Sanctuary AI Teams Up with Microsoft for Humanoid Robotics

Sanctuary AI Teams Up with Microsoft for Humanoid Robotics

Sanctuary AI, a company focused on developing human-like intelligence in robots, has teamed up with Microsoft to advance AI models for humanoid robots. 

The collaboration aims to enhance AI research and development for Sanctuary AI’s Phoenix robots, utilizing Microsoft’s Azure cloud resources.

Sanctuary AI is working on “Large Behavior Models” (LBMs), which enable AI systems to learn from real-world experiences. 

These models are integral to the Carbon AI control system for Phoenix robots, enabling them to perform complex tasks.

Geordie Rose, CEO and Co-founder of Sanctuary AI emphasizes the importance of creating AI systems that understand humans. 

The collaboration with Microsoft seeks to unlock the next generation of AI models for general-purpose robots.

Sanctuary AI brings deep technical expertise to the partnership, with founders from leading companies in quantum computing and reinforcement learning. The company has already deployed humanoid robots in commercial settings, testing them across various industries.

The collaboration builds on Sanctuary AI’s previous breakthroughs in AI and robotics. The company has developed industry-leading robotic hands and takes a responsible approach to development.

Microsoft Research is excited about collaborating with Sanctuary AI to accelerate AI model innovation. The partnership aims to explore the future of general-purpose robots across different industries.

The collaboration between Sanctuary AI and Microsoft marks a significant step forward in AI research and development for humanoid robots. It brings together expertise from both companies to advance the capabilities of AI systems and their applications in real-world scenarios.

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