Midjourney Subscriptions Explained

Midjourney Subscriptions

Midjourney is an exciting generative Artificial Intelligence that is fostering a community of creativity, self-expression, and imagination. A thrilling journey of discovery and excitement with MidJourney Subscriptions. Our subscription service is your passport to a world of adventure, knowledge, and entertainment.

Whether you’re a travel enthusiast, a bookworm, a foodie, or a curious explorer, we’ve curated a subscription experience that’s tailor-made for you.

With text prompts, anyone can unlock their inner artist or explore new visual frontiers. Let’s dive into everything this imaginative virtual studio has to offer.

MidJourney Subscriptions

You first need to know about fast and relaxed time. You’ll hear members talking about “fast hours” That’s because your subscription tiers purchase processing time for the AI to render your text into stunning images. It works out to around 1 minute per image generated.

You can top up or switch to relax mode and wait for your image. In “relax mode” you could wait anywhere from 1 minute to 10 minutes for an image depending on how busy things are.

Next, you’ll want to choose one of four tiers based on your artistic needs:

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Trials are rarely available if you are lucky enough to grab one; they were stopped because of abuse of the trial system.

The Basic Plan of MidJourney Subscriptions is a great stand-in as a trial and is perfect for curious newcomers, available for just $10 per month. You’ll get around 200 generations each month to start flexing your creative muscles. Once you hit your limit, you can always purchase more credits at $4 per “fast hour” to keep the inspiration flowing

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As your skills grow, upgrade to the Standard Plan for $30 per month. This opens the door to 15 full hours of rapid image generation. Sit back and let

Midjourney works because, with a Standard Plan or higher, you unlock “relax mode” – generate as many images as you desire and patiently await their creation

MidJourney Subscriptions

Ready to fully immerse yourself? The Pro Plan ($60 monthly) includes 30 hours of fast generations, and unlimited relaxed generations, and unlocks Midjourney’s “stealth mode” to keep your art private. Take note of this! Everything in Midjourney is public by default including your prompts and the images you may use in those prompts.

Everything automatically goes to a public community feed on the website. The way to avoid this is by getting Stealth Mode. If you are part of a company earning $1 million or more, you have to be on the pro plan and up. If you are using Midjourney for work I suggest this tier and up.

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Finally, power users can unlock Midjourney’s full potential with the Mega Plan at $120 monthly. With a whopping 60 fast hours, 12 concurrent jobs, and stealth privacy, you’ll have unlimited creative freedom to pursue any project or style you can dream up.

Note: Your subscription hours do not roll over they refresh every month so try to use them all. 

Annual Plans are also available as a yearly payment and offer 20% off normal price rates – It works out to $8/$24/$48/$96 per month

Upgrading can be done at any time. Unused Fast GPU Time is credited to your account when you choose to upgrade immediately. For example, if a Basic subscriber upgrades immediately without using any GPU time, they receive a $10 credit towards their new plan. If a Standard subscriber upgrades after using 50% of their Fast GPU time, they receive a $15 credit towards their new plan.

Regardless of your tier, you’ll be able to use your images commercially as long as you have a subscription. Just be aware that Midjourney retains the right to your images as well. Stealth mode grants you more control in this area. You are encouraged to read the terms of service for yourself and/or hire a lawyer to consult with you on it if you are concerned.

Cancelling Your Midjourney Subscriptions

Go to to cancel a midjourney subscription at any time. Cancellations are effective at the end of the current billing cycle. Subscription benefits like access to the community gallery and the bulk download tool are available until the end of the current billing cycle.

Generated images are not deleted when a user cancels their subscription. Resubscribe to a plan at any time by visiting

As far as copyright goes it differs from country to country. No one has been able to copyright an AI image in America as yet. AI creations are seen as not having enough “Human Authorship”  This is the stance of The United States Copyright Office Looking into copyright in your country if it’s something you are concerned about is encouraged.

Midjourney as a whole is a hopeful look at the future of ‘community’ it encourages a friendly, open, and accepting space. It attempts to be a PG13 community so no nudity or violence. You are welcome to share prompts, collaborate, get feedback, and help others grow their skills. It’s a fun zone of imagination and optimism.

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Already, Midjourney is bringing people together across backgrounds, identities, and abilities to make art accessible to all. Grandmothers are prompting cats in hand-knitted sweaters. DnD players are collaborating with fantasy authors to envision characters. Photographers and artists are using their impressive vocabulary and impressive ‘eye’ to capture previously unreachable art in stunning ways.

The possibilities are endless. Every week, Midjourney’s founder hosts Office Hours to answer questions and involve the community, reminiscent of the French salons of the 18th century that fueled creativity for generations. Everything from Global Warming to Aliens to Philosophy is discussed. To summarize, you’re sure to make fast friends and have fun exploring new frontiers of AI imagery.

The world of tomorrow is being imagined today within Midjourney’s digital walls. What will you create? The future is yours to shape.

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