The Futuristic Porsche Mission E Concept: Reshaping Racing

futuristic porsche in a dealership

Porsche unveiled the Mission E concept vehicle in 2015. A few years later, Mission E was launched as the all-electric Porsche Taycan. Fast forward a few more years, Porsche has revealed another concept vehicle, which looks to reshape the world of racing with a fully electric vehicle.

Porsche has launched the Mission R to tell the world that it is not only regular cars that benefit from the all-electric technology but also racecars. The company envisions the future of racing to be all-electric, and the futuristic Porsche concept vehicle is capable of delivering over 1000 horsepower on the track.

Mission E Changed Porsche’s Impression

Futuristic Porsche mission E
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With Mission E that evolved to become the Taycan, and the Taycan Cross Turismo, Porsche attempted to earn global recognition for their electric vehicles. The mission was a great success for the performance car manufacturer.

The next target that the company is now eyeing is revolutionizing the world of GT racing. The Mission R concept is the first and most significant stepping stone towards a revolutionized racing world.

Porsche Mission R Will Change Racing Once and For All

The Mission R appears to be a descendant of the 982 Cayman. It is great-looking and super stylish and delivers incredible performance. Porsche plans to deliver what racecars could look and perform like in the future.

Designed For Sprint Racing

Futuristic Porsche. concept car
Image credit via Porsche

The car’s body is comprised mainly of an innovative lightweight material called natural fiber-reinforced plastic. This material is also used most accents both inside and outside the cabin. The cage is constructed with carbon fiber.

The car flaunts a very low hood, a sleek roofline, and flared sides that are Porsche’s signature features. Both wheels have a cutaway behind them, which reduces drag and increases speed. The headlights are borrowed from the Taycan, but these are equipped with vents to keep the LEDs cool. 

Two significant components dominate the car’s rear end, the split spoiler and the diffuser, both of which are carbon made. Additionally, the brake lights are mounted on the wing plates, making them easier to see for the drivers following, especially during bad weather.

The Mission R has 18-inch Cup center-lock wheels with five double spokes and flow-optimized aero-blades. The front and rear panels are easy to repair quickly if damaged during a race. There are yellow markers that indicate the position of the wheel fasteners, allowing for quick tire removal.

The Mission R Concept is finished using white metallic satin paint, and the hood and front wings are painted glossy red. The contrasting black spoilers give the car a unique and stylish look.  

Did We Mention the 1000 Horsepower?

Futuristic Porsche concept with 1000 HP
Image credit via Porsche

The Porsche Mission R performance features are nothing short of impressive and incredible. According to Motor Trend, the advanced electric motors on the Mission R can shell out over 1,072 horsepower, which means that from a complete stop, the car can reach 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds. The car weighs around 3,300 pounds, and the weight-to-power ratio is an impressive 3.1 pounds per horsepower.

The vehicle can reach a max speed of 186 mph. As per Porsche’s claims, Mission R can match the 911 GT3’s performance without burning fossil fuels. The 900-volt battery that powers the motors takes only 15 minutes to reach up to 75%.

The battery on this vehicle is an 80KWh power pack. But what is interesting is where it is located in the car. Due to the car’s low height, the batteries are located behind the seats. We expected them to be located on the floor, but for the best driving experience, the driver must ride low, and hence the battery pack is taken out of the floor.

The location of the 900-volt battery makes this car fall in the mid-engine category. According to Motor Sports, the battery can keep the vehicle running for 30 minutes, which is expected to improve in the future. But as of now, the Mission R is well suited for sprint races.

The Interior is Well-Equipped

Porsche interior
Image credit via Porsche

The vehicle focuses on practicality for the driver. Everything from the steering wheel, seat, pedals, controls, and even screens are positioned so that they are easily accessible by the driver. The seat is designed to offer maximum support to the driver and is fully ventilated. They are made of carbon fiber, but the cushion and backrest are 3D printed.

The interior is ingeniously ventilated through an adjustable vent located in the windshield. There is also an option to mount a passenger seat in the car. But one feature that grabs our attention is the innovative helmet drier and disinfecting unit. Keeping in view the COVID-19 pandemic, this might be one of the most valuable features in the car to help stop the spread of the virus. Even without the virus, it is still a nifty feature.

 The car is equipped with a driver module design. This feature allows a second cell to be used as a racing simulator outside the car.

Last Few Words

It is evident that Porsche is paving the way for the future of racing. Mission R proposes new and innovative solutions for the motorsport world that will come with their own set of challenges. The Mission R is a concept car that aims to revolutionize Grand Turismo racing in the distant future. It is a concept car that depicts how EV racing will be six to ten years from today.

Most concepts are only design models, but the Mission R is a fully functional prototype that allows experts to assess it analytically. This way, Porsche can make the necessary changes when officially launching the Mission R, probably under some other name.  

Most advanced concepts hardly materialize. But we expect to see the Mission R running on the tracks in the near future. We expect Porsche to carry on the trend of materializing concept cars as it did with Mission E and the Taycan.

Do you think that this futuristic Porsche will be a successful leader in the future of racing, and will it make it easier for rivals to hop onto the electric bandwagon?

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