Illustroke AI Review: Designing AI Vector Graphics with Ease

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Are you tired of using cheap shot AI tools that push you towards promoting their tool first and then giving you some points to get results? We know it’s frustrating and bursts your bubble before you can even try it to see its worth. 

If you are ready to make stunning images using vector illustration AI and help create your next logo designs or icons, Illustroke AI is your solution. With their advanced AI generative tool, you get terrific new designs with a few prompts and quick selections. Let’s know more about this tool in this review and see the better option when compared to PNG images.

What Exactly is Illustroke AI?

Illustroke is a simple AI tool that takes text prompts from you and creates vector illustrations you can customize with available options like those discussed below. The best purpose of these images is to provide you with eye-catching designs that you can download and use for your website, as an icon for your brand, and so on. It saves you a lot of time and makes things more manageable with a few prompts.

The Best Features of Illustroke

Let’s see some of its great features.

Advantages over PNG

As it is a regenerative tool based on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) producing vector images, it has several advantages over standard pixel-based PNG images.

SVG allows for more scalability over PNG and doesn’t lose any quality during scaling, which isn’t possible in PNG. SVG allows for color and design changes quickly, further enhancing its value when printing in physical form. Finally, the size, compared to PNG, is much smaller.

User-Provided Prompts

Anything you type, the AI tool will use its learning mechanism from deep machine learning and generate an image in seconds. The more you use it, the more adaptive it becomes.

Huge Variety

You can choose over 40 unique and exciting design options consistent in uniqueness and quality, whether isometric or flat.

Tool Compatibility

As the tool is web-based, you can easily use it on any device to access the internet and have your favorite browser installed. This web-based option is excellent as with a single account, and you can easily use it across platforms without any issues.

Cloud Save

All your projects are available on the cloud, so you don’t need to take them and can access them from any location or computer.

SEO Compatibility

With embedded image information, it is very easy to incorporate data so that these images can boost any search engine rankings. With higher rankings, you can generate more traffic, enhancing your business.

Pros and Cons of Illustroke AI

Let’s now have a look at some pros and cons!


  • AI-based generative model
  • Quick results and fast conversion
  • SEO-friendly can boost results
  • Unique illustrations
  • Eye-catching results


  • No output options other than SVG.
  • Only text inputs can generate text results.

The Best Use Case Scenarios

Here are some of the best use-case scenarios:

Graphic Designer – If you are a budding graphic designer, you can use different prompts to get a visual idea and work on them more to create better imagery. This allows them to save time as they have a base idea and can combine different generations into more unique designs.

Marketing Individuals – They can help companies and websites create media to boost performance and traffic.

Content Creator – You can add imagery to your written or video content to add more class and color to the streams or content, making them more enticing.

Pricing Model

  • You can get 50 tokens for $6. Each token can be used once to generate an image and make as many changes as possible.
  • There is no free trial, but you can request free tokens as a trial or follow their social media page for free tokens. The redemption takes up to 24 hours.
  • There are no free versions of the tool at the moment, which is a bummer.
UI of illustroke tool

What is the Licensing Like?

All of your illustrations are downloadable as long as you have a token for them, plus you can use them whether you want for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Furthermore, all your generated illustrations are perfectly unique, and no two illustrations are the same, or no one else can access them without your permission.

How Does Illustroke AI Generative Tool Works?

As it is generative, it defines a set of rules, and based on your text inputs and tweaking of these tools, it generates an image that you can then modify in more detail. Here is how the tool works in simple steps.

  1. Type What You Want – With the help of AI, you write what you want in the text box, and AI does the rest by pressing the Create button. “A man smiling in the sunshine” or “A girl rocking a baby” are just some examples. You can always click on the Prompt Tips menu to get excellent suggestions.
Screenshot of illustroke with icons
  1. Many Options to Choose From – Choose from many options under each section, such as Common, Black and White, Logo and Icons, etc. Hover over each option to see more examples to help you choose better.
Screenshot of illustroke with  multiple icons
  1. Color Mode – Choose the Color Mode settings and press Continue.
A screenshot of a computer
  1. Choose the background or blank white Canvas.
A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated
  1. Finalize the settings in the following menu and press generate.
A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated
  1. Finally, enjoy the results and use them as you like.

Are There Any Illustroke Alternatives?

Yes, when you search online, there are many Illustroke alternatives, some of which are as follows with their salient features.

1. Mid Journey

A tool and research lab that focuses on building new designs and human and AI collaborative tools, among many other things. The following are its features.

  • Combines different tools such as AI with human infrastructure and other design compatibility to enhance your imaginative and creative powers.
  • 24/7 support of a team of advisors and professional full-time staff.
  • Many innovative designs and functions under their belt, such as Leap Motion, to big-name companies such as Intel, NASA, Tesla, etc.

2. PromeAI

An AI tool specifically designed for architects and designers of different fields, plus supporting game and animation designers. The following are some of PromeAI’s notable features.

  • All your stunning designs, such as animations, videos, and graphics, are possible through AI assistants and driven to create the best designs.
  • You will have a massive range of options through their library of C-AIGC model styles.
  • Intuitive UI, quick to make great results.

3. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion uses Stability AI under its core to give users the power to create unique and exciting designs and media.

  • Boast their tool for the people and those who learn from human interactions with this tool.
  • Users have complete control of their projects and tools as the tool has open-source models.


If you are looking for a tool to support your new designs or brainstorm ideas into reality, Illustroke AI is a great option where you pay a small amount to get tokens per generation. With so many different options and styles to choose from and use case scenarios, you can boost your creativity to attain your goals in no time.

As for many alternatives, you can visit their official websites and see what more support they can provide according to your niche.

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