MidJourney V5: Take your text to image prompting up a level

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Midjourney V5 is now available. If you are familiar with Midjourney, you will agree that the beauty of this AI tool lies in its simplicity. You don’t need to be a tech whizz or a professional designer to create stunning images.

Midjourney lets you simply input your text and watch as our AI brings your ideas to life in vibrant, attention-grabbing images. You’ll be pleased to know that Midjourney V5 comes with a toolbox of new features that will enhance your AI text to image generation to the next level.

In this article, we will review the MIdjorney V5 features and equip you with the knowledge to create precise prompts that will help you continue churning out amazing AI text-to-image with Midjourney AI.

What is MidJourney V5? 

Midjourney V5 refers to a specific version or iteration of the Midjourney platform. Midjourney is an AI tool or system that generates images from natural language input, similar to ChatGPT, where you enter a text prompt and get an output. Midjourney works in a similar way, with the difference being that Midjourney AI generates images as its output.

This version, Midjourney V5, represents the fifth iteration of this AI tool and is likely an improved version with enhanced capabilities compared to its predecessors. 

To make sure we are using this latest iteration of Midjourney, we will type the prompt /settings 

Upon executing the command, we will come across a menu that looks like this:

Apart from all the options shown, we will direct our attention to the dropdown menu to see which version of MidJourney is currently being used. If we click on that, we will see several options of different iterations of MJ that we can use whenever we want to:

As of the writing of this document August 2023, version 5.2 is already available.

Features of MidJourney 5.2 

The latest version of MJ (as of the making of this document) features several improvements compared to older models, such as:

  • Improved aesthetics
  • Coherence
  • Text understanding
  • Sharper images
  • Higher variation modes
  • Zoom-out outpainting
  • A new /shorten command for analyzing your prompt tokens

How to write MidJourney prompts 

Writing Midjourney prompts involves creating specific instructions or queries that you input into the Midjourney V5 platform to generate desired natural language responses. These prompts should be well-structured, clear, and detailed to ensure that the generated content meets your expectations. The quality of the generated output often depends on how effectively you convey your requirements through the prompts.

Structure of a MidJourney V5 prompt 

The structure of a Midjourney V5 prompt typically consists of two main components: 

Context Setting

Begin with a brief context or introduction that provides the necessary background information for the generated content. This context helps the model understand the context in which it should generate responses. 

Specific Query or Instruction

Follow the context with a clear and specific query or instruction that outlines what you want the model to generate. This should be detailed enough to guide the model’s response accurately. 

Example structure: 

Strcture of a Midjourney V5 Prompt


image created from midjourney V5

Round Up

Midjourney’s V5 model is a remarkable achievement in artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

This cutting-edge model builds upon its predecessors and pushes the boundaries of what is possible in terms of language understanding and image generation.

Through its advanced architecture and extensive training, Midjourney has created a tool demonstrating an impressive grasp of context, nuances, and even emotions within the text.

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