The Complete Guide To Mastering Midjourney: From Sign-Up To Discord Channels 

Mastering Midjourney

Joining the creative revolution powered by AI is just a few simple steps away. Mastering Midjourney has opened up stunning new possibilities for artists and creators through its versatile text-to-image capabilities. However, to truly unearth your potential with this remarkable tool, you need more than proficiency in creating prompts; you need to navigate the wider Midjourney ecosystem with skill.

Mastering Midjourney: From Sign-Up To Discord Channels   

In this comprehensive tutorial, we will guide you through the key steps of getting started with 

Midjourney, from signing up on the website to organizing seamless collaboration through Discord. Follow these tips, and soon you will be crafting world-class art through Midjourney with efficient ease.

Important Note: We will be using a program called Discord. If you haven’t installed the desktop app and made an account, now is the time to do that! You’ll find the link to Discord here: Discord | Your Place to Talk and Hang Out 

Step 1: Join Midjourney through the Website

Join Midjourney through the Website

 Go to( and click “Join the Beta”. This will prompt you to join the official Midjourney Discord server. 

Discord server

Step 2: Subscription Process Navigation 

Now we need to subscribe. Navigate to the user panel in Discord (right-hand side of the screen). Select the Midjourney bot and send it a DM (Direct Message).  

Next, we type in /subscribe and press enter.

Subscription Process Navigation

It will give you a personal link and you will see a button that says “Manage Account”. Click to be redirected to your account information page on the Midjourney website.

Manage Account

Step 3: Subscription Choice 

On the landing page, you will see your account information. Scroll down a bit, and you will see your 4 choices of subscription plans. (For more detailed information about what each subscription tier includes, including discount information on an annual membership, click here: [insert a link to another article])

Step 4: Subscription Payments

Select the subscription plan that suits you and your needs. You will be redirected to Stripe for all Midjourney payments. Only payment methods supported by Stripe are currently accepted: credit or debit cards issued by services like Mastercard, VISA, or American Express.

Stripe is a PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Cash App Pay are available in some regions. PayPal, wire transfer, and similar methods are not supported. 

Note: When using Stripe, do NOT use any pre-saved auto-fill-in credit card information features like Google, etc. provides. All information must be manually typed in to avoid your card being declined. 

(Need Help with billing or subscription.) Click here: )

Once your payment is processed, you will gain access to Midjourney and be ready to generate images!

Setting Up Your Own Discord Server

The main Midjourney Discord server can feel overwhelming with so many people posting images. To have a dedicated virtual studio space for your projects, you can make your own Discord server. This gives you your little corner of Discord to make your Midjourney prompts and collaborate easily if necessary.

Having your own server lets you organize channels and control permissions for you and your team. This makes it easier to manage projects and have focused workspaces. You can even create channels just for your projects to brainstorm ideas and get feedback on images.

This guide will show you how to make your own Discord server step-by-step. With your server, you (or your team) can plan and organize your Midjourney images better. Your server can easily provide a customized prompt that fits your needs.

Setting Up Your Own Discord Server 

Step 1: Creation 

In Discord, click the + icon on the right-hand side of your screen. Select “Create My Own” to make a new server.

Setting Up Your Own Discord Server

Select “For me and my friends”

Tell us more about server

You type in your brand-new server’s name and press the “Create” button.

(optional). You can upload a photo that corresponds to your server – logo, favorite picture, etc. 

customize your server

Congratulations! You now have your very own Discord server!

welcome to test server

Step 2: Adding the Midjourney Bot to Your Server 

The most important step is to invite the Midjourney Bot. Navigate to the official Midjourney Discord Channel. 

Adding the Midjourney Bot to Your Server 

Click on the midjourney Bot on the right-hand side of the screen and click “Add to Server”

Select your newly created server from the dropdown menu and press continue. Follow the directions on the screen to give it authorization to be added and confirm you are not a robot.

Midjourney bot

If done correctly, you will see a success message like this and you can begin prompting images on your new server. Click “Go to Server” to be redirected back to the server you just made.

Go to test server

You can confirm that the Midjourney bot has been added to your server if you look on the left side of the screen and see this.

Midjourney bot

This is the best time to do our very first /image and create your first image! But first, we have to accept Midjourney’s ToS (Terms of Service) Simply type /imagine into the chat. 

Type your prompt and press enter. You will see a notification like this:


Press “Accept ToS”. Type /imagine again and type in your very first prompt. Soon you will see your very first grid of 4 images appear! Who knows? You may even share your very first prompt with your grandchildren one day! 

Step 3: Organizing Content with Forums, Channels & Pins 

Think of the Discord organization as a Filing Cabinet. It is separated into 3 sections getting more and more specific as we go (this is just a suggestion of use – change as you need).

Organizing Content with Forums, Channels & Pins

Example Situation: You want to make images to sell on Etsy. It would be best if you made some wall art for a child’s nursery as well as jungle-themed wall art for older children.

Categories: See “Categories” as Filing Cabinets. These will be various broad themes. In the case of our example above – I would name my category “Etsy”. [Right Click – Create Category] Type in the desired Category name and press “CreateCategory.”. To make a category private so only you or certain server members can have access toggle the “Private Category” slide button. Make sure you permit the Midjourney bot also otherwise, you cannot use it to prompt in that section]


Channels: Look at “Channels” like filing folders in your filing cabinet. Here is where I would put something like “Wall Art”.

Note: Leave the default channel called “general” alone for now. This channel is, by default used to announce anyone joining the server. We don’t want those notifications mixed up with your workflow/images. If you are collaborating with a team it’s a great channel to keep so you can monitor who joins your discord. To rename “general” to something else like “welcome” etc.

click the gear icon “Edit Channel” button that appears on the right-hand side when you hover over a channel name. Rename it anything you want and click “Save”. 

[Press the + sign to the right of the corresponding Category and you will see this menu. Type in the desired channel name and press “Create Channel”. To make a channel private so only you or certain server members can have access – toggle the “Private Channel” slide button. Make sure you permit the Midjourney bot also otherwise, you cannot use it to prompt in that section] 

Create channel

Threads: “Threads” can be compared to pockets in the folders stored in your filing cabinet. Inside any channel, you will see a waffle icon/text bubble icon with the name “Threads” at the top right of your screen. Click it.


You will see on the left-hand side that everything is organized. This helps keep all your prompting and image creation spaces neat.

wall art

Note: “Pin” key messages in channels/threads so relevant information is always accessible. 

You can pin up to 50 messages per channel/thread. Don’t know how to “Pin” a message? Click the three “…” when you hover over the desired message you want to pin. Select “Pin Message” 

Nursery art

Want to see what you already have pinned? Click the thumbtack icon at the top of your discord screen. Once you find the item you are looking for, press the “Jump” button to be redirected to that exact post.

Want to unpin an item you don’t need anymore? Click the Pinned Messages thumbtack icon and click the X button next to the “Jump” button


With these essential steps, you now have an actionable roadmap for getting started in the creative world of Midjourney. From joining the beta to setting up your own space for collaboration, you are ready to dive into AI-powered artistry.

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Remember that realizing Midjourney’s full potential requires not just proficiency in crafting prompts, but also navigating the broader ecosystem around it. Use the supportive Midjourney community and optimized organization through Discord to take your creativity to new heights.

Flex your imagination, embrace unexpected inspiration from the AI, and enjoy the journey. The future of art is here it’s time to seize the limitless possibilities before you.

Thank you for following along with this Midjourney tutorial – visit AutomationSwitch now to find more guides that will elevate your projects with cutting-edge AI. Unlock your creative potential with AI-generated art. Discover even more in-depth Midjourney tutorials and imaginative prompts on the AutomationSwitch tech blog. We empower your digital designs and workflows.

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