. 

How to Create Music Simple and Fast?

  1. When you visit Soundraw’s official website, you can immediately start creating music by clicking the Create Music Tab button at the top.
  1. The first thing you must choose is the music’s length and tempo. 
A screenshot of a music album

Description automatically generated
  1. Next, you have to select the genre of the music; as an example, we select R&B. 
  2. As soon as you click R&B, it will generate some optional tracks, as shown below. 
  3. You can click on any generated music and tweak it based on the frequency or pitch for each block.
  1. Here, you can add more filters if you want to see what different options you can mix and match. We added Romantic from the mood section and Nature from the theme section. Following are the results we got.
  1. The result was upbeat, lively, yet laid-back music that somewhat outputs the prompts that we gave.
  2. Here, you can change the instruments and remove those you don’t like.
  1. Hence, there are multiple options that you can tweak and truly make your music.


Soundraw is a powerhouse on its own and can take your content creation to a whole new level if you spend time with it. It is perfect for content creators who want a single solution to music creation that they can integrate with their content. This AI tool is a great starting point and the perfect option to brainstorm unique ideas daily until you make your mark.

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