Let ChatGPT Fix Your Resume In A Few Easy Steps

Resume And Cover Letter With ChatGPT

For many, the job application process is a daunting and frustrating task. Struggling with AI tools or even basic software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs adds an extra layer of difficulty.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to leverage ChatGPT for refining your resume and cover letter, demonstrate how it can streamline your job application process, and share effective prompts to expedite your efforts.

Optimize Your Resume And Cover Letter With ChatGPT

1. Follow up prompts

Optimize Your Resume And Cover Letter With ChatGPT

Familiarize yourself with the use of follow-up prompts. You will have a common theme during a chat with GPT, and your prompts will be linked. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to extract keywords from a job description and then ask ChatGPT to integrate those keywords into your cover letter. 

2. Gather information

Before you start, gather all the relevant information about your work experience, skills, and achievements. Having a well-organized document will make it easier to create customized resumes and cover letters. If you need help with that, you can use the following prompts:

  • “How can I organize my work experience for a resume?”
  • “What are some examples of relevant skills to include in a resume (add the specific industry)?”
  • “Suggest ways to present educational background in a resume.”
  • “How to format contact information in a resume?”
  • “What is the best way to structure a professional summary on a resume?”
  • “I want to apply for a job in (industry), what key points or concepts should I integrate in my resume or cover letter?”

3. Adapt your resume

Adapt your resume

While ChatGPT isn’t very good at producing documents, you can still use it to enhance your existing resume. For example, you can ask for improvements, paste parts of your resume in ChatGPT, ask for a follow-up prompt about adapting it to a specific industry, etc. You can use prompts like:

  • “What’s a good format for a modern resume?”
  • “How can I make my resume stand out visually?”
  • “What font and font size should I use for my resume?”
  • “What do resumes look like in industries like (add the name of the industry)”.
  • “This is my current resume in raw text format, I would like to make it (shorter/longer/more precise/adapted to a specific industry). What can I do?”
  • “What are some effective resume headlines for a (enter job type) professional?”
  • “Can you suggest action verbs to use in a resume for a (enter job type)?”
  • “What are some examples of quantifiable achievements in a (job type) resume?”
  • “What are effective action verbs for a resume?”
  • “How do I list accomplishments in a resume?”
  • “What should be included in the skills section of an industry) resume?”

4. The cover letter

The best way to quickly write a cover letter is to explain to ChatGPT who you are and your skills. If you discussed your resume before, double-check with ChatGPT if it still remembers. Once this is clear, paste the job description into ChatGPT and ask it to extract important keywords that the employer may want to see.

The secret here is to use keywords that will resonate with the recruiter without copying them literally. So once you have the keywords, ask ChatGPT to rephrase them or find similar ones.

Once you have your keyword list, ask ChatGPT to generate a cover letter while keeping in mind your skills, experience, and the keywords that the recruiter is looking for.

ChatGPT might give you a template with blank spaces; don’t forget to fill them in and add your personal touch. And remove anything that indicates that ChatGPT helped you, such as the opening line “Certainly, here’s your cover letter.”

Once ChatGPT is familiar with your skills, experience, and industry, you can do that follow-up prompt cycle again: Add the job information, ask to extract valuable information, and generate a letter with a paraphrased version of the vital information.

To customize the letter further, you can use prompts like:

  • “What’s a good opening paragraph for a cover letter?”
  • “How to express enthusiasm for a job in a cover letter?”
  • “What’s the ideal length for a cover letter?”
  • “How can I create a professional and engaging cover letter header?”
  • “How do I address the company’s values in a cover letter?”

5. Proofreading


Once you’re happy with the final cover letter, ensure that your resume and cover letter are free of typos, grammatical errors, and formatting issues. Use professional language and a consistent format. You can use prompts like:

  • “Give me some tips for proofreading my resume and cover letter.”
  • “How can I check for grammar and spelling errors in my documents?”
  • “What are common mistakes to avoid in a cover letter?”
  • “How to ensure consistency in formatting and style in my application documents?”
  • “I have crafted this cover letter for (employer name and industry). Can you suggest improvements?”

Additional tips

  • Save each customized resume and cover letter with a clear and unique filename.
  • Set alerts on job posting websites to make sure you’re not missing any job openings
  • You can also use ChatGPT to write follow-up emails or thank-you emails. Don’t forget to reply to a recruiter’s email, even if you get a negative answer.
  • You can use ChatGPT to roleplay and help you prepare for a video or phone interview.

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Well, there you have it, the ultimate guide to leveraging ChatGPT for your job application hustle. Start by using follow-up prompts to maintain a theme and infuse your documents with relevant keywords.

Organize your work experience, skills, and achievements for a tailored resume and cover letter, using ChatGPT’s suggestions on formatting, structure, and content.

Don’t just spit out your resume, and do not make it generic. Make it industry-specific with ChatGPT’s input on modern formatting, compelling headlines, and action verbs.

For cover letters, smartly use keywords to echo the job description and refine with ChatGPT for that personal yet professional touch. Remember, ChatGPT can even help with follow-up emails and interview prep, but the final proofreading and personal flair? That’s all you.

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