Rumble Kong Could be a 100X Crypto Gaming Altcoin

Rumble Kong League (RKL) NFT

Rumble Kong League (RKL) is an NFT Collection that combines Play-to-earn features and NFT Collection mechanics. The current price of Rumble Kong League (RKL) is 0.2299 ETH, and its 24-hour sales volume is 8 ETH, when writing this article.

Currently, 2,886 distinct owners hold 10,000 NFTs, which have a total market value of $5,702,007. With this analysis, this article will explore if RKL could be a 100x crypto gaming altcoin.

Rumble Kong is a competitive 3 vs 3 basketball game that lets players compete in interesting ways with NFTs, beginning with a special batch of 10,000 ERC-721 tokens known as Kongs.

Each Kong has a genuinely distinctive appearance in addition to a set of randomly generated attributes that can affect how well they perform in a match, adding more nuance and tactical components.

Rumble Kong League (RKL) Game

Each token has been assembled randomly from a list of more than 100 hand-drawn attributes to create a unique basketball player in the Kong style.

RKL follows Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, and other programmatically generated trends.

Several well-known elements from the gaming and blockchain industries are included, such as play-to-earn functionality, social avatars, collectibles, algorithmic gameplay, and highly branded content.

By fusing these elements with their concept, Rumble Kong League is developing a playable, digitally valuable, next-generation universe of sports-based NFTs.

Game Modes

There are three game modes in the Rumble Kong League: club, ranked, and casual. You can test tactics, team composition, skill levels, and which Kongs are most appropriate for certain roles in casual mode.

Currently, each game will last five minutes with a 24-second shot clock, so players must devise the best plan of attack to beat their rivals.

The casual mode is perfect for getting to know the game, learning the nuances of each feature. This mode also shows you the strategy for succeeding in the ranked leagues.

In the play-and-earn game mode, known as “ranked mode,” users can gain tokens, in-game rewards, and rank points.

Players need to have a full team of three Kongs, either by purchasing or renting them, to access the ranked mode.

The system will look for a rival when a match is established, and the game will begin. The player’s rank and tier will determine how matches are made.

Due to the asynchronous game, an AI will manage the opponent’s team, duplicating the player’s current division team if the matchmaking process takes over thirty seconds.

Rumble Kong League (RKL) Basketball Game

Where to Buy Rumble Kong League NFT

Anyone can buy and sell Rumble Kong League (RKL) on X2Y2, OpenSea, Blur, and LooksRare.

How Many Rumble Kong League NFTs Are There?

There are 10,000 unique NFTs in the Rumble Kong League collection.

How Many Holders Are Collecting the Rumble Kong League NFT?

A total of 2,886 unique addresses are holding the RKL NFT when we wrote this article.

Final Thoughts

Will Rumble Kong yield 100x returns? With the sponsors listed above and the uniqueness of this gaming altcoin, there is a positive outlook for Rumble Kong.

This article is not financial advice. Please ensure you do your due diligence before buying into a crypto gaming project.

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