4 Futuristic Sneakers and Designs That Sneakerheads Will Love

Futuristic adidas sneakers

The first sneaker was invented in the late 1800s. They were called Plimsolls back then. This footwear comprised thin rubber soles and a similar material to cover the top of the foot. They were mainly used for athletic activities.

Sneakerheads should be excited about the prospect of futuristic sneakers. Sneaker designs are developing very rapidly and many sneaker brands have incorporated modern technologies like 3D printing to make sneakers more supportive and performance-oriented. With self-lacing and smart data analysis making their way to sneakers, we will wait to see which technologies stand the test of time.

Let’s look at the technologies we are likely to find in sneakers, and then we have a list of a few futuristic sneakers.

Futuristic Sneakers Will Be Greener

Futuristic Black sneaker with headset and bluetooth
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Many toxic materials are currently used during the production of sneakers. These materials are often not biodegradable and harm the environment. Many big brands are working towards making sneakers completely recyclable.

According to Adidas, the company is in the process of making sneakers that can be brought back. They will be broken down, and the materials will be reused to make new sneakers with zero waste. However, these designs and materials are still in the developing stage. But we can expect to wear green sneakers in the near future.

Sneakers Will Be Equipped with Technology

The world is moving towards a healthier lifestyle, and everyone likes to see how they are progressing towards their fitness goals. We believe that we are likely to see sneakers that work as a fitness band very soon.

Although Nike announced the smart shoe back in 2012, the concept did not quite materialize. However, with improved technology, and more fitness awareness, we expect to see technology found on different fitness bands and smartwatches be incorporated on futuristic sneakers.

Sneakers are usually for fitness, and they are the devices that should measure fitness. Watch, and jewelry fans have issues with flaunting their possessions due to smartwatches. Say you are going for a walk and wear your favorite bracelet or expensive Rolex. But at the same time, you need to keep track of your fitness goal. With smart shoes, you do not have to worry about keeping your smartwatch on at all times. Here are 4 big brands making futuristic sneakers with cool designs-

1. Nike HyperAdapt Futuristic Sneakers

The Nike HyperAdapt is equipped with self-lacing technology and can change its shape to ensure maximum comfort for the user. According to Nike, as soon as your heel hits the sensor in the shoe sole, the laces will automatically tighten. Then there are two buttons behind the shoe, which allow you to loosen or tighten the shoelaces according to your comfort level.

The battery-powered shoe features an LED light in the midsole, a few indicator lights, and a backlit Nike logo. These lights turn on as you wear the shoe. The shoe automatically adjusts lacing to keep the correct amount of pressure on your feet. This technology helps during running and other physical activities.

You can ensure maximum performance in all sports with the HyperAdapt, without worrying about your shoe loosening up or adversely changing its shape.

2. Adidas FutureCraft 4D

The FutureCraft 4D is a perfect example of how 3D printing will be used in the future to manufacture footwear and make it more efficient. The shoe is made through advanced processes like Digital Light Synthesis technology. Carbon 3D claims that this technology is a breakthrough 3D printing technology that uses digital light and other high-quality materials to make durable and flexible products.

The company uses up to twenty years of data from professional athletes to design the shoe with long-lasting padding and ensure maximum efficiency by returning energy precisely.

3. Under ArmourArchiTech

Under Armour was one of the first shoe companies to adapt the 3D Printing technology. The company has worked hard to manufacture advanced sneakers by making the most of 3D printing. The ArchiTech is manufactured using the mesh lacing system, which helps maximize the wearer’s performance. The shoe ensures that feet remain stable and well-supported in all conditions.

According to Cool Material, the ArchiTech is a perfect blend of performance, support, and comfort. It is a shoe that is far from being traditional. When designing this futuristic sneaker, the manufacturer has gone all in to incorporate innovations from the past, present, and future.

SpeedForm is added in the upper layers for a better foot grip. Compression lacing and a lattice network in the sole provide support and comfort. It is a performance sneaker that will have you well supported during all kinds of sports.

4. DigitSole Sneaker

The DigitSole is probably the most futuristic sneaker that is more of a computer for your feet than a shoe. They are equipped with a broad range of features that will trigger the instincts of every shoe enthusiast, fitness lover, athlete, and sneaker collector.

The shoe can track nearly everything about your daily activities, from movements, steps, impact force, and calories. These shoes will even alert you when they detect an issue with your posture or when you are fatigued and should take a break.

These waterproof and self-tightening shoes connect to your phone to give real-time updates on how your fitness routine is progressing. And if you thought that was not enough, they are equipped with built-in warmers, which can heat your feet if they are cold.

Last Few Words

It is delightful to see major brands moving towards making sneakers greener in the future. Using biodegradable materials helps save the planet and reduces the costs of acquiring fresh raw materials.

We will not be surprised to see smart tracking devices incorporated into sneakers in the near future. These shoes will help us maintain track of our fitness routines, reach our fitness goals, and might even be able to keep track of our weight and fat composition.

Major companies are currently focusing on making shoes more supportive to help the wearers deliver top-notch performance. They are using technologies like 3D printing for improved and accurate design. The futuristic shoes are also equipped with self-lacing technologies, which help keep the feet fully supported at all times.

 Do you think that fitness trackers and other technologies are necessary for sneakers? Or do you see them as an intrusion into your privacy?

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