Peaq Could Become a Top 20 Market Cap Crypto in The Bull Run

Peaq Could Become a Top 20 Market Cap Crypto in The Bull Run

Peaq may become a top 20 market cap project at the peak of the Bull Run. This project is a Layer One blockchain platform for real-world applications (RWA) and DePIN. This article will show you why we believe this is a top market cap project.

We are very bullish on DePIN because it is a booming ecosystem. We believe it is one of the ecosystems that will attract colossal funding and community participation in this bull cycle. Just like the Helium Network, this project is going to be big.

Our previous article, “14 New Altcoins That Can Make You Millions,” covered this project’s characteristics and key features.

Why Peaq is Going To Be a Huge Project – The Next Solana

Peaq Could Become a Top 20 Market Cap Crypto in The Bull Run

Peaq is a legitimate project with a legitimate ecosystem. The Layer One blockchain platform already has companies building DePIN applications on it. Some of the big names are Tesla machines, Sony, Bosch, Jaguar, etc. Other legitimate projects and companies are using this layer one platform for building their real-world applications.

This project will be like Solana. Solana gave some early venture investors over 6000X Returns on Investment (ROI) on their monies. Peaq may do more in ROI because of the kinds of companies building real-world assets on it

Hence, this project may become the next Solana or even outdo Solana in this bull run cycle because DePIN is fast becoming a significant narrative.

In addition, we see this project becoming the next Solana because it is already a leader in the DePIN ecosystem. DePIN is still in its early phases, so it is an excellent time to get involved.

A Peaq TestNet token called “$KREST” traded over $100M in market cap while the project is yet to launch. When the project launches its mainnet tokens, there will be a confirmed airdrop for those holding this TestNet token.

Why Many Devs and Projects Are Drawn to The Peaq Ecosystem

Peaq Could Become a Top 20 Market Cap Crypto in The Bull Run

Peaq gives anyone who wants to build DePIN applications an entire stack of Layer 0 and 1 blockchains, Functions, ToolKits, Interface UI, and dApps. This full stack is why so many projects are drawn to their ecosystem.

We believe Peaq may become a top 20 market cap crypto at the peak of the bull cycle, just like Solana, Helium, and Polygon did in the last cycle. It is in a big narrative and doesn’t have so many competitors. Its only competitors are Solana and IOTEX. While this is not financial advice, we think it is a project you should get into.

Big names are building on this project, which is in a thriving ecosystem and yet to launch. There is also a confirmed airdrop. Hence, if you are bullish on DePIN for the future, Peaq is your best shot for Layer One projects.

Final Thoughts

For every cycle, people want a new shiny project. Investing in IOTEX and Solana for the next bull run is good. However, investing in a new project like Peaq with a high tech score of 89% is better. Old projects do not pump so much in bull cycles. Only new projects can give you the 100X and 1000X ROIs.

Peaq is coming. It has great Dev, a remarkable ecosystem, and a confirmed airdrop. That is why we made it number one on our “14 New Altcoins That Could Make You Millions.” Again, that is why we believe this project will be a top 20 market cap crypto at the peak of the bull run.

Please do your due diligence before investing; this article is not financial advice. Also, invest only what you can afford to lose.


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