How Long Will This 2024 Crypto Bull Run and Incredible Altcoin Season Last?

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The Bitcoin halving is happening in less than 24 hours. Previous Bitcoin halvings have always led to the start of a crypto bull run, with Bitcoin reaching a new All-Time High (ATH). 

While it is possible to make a lot of money when the bull run starts, many people do not get in until almost the end, when the Bitcoin price begins to peak. Most people get in at that peak because they fear missing out (FOMO).

This article will use data from previous crypto bull runs to show you how long the crypto bull run will last. 

Knowing the length of this crypto bull run will help you identify the best time to invest in Bitcoin and other altcoins and the best time to take profits from your investments.

Bitcoin ATH Analysis During Previous Halving Cycles

chart showing the lenght of the Crypto Bull Run

Looking at the Bitcoin charts over the years, you will see how Bitcoin has performed in each halving cycle, which occurs every four years. 

The charts show that Bitcoin’s ROI decreases for every cycle because new people start investing in Bitcoin. 

However, the decrease in the ROI gives it a longer time to reach its ATH (All-Time high). Every new cycle lasts at least 25% longer than the last cycle. 

In 2013, Bitcoin experienced a 578X increase, which took 390 days to achieve. Then, in 2017, it went up by just 113X from the bear market bottom to the top, which took 730 days to achieve. 

In the 2020/2021 bull run cycle, it only did a 22X price increase, which took over 860 days to achieve this 22X price increase. 

History can repeat itself, and at the climax of this bull cycle, some predict the price of Bitcoin will peak at $150K. 

Also, achieving this peak may take more than 1000 days, so we have more time to profit from the bull market. 

This increase in days is also why we may have the most extended altcoin season ever.

Total Crypto Market Cap Analysis During The Past Crypto Bull Runs

chart showing the ROI of Bitcoin investments

In 2017, the crypto market cap increased by 50%. The following cycle only gave an increase of 30%. You see, the ROI reduces for each cycle.

The chart shows a similar pattern to the previous chart, highlighting that although Bitcoin investments’ ROI reduces in every cycle, people still make a lot of money. 

Looking at the current crypto market cap, we estimate a base case of $8T or $10T increase and a moon case of $14T. Hence, the total market cap at the end of this bull cycle could range between $8T and $14T.

Before the Bitcoin ETF, the market cap was around $1.8T. The announcement of the Bitcoin ETF and other triggers have driven the market cap to around $3T ($2.67T when writing this article).

Imagine going from $1.8T to around $8T or $14T. This suggests that the presented opportunities can serve as a pathway to generational wealth for many people.

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Final Thoughts

Based on our speculations, Bitcoin may reach its price peak of $150K from the $15K bear price it hit in late 2022. Bitcoin traded for $15K in November 2022, and we expect it to reach its peak of $150K around mid or late 2025. 

This analysis means we expect at least a 10X increase from its bear price in November 2022 when the crypto bull run finally reaches its peak in late 2025. 

It has done over 5X, and Bitcoin is trading at around $70,000. It’s not too late to invest in Bitcoin. A $10k investment in Bitcoin now may yield a $40k profit at the end of this crypto bull run.  We should also state that none of the information presented here is financial advice.

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