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Midjourney Fast mode makes your images render quickly, but it will go against the Midjourney fast hours you have in your subscription. This is not the actual time you stay connected to Midjourney – this is simply GPU processing “time”. (To toggle fast mode on, simply type /fast mod. To toggle it or type /relax)

*/relax mode is only available in the Standard/Pro/Mega subscriptions and allows you to perform unlimited image generation at a slower speed. To help determine if you should use your fast hours you can click here for approximate render times:

Midjourney Fast mode and How are Midjourney Fast hours counted? 

Fast hours are counted using the simple equation below. 

-1 prompt makes a grid of 4 images. 

-1 grid of 4 images is equal to 1 minute of fast processing time.  

(Standard Plan has 15 hours of fast time (1,800 fast images).

Pro Plan has 30 hours of fast time (3,600 fast images)

How to Earn Midjourney Fast Hours 

Whether its working on a special last-minute character design project or /relax mode is too slow, Midjourney Fast hours are always in demand!  

Did you know you can earn fast hours for FREE? Each hour earned is a value of $4 (not to mention time saved for relax to render!) 

So, how do we earn those coveted fast hours? Follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to  (Make sure you are signed in – if not – please do so and click the link again)
  1. You will see your profile page. Click “Rank Pairs” on the left-hand menu. 
Serttings of the Midjourney discord UIshowing how to get Midjourney Fast Hours

You will be presented with 2 images – sometimes they are the same, and sometimes totally different. Click on the image you like the most to cast your vote. 

Screenshot showing image of cartoon character and acorn

Note: The hearts on the side can be pressed to “favorite” it. You can press “Skip” at the top right hand corner if you don’t want to choose either. The triangular caution icon next to the skip button is the “Report” button.

Use this if you find inappropriate content such as nudity or any other subject matter that you find inappropriate or in violation of MJ’s Terms of Service.

  1. Continue casting your vote on various sets of images for approximately 10-15 minutes.
  1. If you have rated enough images vs other MJ members, you will see a message like this sent to you once a day by the MJ bot. Once earned, you have 30 days to use your new “Fast” hours. They will carry over if your subscription renews before your 30 days are up.

Note:   Even if you are “topped o ” at 15/15 hours for the Standard Plan, the 30/30 hours for the Pro Plan, or the 60/60 hours from the Mega Plan, you can still earn hours above the threshold.  

Don’t know how many fast hours you have? 

Navigate to and click the “Manage Sub” button on the left-hand side.  

This will show you your current balance from your “Included” time (monthly Subscription time), your “Rollover” time (this is time you have purchased and never expires), and your “Bonus” time (time you have been awarded for rating images. These expire 30 days after they have been earned) 

And that’s a wrap! With this comprehensive Midjourney tutorial under your belt, you now have the power to harness AI for your creative needs. From toggling speed modes to earning bonus fast hours, you’re equipped with the knowledge to maximize your value of Midjourney’s potential

Flex your artistic muscles and let your imagination flourish – the future is yours to design. Remember, AutomationSwitch is your guide to elevating workflows with cutting-edge AI. Visit us for more insightful tutorials that put the magic of technology directly into your hands.

Round UP

Thanks for joining us on this AI artistry adventure. Wherever your prompts may take you, we hope you glean inspiration from every pixel. Now go and make something awesome!

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