How To Make Millions With Bitcoin ETFs in 2024

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The Bitcoin ETF finally got approved after such a long wait. For those of you who’ve been in crypto since the early days, this approval is a massive step for crypto and  Bitcoin.

This ETF approval will catalyze the price of Bitcoin as we head into the longest crypto bull run ever. Institutional money entering crypto will extend this bull run, making it the longest in crypto history. This bull run is also guaranteed to spark the biggest altcoin season ever.

For those with a huge risk appetite, there is the potential to make a lot of money during the bull run, especially because of the influx of mainstream and non-crypto investors (normies) who will invest in Bitcoin via the Bitcoin ETF.

It is a way to get 10x, 20x, 100X, and even 1000X returns in crypto; it has been and is still being done in the crypto space. Let’s clarify what this article can and cannot do for you.

The article is not in any way financial advice, but it can show you how to get in on the action and how to potentially make money after conducting your due diligence on Bitcoin ETFs.


  • Bitcoin ETF Approval: The approval of the Bitcoin ETF is a significant milestone for cryptocurrency, signaling potential growth.
  • Longest Crypto Bull Run: The ETF approval could extend the current bull run, attracting institutional money and sparking a major altcoin season.
  • Opportunity for Profit: The influx of mainstream investors through the ETF presents opportunities for significant returns during the bull run.
  • Not Financial Advice: The article doesn’t offer financial advice but provides insights on how to potentially profit from the Bitcoin ETF after conducting due diligence.
  • 401k Investment: Investing in the Bitcoin ETF through a 401k could offer substantial returns compared to traditional assets like stocks or gold.
  • Future Crypto ETFs: The approval of the Bitcoin ETF may lead to the introduction of other crypto ETFs, potentially offering more opportunities for profit.

How To Make Money With The Bitcoin ETF

Since its approval on January 11, the Bitcoin ETF has traded billions of dollars. One day after its launch, it traded over $4.6B.

The image below shows the big names in the Bitcoin ETF ecosystem. Companies like Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, iShares, Bitwise, Fidelity, ARK 21Shares, etc, are prominent in Bitcoin ETF trading.

big names in the Bitcoin ETF ecosystem

With all these big names in the ecosystem, how can you profit from trading Bitcoin ETFs? 

You are more likely to profit from Bitcoin ETFs if you work in a good organization that allows 401k savings.

A 401k allows you to contribute tax-free to a retirement savings plan and enjoy the benefits of a matching contribution from your employer.

For example, if you contribute $15k to your 401k savings plan and your employer makes a matching contribution of $15k, you will have $30K saved in your 401k retirement account. 

Some people invest their 401K funds in stocks or gold, giving them 5% or 10% annual profit. But think of this: you can make more money by investing that money in a Bitcoin ETF.

With Bitcoin trading around $70K and expected to reach $150K, your 401k investment will give you more than a 100% profit. 

That is $60K if you invested $30K. This investment vehicle is better than holding gold, stocks, or mutual funds.

Bitcoin will soon outperform the stock market, mutual funds, and index funds, meaning investing in a Bitcoin ETF could result in fast and large profits.

Other Large Cap Crypto ETFs Coming

The Bitcoin ETF approval is the beginning of crypto ETFs. It will pave the way for other large-cap crypto ETFs, which means there will be a lot of money to make from the crypto ETF ecosystem.

The chart below shows the Ethereum ETF proposal under review, and we believe it could outperform the Bitcoin ETF.

Again, the Ethereum ETF could open the floodgates for other large-cap ETFs. we expect to see XRP ETF, Solana ETF, Matic ETF, Binance ETF, Avalanche ETF, etc.

Imagine making a 10X profit from a $30K 401K savings invested in any crypto ETFs. This would mean the money grew to $300,000.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a way to build generational wealth fast using your 401k savings? Then, you should seriously consider Bitcoin ETFs. 

You do not need to be a crypto enthusiast now to make huge profits from crypto investments.

Also, you do not need to buy and hold Bitcoin and other crypto assets now to profit from the crypto market. 

Depending on your risk appetite, why not investigateing the potential growth in Bitcoin ETFs today or 100X your 401K savings?

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