The Smart Furniture Trend: What You Need To Know

smart furniture Sobro Cooler Coffee Table smart furniture with a laptop on top

Traditionally, manufacturers produced furniture for a specific purpose or for customers who commissioned bespoke details design specs. Traditionally, beds were made for sleeping, chairs were made to sit on, and a table was made for eating meals.

However, as contemporary houses and flats reduce in size, the necessity emerged to for furniture innovation to evolve to be more adaptable and multifunctional.

We’ll explore the excellent smart furniture available and how they change our daily lives! Some would even say they’re taking over!

What Is Smart Furniture? 

Home furnishings with built-in electronic features are called “smart furniture.” Like a speaker-equipped drawer or a smartphone-controlled light switch. 

Most smart furniture can be operated by your mobile device or voice commands. Smart furniture, like other forms of intelligent technology, is designed to simplify daily life.

Smart furniture can transform into or be used as various pieces that serve different purposes. Although most commonly employed in smaller rooms, one may comfortably accommodate larger ones. 

It’s a well-known truth that these furniture items came into existence because of the needs of people residing in smaller dwellings such as flats and condos. Smart furniture, sometimes multipurpose furniture, accomplishes this goal without compromising style or functionality.  

In places with only one bed, multipurpose pieces of furniture have made it possible to transform a bed into a storage space with drawers, and some even transform it into two beds. You may say that smart furniture makes the most of spaces that have been underutilized up until now. 

By reducing the furniture in a home, all of these features contribute to making it more useful yet less cluttered. Nowadays, a single piece of smart furniture can serve the purpose of three or four others.

Furniture With Technology 

Choosing which pieces of smart furniture would best serve your needs might be difficult. As more and more cutting-edge equipment finds its way into our homes and offices, we must remember that not every innovation will be perfect for us. 

The rate at which smart furniture technology is improving is unfathomable. Things in the smart furniture industry are moving forward fast and with more finesse! Here’s a list of contemporary, cutting-edge examples of smart furniture.

  • The Immersit Motion-Sensitive Couch System 

Use Immersit Immersit–The Movement Responsive Sofa System, to actively engage with what you’re watching on TV. You may hide this interactive gadget under the sofa and use it to view movies and play games. 

Through a series of signal pairings, Immersit can automatically identify what’s happening on-screen and produce motion to match.

red with Immersit, the movement responsive sofa system.
Image Credit: The Gadget Flow
  • Sobro Cooler Coffee Table

The Sobro Cooler Coffee Table makes your living room feel like a proper party spot. There’s a fridge drawer built right into this contemporary piece of furniture. Beverages will always be chilled and ready for the big game. Hidden LED lights behind the Sobro coffee table establish the ambiance.

smart furniture Sobro Cooler Coffee Table smart furniture with a laptop on top
Image credit: The gadget Flow
  • Bluetooth Speaker Coffee Table

KAMARQ’s Sound Table Bluetooth Speaker Table is a great way to liven up mealtimes with some extra sound. This clever furniture’s cutting-edge style is an excellent match for the premium sound system. The Sound Table is a multipurpose furniture piece that serves as a dining room table and home speaker.

Sound Table Bluetooth Speaker Table in a room
Image credit The Gadget Flow
  • Wall-Mounted Beosound Speaker

The BeoSound Shape Wall-Mounted Speaker will force you to reevaluate your notions of audio quality. The wireless speaker system allows for infinite design possibilities. The BeoSound Shape Speaker comes in all the colors of the rainbow and has a three-dimensional cube form factor.

BeoSound Shape Wall-Mounted Speaker smart furniture win a room with a lounge chaire
Image Credit: The Gadget Flow
  • The Elysian Chair

The Elysium Gesture Controlled Chair offers unrivaled luxury in seating comfort. The Elysium Chair mimics the effects of weightlessness-inducing flotation treatment by using a horizontal center-of-gravity motion route to provide continuous frictionless balancing.

whit smart furniture Automated Clothes Manager
Image Credit: The Gadget Flow
  • Threadrobe Automated Clothes Manager

Envision a future in which you can access a digital replica of your wardrobe, where you can quickly peruse your clean clothing without having to hang, fold, or put them away. 

Fortunately, you can harness your inner Cher Horowitz and make it a reality with ThreadRobe Automated Clothes Manager, a uniquely designed piece of smart furniture.

Smart Furniture Design 

Smart furniture (accessories for a bed, sofa, or table) is designed to make everyday life easier and more convenient. The objective is to create functionally versatile furnishings that add value to your house and enrich your daily life. The following smart furniture designs will blow your mind!

Surround-Sound-Ready Couches

Surround sound systems are becoming a standard fixture in many households. Some modern couches and sections include built-in speakers that you may use with a cable or Bluetooth to play audio from a TV. 

Connecting them can enhance your watching experience and give you complete cinematic, immersive surround sound without needing bulky, extra speaker systems that take up floor space. Get rid of those unsightly audio systems and speaker stands. 

Nowadays, you can get a stylish sofa that doubles as a home theater speaker system, allowing you to relax comfortably while enjoying your favorite films, music, and TV shows.

Beds With Built-In Motion-Activated Lights

Standing up in the middle of the night to look for a light switch in the darkness might be a hassle. Even worse, there’s always a danger you’ll step on something and hurt yourself. Therefore, beds with integrated motion-activated lights have saved the day. 

surround sound ready couch with family sitting down on couch
Image Credit: Gizmodo

Underneath the bed’s frame, LED light strips are wired together to provide extra lighting as needed. You can adjust the light’s intensity or tone to meet your demands. 

Additionally, motion-activated settings give you the freedom to get up and move around the bedroom without looking for a light source while allowing you to sleep soundly in the dark.

Sofas That Recline & Include Outlets For Electronics

Many households have come to like the addition of a reclining sectional sofa with built-in USB outlets, which can be adapted to suit a wide variety of decors and are an innovative approach to upgrade your home theater. 

Nevertheless, many contemporary sections provide additional storage spaces, charging ports, and cup holders. It’s not uncommon to have your smartphone within reach when unwinding with a movie at home. 

However, your watching experience could well be interrupted if you have to get up to look for a charger. The benefit of having multiple USB ports and being able to charge your smartphone and other electrical devices without leaving your seat has made these tech recliners so popular.

Smart Home Furniture Technology

Manufacturers of high-tech furniture are incorporating features including Bluetooth into their wares to make them compatible with your smart home’s other electronics. 

High-tech furniture may improve the quality of your life in various ways, from music-playing mirrors to ones that double as charging stations for your electronic gadgets. Take a look at these pieces of cutting-edge smart furniture technology that will enhance the style and utility of your high-tech dwellings.

Smart Office Furniture

A rising problem emerged when an increasing number of individuals started working from home, spending most of their time in their home offices. Modern technology wasn’t a consideration while designing desks. 

To help individuals in their at-home offices, manufacturers rushed to develop cutting-edge smart office furniture solutions. USB charging connections, additional power outlets, built-in charging pads, wire storage, and display adjustments are all standard at smart workstations. 

LED light strips for dark areas, recessed lights for designers and artists, and other adaptable solutions may create a more comfortable and productive work environment. Smart desks have many features, so it’s possible to discover just what an individual needs to make their home office the ideal place to get work done.

Smart Furniture For Small Spaces

It’s possible to have a comfortable and fulfilling life despite occupying a relatively modest dwelling. Furniture designers have been attempting to address the difficulties of micro-apartment living by creating compact pieces with clever layouts that have a style that complement any furniture collection. 

Let’s examine some cutting-edge smart furnishings for small areas and see which ones work best for you!

Goci Foldable Kitchen

Several smart furniture technologies have been developed to upgrade your compact house. For example, the Goci folding kitchen has a dishwasher and stove. This kitchen takes up a tiny area and can be relocated wherever needed. 

Simply unfold it whenever you need to use it, and put it back in its folded state if you’re done. The collapsible chair, which can be tucked into a small space, is another example of smart furniture technology. 

It may transform into several other forms and return to its original state. As a piece of furniture, this is remarkable for its versatility.

Stackable Beds

Simple beds designed for one use exclusively are acceptable; however, when you live in a small space, it gets tricky if you have to accommodate more than one person. Thankfully, this stackable bed can transform into a corner couch, a day bed, a double bed, and twin beds! Make the design work for any occasion without losing cash or space.

Murphy Bed With Integrated Table

If your living space is limited, invest in furniture that can double as a dining table, a bed, and a desk. You may have a Murphy bed that, when folded out, becomes a workstation or a table for four people. Later on, when bedtime rolls around, you may make a few simple adjustments and relax in your cozy bed.

a room with an sea front view and Murphy Bed
Image credit: Shutterstock

From Side Table To Dining Table

The lack of room to spread out is the most annoying aspect of residing in a small house. It’s common to have to choose between the two. In light of this, a convertible table may be a wise investment. You may use them as a workstation throughout the day and convert them into a dining and side table in seconds.


In all honesty, your way of life is essential in deciding whether a piece of smart furniture is worth the money. The purpose of modern, technologically advanced furniture is to make our daily routines less cumbersome. Even if you can’t use every feature or function.

It’s safe to assume that there’s a piece of furniture on the market ready to be incorporated into your interior design scheme.


You walk into a furniture store and see a sofa that catches your eye only to discover the added bonus of it having Bluetooth speakers built in. Or you’ve gone onto your favorite online retailer site and as you reach the checkout stage, a notification pops up showing you a complimenting product that another customer purchased. You add it to your basket, quickly pay, and now anticipate the delivery of an autonomous smart desk. Whatever way you look at it, furniture items are now multifunctional tools that offer more than the purpose we have traditionally known them to serve

However, remember that in the eyes of most manufacturers or retailers, you are just another customer, so before you decided to purchase that smart furniture piece outright or add the cost to your store credit account, it is advised that you get information to help you decide which furniture items will serve you best and which would end up collecting dust.

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