Men’s Futuristic Clothing Styles and ideas 2023

Handsome cyborg man wearing modern clothes and futuristic smart vision glasses

Technology is advancing, and many people, especially sci-fi fans, wonder why we don’t see more people embracing a futuristic aesthetic. Well, there is more of it than most people think. However, it is subtle. So, today I want to discuss everything there is to know about men’s futuristic clothing styles.

Men have few options when choosing futuristic clothing Styles. You can go for a gothic cyberpunk look, a retro military steampunk aesthetic, or a dystopian future look. That said, futuristic accessories are all around us, from smart watches to Bluetooth shoes.

What Is Modern Sci-fi Influence On Men’s Fashion


gamer in men's futuristic  clothing cyber neurology concept

Science fiction typically imagines what the world would or should look like in the future or what it would be like if past events played out differently. The fashion in these novels and movies is often speculative but still based on current trends. 

Modern sci-fi tends to influence dystopian fashion, including cyberpunk, techwear, dystopian punk, solar punk, and more. 

While games like cyberpunk 2077 have sparked a new interest in the cyberpunk aesthetic, its origins date back to the 1970s when authors experimented with different writing styles. 

Solar punk is also influenced by cyberpunk culture. However, the solar punk movement is a reaction to the constantly bleak dystopian outlook of cyberpunk as a genre. Instead, solar punk takes a more optimistic look at fashion, technology, and art in an evolving world.

Every sub-genre of science fiction can influence certain aspects of fashion. To pinpoint every single one would be redundant. However, it is clear that both science fiction and fashion influence each other.

Men’s Futuristic Clothing Styles

When it comes to men’s futuristic clothing styles, there are a few genres or categories that someone can go for. It all depends on what suits you.

However, finding information about men’s futuristic clothing styles can be challenging, so I want to discuss the main styles in detail. So let’s get into it. 

Men’s Steampunk Aesthetic


man in steampunk outfit

What is steampunk fashion?

Steampunk fashion is one of the most exciting fashion trends I have ever seen. However, steampunk gets many ideas from history instead of looking only towards the future for inspiration.

Steampunk imagines a world where technology advanced differently from the Victorian age to the Industrial Revolution. Instead of digital accessories, steampunk sticks with a mechanical look.

At steampunk festivals such as Watch City in Massachusetts and the steampunk festival in Lincoln, UK, you can see almost all the steampunk variants. 

Steampunk colors:

  • Black
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Military green
  • Bronze
  • Reddish brown (copper)
  • Gold

The steampunk color feels almost rustic and plays a massive role in the overall look. The steampunk aesthetic can be incredible if you can get the colors right. But, at the same time, the look is hard to achieve without the right colors. 

Men’s steampunk clothes:

  • Top hats
  • Waistcoats
  • Coats
  • Cravats
  • Scarves
  • Leather boots
  • Leather gloves
  • Accessories

As for the pants, you can go with any number of styles, from gothic to even pirate-style pants. As long as the color is correct, it should match your outfit.

There is not only one steampunk aesthetic. Instead, anything from history, say between 1820 to 1915, can be worn as part of a steampunk outfit. 

You could add more military aspects to your outfit or go for a classy Victorian-age business look. 

Steampunk hair and accessories:

You don’t have to wear a top hat to pull off the steampunk look. However, most men go for the classic hairstyle, typically combed backward. Also, it does not hurt to have a well-groomed mustache.

Finally, the accessories can make or break the style. That said, here are a few accessories and ideas for your next outfit:

  • Hats: Top hats or bowler hats. 
  • Pocket watches
  • Leather wristbands
  • Leather belts
  • Steampunk goggles

Men’s Solar Punk

What is Solar punk?

There are many definitions for solar punk. However, solar punk integrates activism with fashion and art. 

While many futuristic fashion trends take inspiration from a dystopian future, solar punk challenges that and envisions a world where technology and nature integrate.

Solar punk does not imagine a world without skyscrapers; instead, think about buildings with farms on their roofs. You can already see this in parts of Brooklyn and New York

The solar punk look

Solar punk colors are typically natural. So, you’ll wear a natural green sweater instead of a bright green sweater. The clothes should be slightly baggy, loose, and not restrictive.

That said, solar punk fashion does not really have an aesthetic. Simply getting clothes from a thrift shop instead of a department store promotes the solar punk ideology of a sustainable future.

Men’s Cyber Punk Aesthetic


cyborg looking man in neon cllours of purple, pink an violet

What is Cyberpunk fashion?

Cyberpunk clothing fashion is probably one of the most famous futuristic fashion trends. Cyberpunk is a sub-genre typically involving significant technological advancements in a dystopian future. Some of these advancements can include:

  • Augmented reality
  • Medical breakthroughs such as longevity.
  • Cybernetics
  • AI
  • Bionics

In the typical cyberpunk dystopian future, corporations rule the world and use technology to do that.

The cyberpunk aesthetic incorporates the use of technology while still being anti-authoritarian. It is this attitude that inspires the look.

Cyberpunk colors:

  • Purple
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Yellow

Almost any color can be used to make the cyberpunk aesthetic. However, the colors should always be bright and look almost artificial. 

The Cyberpunk look:

  • Cargo pants
  • Long overcoats
  • Big pockets everywhere
  • Large boots
  • Large shoes
  • Tech gadgets
  • Chains
  • Colorful hair
  • Well-groomed hair
  • Scalf (typically around the nose and mouth)

The cyberpunk look is one of the easiest to achieve. Of course, you could go over the top, but most people prefer to be subtle.

Wearing any of the items listed above together or alone does give someone the cyberpunk aesthetic.

Men’s Techwear Punk


K a man wearing a akatau techwear wear fashion

What is techwear punk?

Techwear is all around us. Most people who wear techwear clothing don’t even consider it to be a fashion statement. However, techwear punk is a combination of cyberpunk and techwear.

While many consider cyberpunk and techwear style to be the same, there are a few differences, at least in my experience.

For example, instead of accessories and gadgets complimenting the clothes, the clothes are made with technology that makes them functional and practical.

Examples of techwear:

  • UnderArmor Hovr shoes (fitted with Bluetooth)
  • NorthFace hoodies (Insulating technology)
  • Smartwatches
  • Nike ACG
  • Adidas Y-3

Dystopian Streetwear

Dystopian streetwear is a futuristic fashion trend that borrows from most science fiction subcategories.

However, Japanese culture heavily influences dystopian streetwear, typically through anime. It is common to see baggy sweatshirts with large graphics referencing pop culture or anime. 

It is incredibly challenging to pinpoint exactly what dystopian streetwear is defined by, but I can try:

The clothing is supposed to be edgy. It would help if you didn’t try too hard when choosing a dystopian streetwear outfit. Instead, the clothes speak for themselves with their baggy nature and edgy graphics. 

Futuristic Fashion Accessories For Men

Completing a futuristic look is often more manageable when you can find accessories that complement your outfit and make them more functional. So, here are three items that I think every futuristic fashion enthusiast should have. 

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch

Regardless of what look you are going for, no futuristic look will be complete without a smartwatch.

Samsung produces the best smartwatches, at least in my experience, and because you can edit the face of the watch, you can set it to suit your style.

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BANGE Smart Backpack

Backpacks with built-in USB charging ports for your smartphone, tablet, headphones, or watch are becoming more popular. 

Not only can you store your gadgets in the backpack, but you can also charge them up while on the go.

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Ray-Ban Stories

I believe that augmented reality will soon become the new normal. It won’t be long before we see many people wearing smart glasses.

The technology just isn’t finished, but in the meantime, products like Ray-Ban Stories allow you to record videos, and pictures, listen to audio and share it with your mobile device and, thus, your social media accounts.

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Will SCI-Fi Fashion Become Popular


Whether people like it or not, technology is constantly advancing. However, it takes years for products to become popular with the masses.

With that said, science fiction fashion is all around us. Take smartwatches and smartphones, for example. The idea of being able to answer a phone call on your watch would be science fiction 15 years ago.

Today, however, it is a reality, which is an important thing to remember. Once something becomes a reality, it is no longer science fiction. There are also a few factors that would stop people from wearing futuristic clothing:

  • Blending in: Most people would rather blend in with society. It is why most fashion trends never really take off.
  • Difficulty getting the clothes: Most futuristic fashion trends start in Asia, typically Japan. So, many westerners face difficulty obtaining these clothes due to import and export rules and regulations.
  • Lack of awareness: While many festivals are centered around futuristic genres, there is a lack of awareness from most people.

That said, as technology evolves, it becomes part of our fashion, as we have seen in the past. I believe that soon many people will be inspired to wearing augmented reality glasses, and they will become less of a fashion statement and more of a necessity.

Futuristic Brands That Men Can Buy Futuristic Clothing Styles From

With all this talk of futuristic fashion, I am sure you are wondering where you can start buying into the trend. Well, here are a few brand designers that cater to most subgenres of futuristic fashion.

Adidas Y3

Adidas Y3 is a collaborative effort by Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas. Adidas’ selection of clothing offers a wide variety of items that can help you achieve a futuristic look. However, the look is subtle. 

The wide selection of cargo pants, hoodies, and fleece jackets is long, baggy, and designed with a futuristic Japanese look that could resemble a cyberpunk theme.

Rick Ownes Clothing

Rick Owens is an influential stylish fashion designer from the United States who currently works in Paris. His clothes are unique, and for anyone who wants an authentic futuristic look, Rick Owens is one of the best places to look.

However, his clothing is not the cheapest; you can expect to pay between $1000 and $7000 for a single collection item of clothing. 


Atlas 1 is heavily influenced by Japanese culture, focusing primarily on techwear. Their products start from $10 up to a few hundred dollars. So, whatever your budget is, you are sure to find something. 

The company also does a lot of accessories, such as magnetic belts, gloves, caps, and much more.


If you are unsure about any futuristic styles, it might help to go to one of the festivals around your area. Doing this allows you to see what fashion and culture are all about before you commit any money to the clothes.

There is a wide selection of styles and accessories to choose from when it comes to men’s futuristic fashion. So coming up with your own style is relatively easy.

That said, be sure to check out some of our other articles centered around futuristic fashion trends.



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