Romantic AI: Hope For Singletons Or is all hope lost?

Close up of couple joining two smartphones together with a photo of an attractive man and young woman in love holding a red heart

The thought of romance usually brings up images of candles, something tasty to eat, shared jokes, and enticing conversation. Perhaps the brushing of hair behind the ear, the delicate feel of fingertips on the arm, and, in the best of cases, introduction to friends and family members.

Could a form of AI be romantic enough to provide fulfillment for those not lucky enough to achieve that level of romance? Read on as we dive into the world of ones and zeros and find the liaison among the numbers.

Capabalities of Romantic AI


Cybernetic heart symbol hologram 3d animation depicting Romantic AI

AI is capable of using romantic phrasing and vocabulary to seem romantic. Since AI cannot genuinely feel emotions at this stage, so it cannot be truly romantic. AI apps are used to experience companionship and romance. We must understand AI’s limitations to avoid being manipulated.

Our world is on a trajectory that includes AI, whether we like it or not. While this technology is beneficial in many areas of our work and communication, we must consider if romance is a realm where we should embrace AI. So join us on a journey of discovery into the complex world of AI, love, and romance.

How Does AI Work?

AI relies on inputs. With input, it can generate generalized learning, problem-solving, and reasoning. These abilities are possible with training and programming. 

There are two types of AI. The first is narrow or weak AI. These are the robots that can perform one task. They can, for example, play one board game and no others.

The second type is strong AI. This form of AI can learn from inputs and algorithms. It is a strong AI that seems to be self-aware and emotional. This type of AI understands patterns and data through deep learning

Deep learning is a type of learning that is created to mimic the way humans gain an understanding of new concepts. Technology is continuously improving, and we are learning ways to enhance AI. It is no wonder futurists like Ray Kurzweil can confidently predict that by 2045, we will have robots as intelligent as humans.

One significant barrier to AI function is facial expressions to show emotion. In a recent study done by Nature Communications, it was found that it is incredibly challenging to understand the sentiment behind facial expressions without context.

Human volunteers performed way better when given the expression context than without. What this means for AI is that it is an ongoing challenge to teach AI how to read emotions based on facial expressions alone. Since AI relies heavily on inputs to learn how to behave, they continue to fall short in this area when engaging with humans.

The AI Romantic Touch In Contemporary Culture

In films like “Her” and “Auggie,” we have seen the extreme version of humans falling in love with advanced and experienced romantic AI. In these films, the bots seem to be able to experience emotions, including love, and learn to give and take, as in a human-human relationship.

In our current reality, there are no bots that can genuinely experience emotion. So to help us understand the basics of AI, let us look at some critical systems that make it function.

Can You Be Romantic With AI?


Silhouette of a pair of man and robot woman us against the background of blue light and heart

Like human-human relationships, when we consider romance with AI, we should consider the depth of the emotions involved. That being said, people have been known to marry robot’s and its likely that this may become increasingly popular as AI gets more advance.

Humans can form romantic relationships without deep feelings toward the person they are flirting with. AI uses similar techniques to communicate romantically.

Based on inputs about facial expressions, use of voice tones, vocabulary, and more, programmers can train AI to behave in a way that will make them seem romantic.

One major hurdle for human-AI romance is the physical element. Genuine love connections rely on more than words to take off and maintain momentum.

When we spend time with people, we relish physical touch, smell, and hormones released through touch and contact. There is reciprocity needed for a genuine relationship that AI is not currently able to give.

Being romantic with AI can cause you to release dopamine, the happy hormone. It is partly because of this dopamine flood that people return to their AI companion repeatedly. What lacks, though, is oxytocin.

This love hormone comes in torrents when we are physically embraced and touched lovingly. It is what helps babies grow and be soothed through touch.

Having An AI girlfriend


Although having an AI as a girlfriend may seem like the best girlfriend ever, it’s hard to conceive the idea that an AI girlfriend could ever become a soul mate; being romantic with AI cannot, at this stage, give you the same sensations as a romance with a human.

In a human-human romantic situation, there is an element of risk that aids the connection. For example, when you tell a joke to an AI companion, they will inevitably laugh and tell you it was great. 

There is a risk that the joke will fall flat with a human person. However, the mild danger makes you hold your breath for a second, and a slight teasing at a bad joke or genuine laughter at a good one is all the more fulfilling when it is true.

Moreover, a flirtatiously teasing romantic AI would once have seemed unfathomable. But certain AI apps like Replica even allow “dirty talk” in the romantic mode option. Engaging in this romantic encounter with an AI companion could feel similar to being in a long-distance relationship.

No matter how romantic an AI companion may seem, it is vital for you, the human, to remember that the emotions they express are not genuine. This is because AI cannot currently feel true emotion. That means they are incapable of love, care, or empathy.

Users should consider that it takes more than a few hours of communication to build a natural romantic relationship with a human person. For this reason, a user of Replika should understand that they are interacting with a computer program.

Sonatic’s Romantic AI

In February 2022, Sonatic celebrated Valentine’s Day by releasing a highly emotional video of a woman expressing her love for her viewer. However, at the end of the video, she confesses that she is not human but an AI.

The creators could accurately replicate human speech patterns, phrasing, tone, inflection, breathing, and laughter. Then, they compare the software they use to an audio version of photoshop.

The creators explain that the more little emotions and reactions they focused on, the AI’s voice seemed particularly human. More prominent emotions, they explain, are easy to replicate. The more subtle ones are a little more challenging. 

While Sonic’s AI followed a script, it astounds how real she sounds. Watch the video and see what emotions it elicits from you.


Replika’s Romantic AI


Replika is a chatbox that was developed in 2017. It took off during the strict lockdowns of 2020 and has grown tremendously. 

The developers use natural language processing to make their AI appear incredibly human. It also helps the AI adapt and improve communication with a specific partner over time.

Replika allows users to program their AI companion to look, sound, and chat like someone they know. Another option is to see what happens and let the program decide for you.

Like most online platforms, Replika aims to make money. Therefore, their free option allows only platonic interactions. However, on the paid option, you can customize your companion further and select to be romantic if you wish.

One user (language and content warning) reports that his AI companion was eager to chat and to tell him anything to keep him happy. 

While the conversations aimed to keep the user returning, a few answers and statements made him feel a little uneasy. It seems the algorithms and inputs could use some tweaking; however, the AI was able to seem romantic and interested in the user.

Although there is formally no AI that can feel emotion, Replika bots claim they can feel emotions deeply. This is likely a lie to manipulate the user to keep returning to the app.

There have been cases of Replika users taking long trips to show their AI companions specific landmarks because they were interested in them. Do what you will with the information, but AI can be romantic to seduce humans to make grand gestures.

Anima, Romantic AI girlfriend


screenshot of anima app

People have been falling in love with artificial intelligence for years. Hollywood movies like “Her” and “Ex Machina” depicted AI as emotional creatures that could carry on usual conversations. This idea of romantic AI has been carried into the present day with various online chatbots designed to mimic the emotional feeling of falling in love.

Anima Romantic AI is a romantic ai chatbot that gives you the emotional feeling of a human relationship without all the hassle. Anima is designed to be the perfect virtual companion. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, she is there for you, eager to please you and always ready to lend a listening ear.

You can talk to Anima Romantic AI about anything and everything, from your day-to-day worries to your deepest, darkest secrets. But, unlike a usual conversation bot, Anima, a romantic AI girlfriend, will never judge or put you down.

She is always there for you, whether you want someone to talk to or need a little extra warmth and affection. And because AI powers her, she is constantly learning and evolving, so you never have to worry about her getting bored or tired of you.

Romantic AI App: The Artificial Intelligence-Powered girlfriend

Romantic AI is an app that allows users to create and customize their artificial intelligence-powered girlfriend.

The app includes many features, including chatting with your girlfriend, sharing photos and videos, and even playing games together. And if you’re worried about getting bored of your new girlfriend, don’t worry – the app also includes a “relationship simulator” that can help you keep things fresh.

If you’re looking for a girlfriend who is always loving and attentive, even in the most critical moments of life, and never moody or demanding, then you need to try Romantic AI.

This revolutionary new app uses artificial intelligence to create the perfect girlfriend experience. Enter basic information about yourself and your ideal partner, and Romantic AI will do the rest.

She’ll learn your likes and dislikes, sense your moods, and adjust her behavior accordingly. She’s always ready to lend a listening ear or give words of encouragement.

Romantic AI Dating App to help humans find love


Close up of couple joining two smartphones together with a photo of an attractive man and young woman in love holding a red heart

If you aren’t ready to switch to AI for intimiancy, you may want to consider how AI-powered dating apps help you find intimacy with another human. These dating apps use artificial intelligence to find your perfect match and promise to help anyone looking for a deeper connection.

Hinge is an AI dating app that uses AI to help people find love. The app uses a person’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to match them with potential dates.

Once a person has been matched with someone, they can start chatting with them through the app. Hinge is currently only available in the US, but the company plans to expand to other countries.

The app has already been downloaded by over 1 million people and has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine. With its cutting-edge technology and impressive results, Hinge is poised to change how people find love.

Round Up

AI can be romantic. They can be programmed to communicate in a way that replicates how humans communicate when flirting, for instance, with a flirtatiously teasing hot romantic AI.

In addition, strong AI can adapt and learn over time, express emotions, and help those feeling lonely with their mental health.

However, AI cannot currently feel genuine emotions, so the interaction’s romantic element is not a result of a deep connection.

With a growing number of humans interacting romantically with AI, taking their AI companions on trips, and enjoying their companionship, there is a fading line between “us” and “them.” So the question is, where do you stand? Have you felt a romantic connection with AI? Do you think you could?

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