Singapore Startup Ailytics Secures $2.7M Funding to Expand AI-Powered Safety Solutions

Singapore-based software startup Ailytics recently announced securing $2.7 million in funding, led by Tin Men Capital. 

The funds will be used to expand their AI-powered video analytics solutions to new markets in Asia and Oceania. 

Ailytics specializes in improving operational safety and productivity in industries like construction and manufacturing.

The company plans to use the funding to grow its business-to-business services in Hong Kong, the Middle East, Japan, and Oceania. 

Ailytics aims to develop advanced video analytics solutions capable of handling complex tasks.

Ailytics’ solution uses existing cameras to provide real-time insights into unsafe acts, productivity metrics, and security breaches. 

It is designed to operate in harsh outdoor conditions, making it suitable for construction sites and manufacturing plants.

Tin Men Capital, the leading investor in this funding round, noted the increasing challenges heavy industry companies face. 

Stricter safety standards and rising labor costs are among the key challenges addressed by Ailytics’ solutions.

Since its inception in 2021, Ailytics has implemented its solutions in over 70 projects across four countries. 

The integration of over 1,000 cameras has significantly reduced the need for manual inspections.

Among Ailytics’ clients are Jurong Town Council, Woh Hup, and ST Engineering. The company aims to prioritize safety, mitigate worksite accidents, minimize occupational hazards, enhance process efficiency, and maximize client return on investment.

The funding marks Tin Men Capital’s 11th investment in a B2B tech startup. The co-founder emphasized the importance of safety in heavy industries, highlighting the potential consequences of non-compliance with safety standards.

With the expansion of Ailytics’ services, more companies in Asia and Oceania will have access to advanced safety solutions. 

The company’s mission is to revolutionize safety practices in heavy industries and improve overall productivity.

Ailytics’ latest funding round demonstrates the growing demand for AI-powered safety solutions in the industrial sector. 

The company’s expansion plans aim to address safety challenges faced by companies worldwide, ultimately enhancing workplace safety and productivity.

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