Midjourney Illustration Prompts: Prompting Illustration Styles Keyword

Midjourney Illustration Prompts

In this article, we dive into the world of Midjourney Illustration Prompts. Here, the synergy of words and visuals takes center stage as Midjourney V5′s capabilities fuse language with imagery.

Some general art prompts that work very well with any iteration of MidJourney’s V5 models are as follows:

  • Ethereal 
  • Hyper Maximalist 
  • Cinematic 
  • Dreamy 
  • Line detail 
  • Line drawing 
  • Mystical

Midjourney Illustration Prompts Keyword

Here are some examples of prompts and their results using some of these recommended illustration styles: 

Mystical: Imagine creating a mystical illustration capturing a lone fox gracefully stepping over a moss-covered rock, its fiery fur illuminated by the soft morning light. Convey a sense of quiet wonder and the serenity of nature’s embrace.

Midjourney Illustration Prompts Keyword

Cinematic: Imagine crafting a cinematic illustration of a torchlight casting dancing shadows on the worn stone walls, illuminating intricate carvings and forgotten artifacts. Capture the tension in the air as a daring explorer stands at the threshold of the treasure chamber, a mixture of awe and trepidation in their eyes.

Let the scene exude an aura of mystery and adventure, with a hint of danger lurking in the shadows. Use cinematic techniques like dramatic lighting and dynamic composition to evoke the sense of uncovering a long-lost secret that has the power to change the course of history.


Line drawing: Imagine Generate a detailed line drawing illustration depicting a traveler’s journey through a magical forest. Capture the enchanting atmosphere of the forest with towering trees, winding paths, and hidden creatures.

Emphasize the sense of adventure and discovery as the traveler encounters whimsical elements like glowing mushrooms, curious animals, and sparkling fireflies. Convey a feeling of both tranquility and excitement in the scene. The illustration should be in a line drawing style with intricate linework to reveal the intricate details of the forest environment and the traveler’s experience.

Line drawing created from midjourney illustration prompts

These are just a few examples of illustration styles that can be prompted into MidJourney, up next, are some useful art style prompts: 


  • ornate gothic 
  • oil painting 
  • dark
  • detailed 
  • sculpture 


  • baroque hyper-real 
  • epic landscapes 
  • biblical 
  • cathedral mural 
  • fresco 


  • pastel colors 
  • painted light 
  • bokeh 
  • brushstrokes
  • visible brushstrokes 

Realism Art 

  • hyper-realistic 
  • still-life 
  • textured 

Landscape Art 

  • pastures 
  • serene 
  • vistas 
  • detailed
  • sun light 
  • soft light 
  • golden hour light 

Other styles 

  • pop art 
  • art nouveau 
  • futurist 
  • block colour 
  • ink 
  • woodcut 
  • watercolour 
  • pencil 
  • 3D 
  • minimalist 

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Exploring various illustration styles through prompting is a dynamic and enriching endeavor that unlocks endless creative possibilities. Through the manipulation of prompts, artists can delve into a myriad of artistic expressions, breathing life into their visions and transcending the boundaries of traditional techniques.

The fusion of technology and artistic intuition allows for cultivating unique, captivating styles that resonate with diverse audiences. 

Prompting illustration styles is not merely a tool for artists; it is a catalyst for evolution and innovation within visual storytelling. As creators experiment with different prompts, they unearth novel ways to convey emotions, ideas, and narratives. This process encourages artists to challenge conventions and embrace experimentation, ultimately contributing to the evolution of the visual arts.

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