The Futuristic Rolls Royce That Elegantly Fuses Technology And Luxury

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Rolls Royce has been known to manufacture and deliver outclass vehicles for over a century. The company is known for its innovation, luxury features, and premium-level reliability in automobiles. We expect the company to continue to impress us in the future, and behold! The brand does not meet our expectations but exceeds them by great lengths!

Allow us to introduce the Rolls Royce 103EX, the most futuristic Rolls Royce to date. Although we will not see this car under production in the near future, it remains one of the most awaited luxury cars. Everything from its exterior, and interior, to technological features, and performance blows our minds.

The Futuristic Rolls Royce 103EX

Rolls Royce has consistently named its cars in a unique and innovative way. We have the Phantom, the Dawn, the Ghost, and then comes the 103EX, a name that does not fit in the premium brand’s lineup. It is called 103 because this is the 103rd car that Rolls Royce has been experimenting with since its inception. EX, well, that just stands for “Experiment.”

The 103EX is also known as Vision Next 100. Ever since the prototype was showcased, it has gained immense attention from car enthusiasts. The vehicle is fully electric and powered by a dual-motor setup that delivers over 671 horsepower. Let us look at some of the key features of this futuristic Rolls Royce.

The Exterior is Like No Other

Making of The Futuristic Rolls Royce 103EX
Image credit by Rolls-Royce

The first feature that you notice about the 103EX is its impressively large size. With a length of just under twenty feet, this has to be one of the largest all-electric vehicles we have seen. Size may be big, but it is one small factor among the other impressive features this car houses.

The front end is quite long, and the cabin seems to be pushed towards the vehicle’s rear end. The signature Rolls Royce Grille sits right in the middle of the vehicle, and just above is the unmistakable Spirit of Ecstasy, which, according to Rolls Royce, has a long story behind it. For the 103EX, the flying man is made of pure crystal and is illuminated.

One thing that you cannot get tired of looking at is the wheels. Hardly any rubber can be seen on the wheels due to the half-concealed wheel design. Even when you turn the wheels, their tops are also concealed with body-colored material. We cringe when we think about what will happen when a tire goes flat, but we are sure that Rolls Royce must have better plans.

The most important of all features is the door. To enter this vehicle, a traditional door opens, but the car’s roof also opens along with it. This allows you to simply walk onto the car’s floor and then take a seat on the silk-covered couch.

The Interior is Even More Futuristic

The Futuristic Rolls Royce 103EX interiors
Image credit by Rolls-Royce

A lot happens to welcome you into the vehicle. The door opens, the roof opens, a footstep that projects red lights to mimic a red carpet extends. You step on the footstep and then walk into the car, turn to face the front, and sit down on the silk-covered couch-like seat.

The first thing you notice is that the vehicle is missing a steering wheel, the pedals, and the shift lever. In fact, there are no controls inside the car. All you do is relax on the couch and trust Eleanor to take you wherever it is you want to go. Who is Eleanor, you ask? She is the virtual chauffeur of the 103EX, and she is also your personal assistant.

Eleanor is no ordinary auto-drive system; she tries to understand you better by remembering your requirements and interests. We, like Rolls Royce, believe that putting in a steering wheel and other controls on this car would be useless.

The car takes you places while sitting and relaxing on the couch. Eleanor takes care of everything for you, from traffic, to weather, and even unexpected delays. She can call your destination to give an exact time in case of a delay on the road. The virtual assistant keeps track of all your appointments and schedules, so it knows where you have to be at what time.

Rolls Royce has carried on its legacy of luxury to the future. The whole cabin is covered with supreme-quality materials that flaunt the high levels of luxury, comfort, and technology. The floor is covered with a super-soft, hand-woven carpet, the couch is covered in silk, the cabin walls are real wood, and natural leather covers many areas. Even with the advanced technology, Rolls Royce has kept the signature analog watch in the cabin.

When sitting on the couch, you have a large screen that stretches from one end of the car to the other. This screen can be used as an entertainment system and display vehicle-related information.

It is Designed to Perform

The Futuristic Rolls Royce 103EX exterior
Image credit by Rolls-Royce

The 103EX is a fully electric vehicle powered by two motors, which can produce a total of 671 horsepower. It is built on a lightweight platform, ensuring incredible accelerating power and comfortable cruising speeds of around 200 mph.

Surprisingly, there is little under the hood that powers the car. Most of the hood space is home to customizable luggage, which pops out of a compartment door located just behind the front wheel.

Last Few Words

The futuristic Rolls Royce Vision Next 100 wears an appearance like no other. The fully-electric vehicle promises to revolutionize travel with innovative and highly advanced features. It is entirely autonomous, which, according to TWI-global, means that it requires no driver input whatsoever. The vehicle can navigate through traffic, understand the colors on traffic lights, read road signs and road markings.

Although this vehicle is not expected to go under production in the near future, we can surely expect many of its technologies to be equipped on other Rolls Royce models in the upcoming years. But we can’t wait to see a car of this caliber hit the roads. Do you think that this vehicle will undergo production? Or will Rolls Royce use the technologies on the 103EX on other models and forget about launching the Vision Next 100 as a production car?

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