10 Home Assistant Robots to make your life easier

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In Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece “2001: A Space Odyssey,” the robot called Hal suffers a malfunction in its systems, and instead of helping the humans, it decides that killing them is the best way to achieve the mission goals. 

Thankfully reality is very different. The field of robotics has produced innovative creations that can carry out repetitive tasks without complaining or slacking off.

So while there is very little cross-over functionality, robots effectively do what they are told. This article will look at 10 Home Assistant Robots that will do exactly what you tell them and make everyday life a little easier.

The benefits of this can be profound, especially for home robots designed to help with tasks humans perform as part of everyday life routines. As smartphones are now accepted as must-have devices, household assistant robots are becoming accepted as one of our many smart home devices.

Who wouldn’t want to have the vacuuming done or their lawn cut by an autonomous personal assistant robot or a family robot operating daily at their command? You could then spend your time on more productive projects that require intuition and the ability to reason.

What Do Home Assistant Robots Do?

Personal assistant robots for the home can be installed in private and can take over manual, repetitive tasks or household chores.

These personal robot assistants allow human owners to concentrate on activities requiring thought and creativity. Some examples of helpful household assistants are:

  1. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners
  2. Housecleaning Robots
  3. Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot
  4. Robotic Lawn Mowers
  5. Home Monitoring And Security Robots
  6. Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots
  7. Transport Robot Assistants 
  8. Intelligent Autonomous Health Assistants
  9. Child Minding Robots
  10. Automated Food Planning Robots
  11. Eldercare Robots

1 – Home Assistant Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

smartphone with application control home assistant robot vacuum cleaner

One of the most commonly accepted household robots was the introduction of devices like the Roomba.

The Roomba device is a robotic vacuum cleaner with limited artificial intelligence. They move through a targeted area while continuously vacuuming debris and other contaminants.

Robotic vacuum cleaners work on a random movement pattern to ensure the entire target is cleaned within a specified time.

When the battery levels are low,  the robotic vacuum repositions itself at the charger and recharges automatically.

Many models automatically unload dirt into a specialized waste bin, which must only be emptied infrequently.

A separate machine in the range (Braava® Jet Robot Mop) also mops floors by spraying liquid onto the surface and scrubbing the dirt.

2 – Housecleaning Robots

Household cleaning robots, such as the Alfawise Magnetic, are designed to work in sync with the other robots in the house and clean various surfaces, including vertical surfaces like windows, mirrors, and walls.

These handy machines have suction cups that attach to vertical surfaces, allowing them to move up and down while macrofibre brushes clean the surfaces. 

House cleaning robots are moved from window to window, but when they operate, they stand alone and require no assistance.

3 – Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot

These devices take the drudge out of cleaning a grill after use.

All a user does is switch it on, place it in the grill, and close the lid, and the grill cleaning robot will get to work. It sounds an alarm once it has finished its magic and can be removed.

Automatic grill cleaning robots have multiple electric motors. In addition, they are equipped with strong nylon brushes that can be used on hot (up to 250 degrees) or cold surfaces.

4 – Home Assistant Robotic Lawn Mowers

ide view of robotic lawn mower trimming green grass in modern garden-min

Robotic lawnmowers have been around for a long time; however, in recent years, the technology has developed to the level where they are a valuable addition to the household toolbox.

Older robotic lawnmower models used a system of boundary wires to define the area where the grass was to be mowed. This method proved effective if the area remained static and had a relatively simple shape.

However, when the robotic lawn mower had to mow two different areas, for example, a front or back garden, it experienced problems. The setup had to be replicated on each side.

Robotic lawnmower devices use a mapping technology where GPS technology plots the area to be mown. This plotting includes transit routes to each side of the garden. Moreover, conventional robotic lawnmowers have automatically controlled blades that stop and pivot when obstacles like driveways or paths are in the way.

These machines return to the charging station as required and are essentially standalone units requiring very little human intervention.

5 – Home Monitoring And Security Robots

Home assistant robot cctv for security home control by app-min

While burglar and smoke alarm systems with remote functions are very simple security systems, developments have changed the face of home protection.

Two types of developments concerning home monitoring robots are available.

The Internal Security Robot

Roving robots are now an accepted part of a home’s security system. These active robots follow the owner around the house. In addition, roving robots provide companionship and serve as an essential home security function.

The roving robot will send real-time alerts if the owner is attacked or intruders enter the owner’s home. The robot cannot identify the person using its facial recognition system. But it will include online video streaming of the person in the house.

 The robots can also detect heat and smoke sources and raise the alarm.

The External Security Robot

Robotic cameras, with a degree of artificial intelligence, have been designed to be installed outside vulnerable areas of the property.

These cameras have a constant 360-degree view of the surrounding area and can track movement, focusing on suspicious activity.

The camera uses advanced facial recognition to identify authorized property residents and can create high-definition images of unauthorized trespassers.

If a security situation arises, the camera will notify a list of respondents and maintain a streaming video feed to allow the respondents to be fully prepared when arriving at the property.

6 – Home Assistant Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots

obot Pool cleaner robot out of the water at the edge-min

While automated pool cleaners have been around for some time, a new generation of equipment takes the process further.

 Devices like the Dolphin Nautilus are equipped with various scrubbing brushes. They can select the correct one for any specific type of dirt.

The Dolphin Nautilus is powered by an electrical cable, not by the pool’s filter suction system.

 The Nautilus follows a GPS-plotted course (calculated by the device) and will clean all surfaces, including floors, walls, and steps.

 When the filter element is full, it sends a notification to the human to empty.

7 – Transport Robot Assistants

Suppose you have ever wanted extra hands to hold your tools or consumables when working around the home. In that case, Transport Robots are the perfect solution.

The transport assistant robots (such as the Budgee) do just that and are designed to provide the owner with additional carrying capacity when working on the house.

These faithful machines have a series of storage racks onto which all the tools, screws, plugs, etc., can be placed. The battery life lasts about 10 hours and recharges in about 3 hoursThe transport assistant robot will follow the user around while keeping all equipment within easy reach.

The robots can also be used outside to help the owner in a store or to carry items around a garden,

8 – Intelligent Autonomous Health Assistants

The Pillo Health robot works by storing the medication required by the owner and dispensing this at the correct interval and time.

It means the correct dosage is being taken, and there is no lapse in frequency or overdosing.

Pillo also acts as an information source in that the users can ask questions about their health, and Pillo will access knowledge-based articles related to their symptoms. The robot can also connect the patients directly with their physician; where required, they can order medications directly from a pharmacy. 

The Pillo robot connects to the user’s smartphone. It can inform users of their health and remind them to take medication remotely.

9 – Child Minding Robots

While we don’t think that anyone intends for a robot to replace a caregiver, several products on the market assist with the care of children.

The Nannybot provides a second pair of eyes to watch over your children.

These domestic robots are essentially smart devices designed with a built-in camera. They stay with children, provide live video streaming back to the parent’s smartphone, and allow parents to maintain remote access irrespective of their location in the world.

10 – Automated Food Planning Robots

Robots such as the Hello Egg product help out in the kitchen remarkably.

The user’s dietary requirements and preferences are input into the robot, which performs the following functions.

  1. It plans the weekly meals.
  2. The robot prepares shopping lists and orders groceries for delivery.
  3. It assists the cook with preparing the meals by providing quickly followed voice-driven directions.


This article showed how home assistant robots excel at various tasks like cleaning, cooking, and household chores.

These multi-dimensional machines can also be programmed to play music, play games with children, and even serve as personal assistants that can book meetings and make video calls for you.

If you are on a mission to make your life easier by adding a robot assistant to your home, then take note that the best personal robots for modern homes should seamlessly integrate with connected devices by uniquely empowering users to automate most of their tasks.

They should be able to integrate with and control smart homes, have algorithms to enhance safety, be energy efficient, and help you to maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

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