Master The Midjourney Describe Function

Midjourney Describe Function

The /describe function in Midjourney allows you to use MJ to describe the image as a prompt. Midjourney Describe Function, of the image and get a result. This is an extremely helpful tool if you want to get exact prompts for any image you’re interested in and get MJ’s vision to generate an image as close as the reference.

Midjourney Describe Function

To start using the describe function, follow these instructions:

Midjourney Describe Function-1
Midjourney Describe Function-2
Midjourney Describe Function-3
Midjourney Describe Function-4

As you can see, we can select options from 1 to 4, redo the prompts, and even image all prompts. Once we select an option, a pop-up will appear in which we can edit the prompt to anything we want. This adds variety to the creative process of generating images.

Midjourney Describe Function-5

We selected option 1 and did not edit anything on the prompt.

Here is the result:

Midjourney Describe Function-6

All the prompts executed by the describe function result in very stable and well-made images from MidJourney.

Here are some more examples:

Reference image:

Midjourney Describe Function-Reference image


Midjourney Describe Function-Reference image-1

Prompt(s) used: 

Midjourney Describe Function-Reference image-2
Midjourney Describe Function-Reference image-3
Midjourney Describe Function-Reference image-5

Reference image:

Midjourney Describe Function-Reference image-6


Midjourney Describe Function-Reference image-7

Prompt used: 

Midjourney Describe Function-Reference image-8


Midjourney Describe Function-Reference image-9

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This tool, Midjourney Describe Function, is to be used whenever we want to know how MidJourney thinks about the images we would like to base our work on or what is the closest prompt to the image, as said by MJ. This helps in the creative process of image generation and if you think your prompts are getting out of hand.

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