Will the Imaginary Ones Become a Big Crypto Gaming NFT?

Imaginary Ones Crypto Gaming NFT?

Imaginary Ones is a delightful 3D animated art with a collection of 8888 unique NFTs. Imaginary Ones wish to re-ignite your spark to embrace creativity and work on your dreams.

The project, which Clement Chia and David Lee started, aims to use art to promote love, positivism, and creativity.

With the information stated below, this article will speculate on whether the Imaginary Ones will become a big cryptogaming altcoin.


This project is creating a huge IP ecosystem. They are looking to become the Roblox of Web3. The Imaginary Ones started their campaign on and had it oversubscribed in just 3 hours.

They have over 71,000 subscribers. These statistics make it one of the big gaming plays of this cycle, not in terms of the gameplay but in terms of how well it’s already being adopted, especially in Asia.

They will have the Genesis IO for their IP ecosystem breakdown, and their imaginary rides artefacts are in partnership with Hugo Boss, Amazon and Samsung.


Imaginary Ones Bubble Crypto Gaming NFT?

They have some sponsors, such as angel investors in Netflix, Binance, and other big projects.

Imaginary Ones NFT

ImaginaryOnes dropped an NFT project with Hugo Boss, and they sold out all the items they had from the shirts from the fall’s NFT collections.

These guys are one of the top Asian Web3 IPS, and their NFT sold out in four minutes at $10 million for a $8,888 NFT collection.

They have an Amazon partnership and Mercedes-Benz as a partner for the Bubble Rider. They’re going to have an animated film.

They are working on a pending Hasbro Transformers and IO Merch. With this work, they will become one of the big IPS in Asia and crypto gaming, with the NFT now at 4000 dollars.

Market Analysis

Imaginary Ones NFT?

ImaginaryOnes attained its All-Time High (ATH) of $ 0.0407 on May 14, 2024, and it is presently trading around $0.03307.

There are 1.09 billion Imaginary Ones in circulation right now, and there are 10 billion in total. The daily trading volume of Imaginary Ones is $13.20 million.

It is traded on eight exchanges and markets, with being the busiest. The Fully Diluted Value (FDV) for Imaginary Ones is 180 million.

Final Thoughts

The Imaginary Ones seem to know their stuff. With the series of investments they have received in the past, there are positive reviews about the Imaginary Ones. It is not unlikely to see this project becoming a major narrative in the crypto gaming and NFT ecosystem.

However, these investments have also served to cause heightened expectations about the crypto gaming altcoin. One can only hope that they meet up to the expectations.

This article is not financial advice. Do your due diligence before buying into a crypto project.


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