5 Futuristic Smartwatches: It is Literally Time for the Future

Futuristic Smartwatches

What started off as a mere fad is quickly becoming a necessity for this tech-driven world. The earliest smartwatches, such as the Microsoft SPOT, had a small bunch of features, such as news and weather updates and the ability to receive instant messages and e-mails. In contrast, the modern-day smartwatches allow you to track numerous different workouts, get detailed sleep data, and even monitor your stress levels. 

So, where do we go from here on? Futuristic Smartwatches will offer hologram screens, online payment features, hidden earbuds, ergonomic display screens, in-built music libraries, and so much more.  In this blog, we will talk about futuristic smartwatches that have either become realities or are expected to become so in the not-so-distant future. 

Futuristic Smartwatches:

Hologram Smartwatch:

If you have watched Iron Man 2, you must have observed the breathtaking hologram technology displayed in the movie. 

The hologram smartwatch has been created using the IOS operating system and, once you turn the watch on, you will be able to witness a hologram screen not too different than the kind of screen shown in the Iron Man movie. This touch-screen hologram screen allows you to use the various features that the smartwatch has to offer, including GPS, photo and video editing, audio and video calls, maps, and call-location tracking. 

Futuristic Hologram Smartwatch
Smartwatch with Hologram

The prototype for the hologram smartwatch has already been designed, and this watch is expected to hit the market sometime in 2023. 

Nubia Watch:

Nubia is powerful, functional, and customizable, and the very first smartwatch to offer a flexible display. You can easily switch between themes and find the perfect fit according to your current situation. Through Nubia’s innovative app, you can even create your own customized theme using any pictures or graphics. 

The ultra-long curve display wraps around your wrist seamlessly, making it ergonomic and comfortable to wear, while also enhancing your visual experience so that you can enjoy a better overview of all the information being displayed on the watch – more interaction and less scrolling. The watch is extremely user-friendly, and spares you the effort of having to operate complicated menus. Also, the straps will be available in multiple materials and sizes. 

Nubia also offers a range of other distinct features, such as:

  • Screen wake upon wrist raise
  • Compass
  • Customizable marquee mode

All in all, through this versatile, functional, and powerful smartwatch, Nubia aims to elevate the experience of its users and offer a product that is perfectly aligned with our modern and dynamic lives. 

MI Smart-Band 3:

The MI Smart-Band 3 offers a 7.8-inch, premium-quality screen, and is tailor-made for workout and fitness enthusiasts. The band offers a comprehensive fitness tracker, and, since it is fully waterproof, you do not need to take it off while indulging in water sports such as swimming, surfing, waterskiing, rowing, or fishing. 

The upgraded version of the MI Smart-Band 3 contains a concealed pair of ear-buds. You can detach these ear-buds from the watch whenever you need to use them, and, once you are done, you can put the buds back in their dedicated slots. Also, you will not have to charge the ear-buds separately –all you need to do is charge the watch, and the buds will be charged simultaneously. 

FitBit Iconic:

Not only does the FitBit Iconic smartwatch promise a classy and sophisticated look, but it also delivers a range of advanced features. The Iconic’s dynamic fitness tracker allows you to track a range of workouts such as walking, running, cycling, swimming (separate features for both pool and outdoor swimming), circuit training, weight training, exercise bike, treadmill, and elliptical trainer. The watch will also calculate your real-time pace, distance, and heart rate. The watch is water-resistant up to a distance of 50 meters. 

In addition, this smartwatch contains an onboard music system consisting of more than 300 songs that you can play whenever you want to. The watch has a tiny but powerful battery, offering you more than 4 days of battery life. You can use this watch to install your favorite social media apps, and stay connected to your family, friends, and colleagues, no matter where you are. 

Various features of Futuristic Smartwatches

Another distinct feature of this futuristic watch is FitBit Pay, through which you can make online payments by simply scanning your watch at a POS (Point of Sale) terminal – no need to carry your debit or credit cards or even your mobile phone. 


What if your smartwatch could be whatever you wanted it to be? ‘Bangles’ is an entirely open, AI-driven smartwatch. You can use this watch to create customized apps from a tremendous selection of features and functions. This smartwatch is particularly useful for web developers and futuristic fashion designers who want to make their own applications, as well as for anyone wanting a highly-customizable smartwatch. 

From controlling your phone and offering GPS to point you in the right direction, to reminding you to water your plants, Bangles does it all. Perhaps you want to open your garage door, or use your wrist to fly a drone? Once again, you can do it all. In fact, you can even remove the strap and use the dial as a camera lens. 

Through Bangles’ low-energy Bluetooth, you can control other Bluetooth items, including customer devices such as phones or light bulbs. 

Final Word:

If you believed that you had already seen the very best of the smartwatch era, well, we hope that this blog and the incredible possibilities that it discussed helped change your mind. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that, as far as smartwatches are concerned, we are only getting started. 

To learn more about futuristic equipment and technologies, please feel free to check out some of the other blogs on our website. 

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