How To Delete a Mint Account?

how to delete a mint account

It’s great to have your finances consolidated in one place. Mint is an excellent financial management tool. It makes monitoring, conducting transactions, and managing finances a much easier task. But when it comes time to delete your Mint account, it is important to learn the proper way to do so. When you no longer need the services of the Mint app it is best to delete it because it houses some very sensitive data. In this article, we will walk you through the simple steps for how to delete a Mint account. 

Step by Step Instructions for How to Delete Your Mint Account 

how to delete a mint account

You can delete your Mint account from your laptop or desktop computer. The delete feature is available only on the website and not on the mobile app. Hence, you have to first log in through your desktop/laptop browser where you will be directed to the Intuit homepage.

Before deleting your financial account at Mint, it is advisable to create a will. In this document, you will specify exactly how your finances and assets have to be used. This is useful as creating a will offers many resolutions to the family and relatives, in the event of one’s death.


  1. Login with your username and password
  2. On your Account homepage, click settings
  3. Scroll down to the “Sign in and security” option and click it
  4. Scroll down and click, “delete my mint account”
  5. Click, “yes, delete my mint account”
  6. Uninstall the app from your mobile device 

Your Mint account, along with all its financial data and other details will be deleted in 4-6 days. Meanwhile, if you change your mind and wish to retain the account, you can still get it back during these 4-6 days. Just log in and go to your ‘Data & Privacy’ section where you get the option to cancel the deletion. Otherwise, you will receive a confirmation email for the deleted account.

How to Delete a Mint Account for a Deceased Person

Mint accounts contain complete financial information about individuals including their assets, investments, bank account details, and more. Accessing the accounts of deceased people is a tough job as Mint will not easily give up the password and compromise their security.

This matter has to be tackled differently. The most trusted person to execute this process should be a close family person or the deceased’s estate executor.

Use the Shared Account

Mint accounts belong to individuals, there is no system of a joint account. But if a financial account that is shared with the spouse or a kin, it can be synced with the Mint account, so that both have access to the same data. If one person passes away, the other account holder still has access to the same data in the account. To delete the account, follow the same steps mentioned in the previous section.

In some cases, the deceased passes the login and password details to the family or the executor either in their will or prior to their death. This way the account can be accessed after their demise.

Mint Comes to the Rescue

Start your live chat with the Mint website. Prior to the chat, assemble all financial papers as well as the Mint account holder’s death certificate. The Mint team will first check all your documents to get convinced of your authenticity. They will then walk you through the steps of account deletion. They will help you confirm your relationship status with the deceased. Once this is done, it will guide you to close the Mint account. If the matter appears a little complicated, the Mint team member might speak to you over the phone to get a clearer picture.

Thereafter, you will be required to submit all documents. These papers will carry proof that you are the designated person to close the account at Mint. There must be multiple accounts that require closure where these documents will be necessary. You could take the help of a family member or a friend while arranging the documents.

What is a Mint Account?

mint application

Mint is your financial organizer that keeps all balances, budgets and spending under one account. It maintains a complete overview of your credit score in one robust app. Mint is a free digital budgeting app that syncs all your monetary accounts, credit cards, bank accounts,  investments, retirement schemes, and other financial accounts. It keeps a track of your buying and spending. You can keep monitoring your profits and set reminders for paying bills.

Users can use Mint’s default recommendations or customize their various accounts as per their needs into different categories to ease tracking. You can also tag some important transactions as important. Mint offers individual accounts, there is no option of a joint account. Holders of joint financial accounts can sync their Mint accounts to view the same information.

Here are Some Features of the Mint App:


Mint is free with no premium versions available for an extra payment. Once you sign up, you can access all benefits and features. Mint earns its revenues through ad features and offers by other companies.


Mint’s parent company, Intuit, gives great importance to security. Security measures include several protocols including strong encryption and multi-factor authentication. Users can also add a four-digit security code to their smartphones to protect their Mint accounts.

Additional Features

Although Mint is not an investment managing app, it allows users to monitor their investments. This is an added feature that enables you to control all your finances under one umbrella. The Mint app allows you to compare your investments with market yardsticks. You can also track the fees levied on investments against the market standards.

What Makes Mint different?

mint app

Available for Android and IOS platforms, Mint is one of the best finance apps on the market. It has partnered with TransUnion so that users can check their credit scores and use the credit monitoring tools as often as they like.

Moreover, Mint allows users to link all their financial accounts and monitor them from a single interface. You can set your customized tags and notifications for alerts. And just as the app is free for users, access to the credit score is also free.

The Mint Review

What We Like

Mint scores high in its core areas of functionality-overviewing, tracking, and managing finances. And if that is not all, the finance tool is free and the installation and use are a breeze. You can access Mint both from its website and the mobile app.

Certain features on the Mint website allow users to attain a better understanding of managing finances. And if you want to know how to delete your Mint account, you have to access the website on your computer/laptop. You cannot delete your Mint account via the mobile app.

What We Don’t Like

Users have also talked about some undersides. Reconnecting a finance account is a big issue, and the app does not allow joint accounts. Not having a joint account could become an issue if an account holder meets with a mishap or passes away without closing the mint account. Family members and property executors have to ponder how to delete the Mint account. The Mint account contains details of the person’s finances, investments, credit score, and other sensitive data.

Also, just like all free apps, the advertisements could be bothersome for some.


What happens to the financial data after your account is deleted?

Mint allows a waiting period of 4-6 days after you initiate the process to delete your account. The finance app claims that it securely deletes the user’s all financial data at the end of this period. While it could retain some information for business reporting, the company maintains complete non-disclosure and protects the user’s data in all circumstances.

How to delete or unlink a financial/ bank account from Mint?

Click “Your Accounts” in the “Settings” tab, and also select the option“All”. Every account has a gear icon beside it. On clicking the gear icon, you get an option to delete. This will unlink the credit account or the bank account from your Mint account.

How Does Mint Rank?

One of the best finance tools, Mint is rated 4.8/5 stars. It is #1 among finance apps on the App Store and receives 4.5/5 stars on Google Play.


Your Mint account has always been a reliable finance tool, managing all finances seamlessly and giving you some valuable tips and alerts. Whether you are a newbie, a seasoned investor, or a finance wizard, Mint is a trusted financial tool. But if you have to close your account, this article has provided different scenarios for how to delete a Mint account. If you are unable to delete the Mint Account, you can reach out to the customer support team at Mint.

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