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A logo is how a business and an entrepreneur can be identified in the marketplace. Many businesses have become successful, and their success is attached to the emblem that makes their product or service easily identifiable amongst competitors.

However, creating an impactful and memorable visual identity requires time, effort, and, in the past, a huge budget. But Looka AI is about to change all of this by offering a powerful and intuitive AI logo maker and visual brand asset generator.

In this article, we take a look at Looka AI, explore what it offers, and unravel how this innovative AI tool equips brands to bring world-class design and visual mockups to life for the masses.

What is Looka AI logo generation, and how it works 

Looka AI has been created for businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs to easily create their logos with the simple touch of several buttons. With this AI-powered logo creation tool, you can easily create a logo immediately by first inserting the name of your company.

The AI generation tool works by generating several logo options that are based on the information fed into the software. The logo-making tool also has several user-friendly features that allow you to use your creative imagination and refine the designs until you get something you like.

Looka has an editing interface that provides users with a lot of options to customize the logo that they have designed. This means that the tool supports all users to easily create intuitive and appealing designs that represent the value of their brands.

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How to create a logo with Looka AI 

With Looka AI, you can easily create your logo in these simple steps. You can easily follow these steps to create the right logo that perfectly portrays your brand value. 

1. Begin with your logo design

Go to the official website of the Looka tool. Input the name of your company. In the next step, choose the logo colors, styles, and patterns you want for your brand. The AI tool will use these elements to design an elaborate logo.

2. Choose the right logo

In a matter of minutes, you will get several custom logos that have been generated by the AI tool. This logo will be made specifically according to your business brand. If you scroll through the different logo options, the tool will continue to generate additional logo designs based on the information that you have entered into the tool.

looka ai UI screenshot

3. Perfect your logo design

You can choose any logo design to explore the various logo variations. You can then choose the right options to customize the logo. With the options offered, you can easily change the logo sizes, spacing, symbols, layouts, text fonts, and colors. You can combine as many variations as you need to get the right design for your business brand.

4. Preview generated logo mock-ups

As soon as you have chosen the right custom logo for your business, this can previewed easily using different mock-ups, which include T-shirts, business cards, and so on. The preview function is updated in real time as changes are made using the editor. This way, you can see how the logo looks within different chosen contexts.

5. Download and save the files

When you get the logo design that you want for your business, you can now download the file. To do this, you must choose the right logo that portrays the best value that your brand provides.

Next, the Logo making tool will make all the necessary files available. These are files that a typical expert logo designer will use to save your final logo designs. These files include the logo in high-resolution vector and PNG logo files. They are made available online, which the user can print as use as they want.

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The features of the Looka AI generation logo maker

Looka brand kit

The Looka AI generator also develops a brand kit for each user. This means that you will get hundreds of marketing materials that are branded according to the chosen font and color of your logo. This brand kit offers consistency and gives the user a polished and professional look.

Looka social media kit

Looka comes with a social media kit that provides businesses with ready-made logo designs that are optimized for different social media platforms. With this kit, you can insert your business logos on your cover and profile photos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Business name generator

If you are still undecided about the name of your business, the Looka AI generation tool is also good for generating elaborate business names for its users. 

Looka pros and cons 


  • An easy way to produce high-quality branded content.
  • Easily provide logo designs at your convenience.


  • Prevents you from working with humans.

Looka AI pricing 

Looka AI is a readily available AI tool for generating business logos. The pricing for this intuitive tool is available in different packages. These are:

  • Brand Kit Subscription: $96 per year
  • Brand Kit Web Subscription: $192 per year
  • Basic Logo Package: $20
  • Premium Logo Package: $65
looka ai website UI screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the Looka AI Generation tool?

The Looka is an AI-powered graphic design solution that allows users to design their brand identities from scratch. The tool allows them first to create an elaborate logo design. It then uses the logo design as a reference to design several other marketing materials.

2. How does Looka create custom logos for businesses?

Looka uses AI to help businesses create various logos. The AI tool comes with thousands of visually appealing logo symbols that users can use. With Looka, you do not need to upload your pre-designed symbols as the system already comes pre-loaded with several symbols.

3. How can I design my logo using Looka

With Looka, it can be quite easy to design a logo for your business. Simply navigate to the website and input all the right information.

4. Can I change the name of my brand logo on Looka?

With Looka, you can easily edit the branded names and change them to look according to your preferences. The tool comes with intuitive features to help all users to be able to change their logo names. 

looka ai UI screen shot

Round up

The Looka AI logo generation tool empowers small businesses and entrepreneurs to create appealing and marketable brand identities easily. Looka helps small brands and business individuals find their brand voice in a crowded marketplace.

With this innovative AI logo maker, you can easily create an indelible and enchanting brand identity. Creating a visually appealing brand logo is a crucial element for business success.

This is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that is powered by AI technology to help businesses create very powerful brand identities. Looka has a user-friendly interface that makes logo design a seamless process. 

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