Create Passive Income Through Online Courses With ChatGPT

Online Courses With ChatGPT

Are you considering venturing into the world of online course creation? It’s an exciting opportunity, and with the help of AI, you can streamline the process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps of online courses with ChatGPT, combining human effort with AI assistance to make your course creation journey smoother and more efficient.

Passive Income Through Online Courses With ChatGPT

Finding an idea and studying the market

Human Work: 90% | AI Work: 10%

a) Idea generation: Begin by seeking inspiration from your skills and expertise. Ask AI (in this case, GPT) to provide you with course ideas aligned with your knowledge.

b) Idea evaluation: To refine your options, have AI assist you in sorting the ideas based on criteria like course length, target audience, production costs, and potential ROI.

c) Manual selection: Personally review and trim the list down to a manageable top 5.

d) Market research: Investigate platforms like Skillshare, Udemy Insights, and SkillSuccess to analyze competition and profit potential in your chosen niche.

e) Decision-making: Based on your research and analysis, make an informed decision on the course topic.

Writing the course outline

Human Work: 10% | AI Work: 90%

a) Idea expansion: Engage AI (ChatGPT) to generate a comprehensive list of 25 lecture ideas tailored to a beginner level.

b) Structuring: Request AI to categorize these ideas by difficulty to ensure a logical flow in your course.

c) Manual refinement: Personally add, delete, or adjust lectures to create a coherent and engaging course outline.

Writing the course content

Writing the course content

Human Work: 20% | AI Work: 80%

a) Content creation: Leverage AI (GPT) to generate lecture content, suggest illustrations, and provide ideas for PowerPoint (PPTX) slide designs.

b) Human touch: Review and enhance the script, adding images and additional relevant information to enrich the course material.

Generating the PPTX

Human Work: 10% | AI Work: 90%

a) Presentation creation: Simply integrate into Google Slides, then input your raw course content. Witness the automated creation of a well-structured PowerPoint presentation (PPTX).


Human Work: 99% | AI Work: 1%

a) Course recording: Record yourself presenting the course material, ensuring clear audio and capturing your screen. 

b) Audio enhancement: Use Audacity to eliminate background noise and enhance audio quality.


Human Work: 80% |AI Work: 20%

Efficient editing: Optimize your editing process with real-time rendering in Vegas Pro. Additionally, use both Vegas Pro and ClipChamp to multitask during rendering and editing, saving valuable time.

Creating the landing page

Human Work: 10% | AI Work: 90%

a) Page content: Input all your course information into ChatGPT and instruct it to create a course description, target student details, prerequisites, and course objectives, and incorporate SEO keywords.

b) Platform integration: Copy and paste the generated content into each learning platform where you intend to offer your course.

Creating visuals

Human Work: 20% | AI Work: 80%

Visual design: Rely on Canva, guided by AI suggestions, to create visuals, course presentation cards, and more. The AI tool in Canva recommends elements and fonts, saving you significant design time.

Uploading the course

Human Work: 100% | AI Work: 0%

Manual upload: No shortcuts here manually drag and drop your lectures into their designated places on your chosen learning platform.

Marketing the course

Human Work: 50% | AI Work: 50%

a) Marketing plan: Consult ChatGPT to prepare a course release marketing schedule with step-by-step instructions.

b) Strategy implementation: independently decide how to follow the marketing plan, acquire additional knowledge in areas like Facebook marketing, and join relevant Facebook groups when necessary.

c) Execution: Follow the plan to effectively market your course.

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By strategically blending human expertise with AI assistance, you can efficiently create, launch, and market your online course with ChatGPT. This collaborative approach harnesses the power of AI to simplify tasks, streamline content creation, and optimize your course’s success.

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