17 Futuristic Motorcycle Helmets to Protect and Help Riders Think Fast

woma takinv of helmet

The motorbike helmet business is keeping pace with all the innovation revolving about and progressing at a breakneck pace. Motorcycle helmets have certainly come a long way, and the innovation isn’t stopping anytime soon. Below, we’ve shared some futuristic motorcycle helmets that you might have never thought would be possible.  

There’s nothing quite like getting out on your motorcycle and hitting the road – or the trails. A collection of stylish bike helmets is a must-have addition to your speedy inventory. Sure, the boom of your muffler, the chopping of your v-twin, and the flair of your bike make you feel like the master of the road. However, what good is all that strength if you don’t have good headgear to protect you in case of an accident?

In this article, we look at some futuristic sci fi motorcycle helmets that integrate augmented reality and mixed reality for navigation display in the helmet visor. We look at cyberpunk motor cycle helmets that have been inspired by the cybpunk fiction genre. Finally, we’ve also discovered some high-tech motorcycle helmet best sellers that come with unique tech stacks, like Bluetooth, noise cancellation, voice-activated GPS, and more. Continue reading to learn how motorcycle helmets are evolving.

1. ScorpionEXO Covert X Open Face Half Shell motorcycle Futuristic sci fi motorcycle Motorcycle Helmets

strom Motorcycle helmet

Enhance your riding experience with the  ScorpionEXO Covert X Open Face Half Shell motorcycle Helmet. A perfect fusion of safety and entertainment, it comes with speakers that provide immersive audio that is crystal clear even at high speeds. Experience your favourite tunes and or GPS navigation prompts. Every sound comes through with remarkable clarity.

The helmet itself boasts exceptional build quality and comfort and fits securely and snugly to ensure maximum protection while maintaining a light weight design. The ventilation works flawlessly keeping the rider cool during long rides.

The helmet comes with bluetooth controls are conveniently located allowing for easy adjustment of volume and track selection without distracting from the road.  Smart phones can be easily paired with the helmet and the battery life of the helmet is impressive. The helmet comes with a convenient hands free calling feature that allows riders to stay connect whilst keeping their focus on the road. 

2. GDM Venom Motorcycle Helmet Full Face Cyberpunk Motorcycle Helmet

GDM Venom Motorcycle Helmet Full Face

This GDM Venom Full face cyberpunk inspired Motorcycle helmet comes with a sleek design and a GDM bluetooth intercom system. This lightweight helmet comes with an aerodynamic shell design constructed using advanced lightweight ABS build and is DOT  (Department Of Transportation) certified. The interior of the helmet comes with a snug fit and cushioned padding. Ventilation outlets are located on the front and at the top of the helmet adding to the super sleek design. The helmet comes with accessories that include the Bluetooth connecter, speakers and microphone that can be easily configured 

3. Live Map Helmets

Livemap will accomplish the same with AR technology as Ford achieved with autos and Apple did with the iPhone – bringing it to the masses and making it all accessible. Livemap’s goal is to develop the greatest possible AR headgear the market has to offer. It will distinguish itself primarily by its display, which will be capable of projecting virtual visuals 20 meters out on the roadway.

Livemap is designing a helmet that will make data visible to the user regardless of the time of day. Whether it’s clear skies above you or even adverse weather conditions, you’ll be able to see your alerts on the screen. This is indeed a step into the future, and the futuristic helmet will be released to the general public soon.

This device will need to be charged, but the charging process is straightforward, requires only one device, and can be done at home or on the go.

4. Jarvish

Jarvish has released a new intelligent motorbike helmet driven by HERE tech. Riders have indeed been longing for this futuristic helmet for a long time.

When riding a motorbike, interacting with the road should be a seamless, simple, and safe experience. Because there’s no better protection than a well-informed rider, Jarvish is releasing new wearable equipment for individuals who want to combine these ideas.

Versions X and X-AR, from the smart helmet systems expert, will be unveiled soon, promising a high degree of protection as well as the most advanced data systems of any motorbike helmet ever manufactured.

Both setups are packed with capabilities that provide riders with the opportunity to make the right decisions imaginable, all without lifting their attention away from the road. The futuristic helmet allows motorcyclists to completely connect and really ride hands-free.

Voice commands, noise cancellation, remote access, built-in storage, and a 2K frontal camera come as standard on every Jarvish helmet. These smart features work together to make riding on the road easier and more fun.

Jarvish intelligent helmet users can use the integrated application to pinpoint any location through their voice and get audio instructions in-helmet, thanks to HERE mapping and navigation. Check out this video for a deeper insight into this futuristic helmet.

5. Modular Helmet

Man wearing helmet that has futuristic Motorcycle Helmet design
Image credit by Space Gamer via Flickr

A modular helmet of 2050 is a helmet design that looks remarkably similar to what astronauts have been seen wearing in movies where they travel to Mars.

The helmet’s full interior shield will reflect all of the heads-up data you’ll need when you’re on the road.

Whatever style of ride you’re looking for, this helmet appears to totally seal around your head for a fresh-filled O2 airtight drive.

6. Batman Styled Futuristic Motorcycle Helmet

Futuristic Motorcycle Helmet design
Image credit by Dovydas Pranka via Pexels

The apparent horns emerging from the top of this Batman-styled headgear will be the first thing you notice. They appear to be strong enough to utilize for self-defense in some sort of Saturday biker riot.

The translucent face shield appears to offer a lot of front-seeing space. We’re not certain what the lateral mechanisms will offer in terms of movement, but they give this dark and contemporary spiky helmet idea a more adaptable look.

No one can dispute that motorcycle batman helmets are quite stylish. It’s a fantastic helmet to have, but it does have one drawback: the price. This style of helmet is not cheap.

7. Intelligent Cranium Helmets

Several Intelligent Cranium (IC) helmet types are currently up for pre-order.  They have a version that appears to be among the most cost-effective smart helmets available.

These IC helmets have auto-tinting goggles, blind spot sensors, a linked app for your cellphone, and motion detectors, to name a few features. IC’s helmets are now in the alpha/beta prototype phases, and they will be available soon!

8. Police Helmet

Futuristic police Motorcycle Helmet
Image credit by Stuart Grout via Flickr

With its futuristic design, this headgear concept for sport bikers considers aerodynamics. A shield or visor that can be flipped down and mounted on the outside is also available.

This helmet was created with motorcycle law enforcement officers in view. It has wireless communications, a heads-up projection of auto license plate recognition information, and other interesting functions that a cop would desire.

9. Livemap AR Futuristic Motorcycle Helmet

Futuristic motorcycle helmet Livemap AR Motorcycle Helmet
Livemap AR Futuristic Motorcycle Helmet

The Livemap Helmet is a game-changing piece of technology for motorcyclists. This Augmented Reality (AR) helmet combines three essential devices into one, providing riders with a heads-up display that overlays crucial information on top of the world around them.

With the ability to receive important route information, including GPS direction and key parameters, the Livemap Helmet allows riders to stay focused on the road ahead. Plus, it offers customizable notification alerts for messages and calls, as well as a camera, microphone, headphones, and intercom system for added convenience and safety. This helmet is much more than just a simple HUD – it’s a complete smart helmet that every rider needs to have.

10. ILM Futuristic SCI FI Motorcycle Helmet with Dual Visor Flip up and Rear LED

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

The ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up motorcycle helmet has a tinted sun visor, a clear visor, and an anti-fog feature. It also has a visor toggle to retract or extend the inner visor, which can be detached and swapped. The quick-release strap is adjustable and easy to remove. Speaker pockets reduce pressure on the ears, face, and head, and the helmet’s rear LED adds safety with Bluetooth batteries.

11. Sena Impulse Flip-Up Modular Helmet

Sena Impulse Flip Up Modular Helmet

Introducing the Impulse Flip Up, the ultimate modular smart helmet powered by Sena’s revolutionary Mesh Intercom and Bluetooth Intercom technology. With Harman Kardon’s exceptional speakers and microphone tuning, experience the future now with superior in-helmet audio precision and clarity.

The all-new microphone ensures unparalleled outbound audio quality. For maximum rider visibility, the Impulse features an integrated rear-facing taillight and retractable sun visor for added convenience.

The DOT and ECE-rated composite fiberglass shell boasts an intermediate oval fitment, while four strategically placed vents, a chin vent, a top vent, and two exhaust vents ensure proper airflow during your ride.

12. Sena Momentum Pro Motorcycle Helmet with Built in Camera

Sena Momentum Pro Motorcycle Helmet with Built in Camera

The Momentum Pro helmet, equipped with Bluetooth technology, offers all the premium features of the standard Momentum helmet and more. It’s essential for riders who want to capture their ride effortlessly with a single button at the top of the helmet.

The camera has a 135-degree field of view and records QHD (1440p, 30fps) or FHD (1080p, 60fps) video for up to 2 hours. With WiFi connectivity, riders can preview and download footage instantly on their smartphones. It’s an absolute must-have for riders who want to relive their exciting rides and share them with others.

13. FreedConn  BM2-S Flip Up Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet BM2-S Flip Up Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

This Bluetooth-enabled motorcycle helmet is equipped with FM radio and GPS voice prompts. It connects to phones quickly and reliably. With multi-tasking technology, incoming calls take priority over intercom, music, and navigation audio. Stereo music can be played from your Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a cell phone or MP3 player with A2DP. Additionally, the helmet supports playback control, allowing you to play and pause your music with AVRCP.

14. FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet BM2-S Flip Up

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet BM2-S Flip Up Modular Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet-2

This FreedConn Bluetooth helmet supports a max intercom range of up to 1640 feet for 2 riders talking or 3 riders pairing. We meet and exceed DOT safety standards; don’t worry about safety while riding.

Motorcycle helmet with Bluetooth 3.0 technology lets you enjoy music, FM, GPS voice prompt, and intercom stably while riding, making team motorbike communication more convenient and efficient. Crystal Clear Sound Helmet Intercom Built-in 2 premium speakers with full stereo sound.

The FreedConn Bluetooth helmet offers clear music and high-speed intercom voice with advanced DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression technology. 1 Button Control Helmets MotorbikeBluetooth FM helmet supports hands-free calls (answering, rejecting incoming calls, and redialing the last number) with 1 multi-functional button. Incoming phone call overrides intercom, MP3 music, FM radio, and GPS navigation

15. FreedConn BM12 DOT Bluetooth Full Face Motorcycle Helmet  

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face

A motorcycle helmet is absolutely essential for safe riding on the road. FreedConn has combined the motorcycle communication system and helmet to take your riding experience to the next level.

The Brand’s full-face BM12 helmet has a powerful Bluetooth 3.0 version intercom system, allowing you to stay connected with your phone, MP3, and GPS. You can communicate with fellow riders or passengers safely and efficiently while riding, with a range of up to 500 meters between two riders.

In addition, the helmet also features an FM radio, enabling you to enjoy MP3, FM radio, GPS voice prompt, and hands-free calls with its built-in speakers and noise-canceling microphone.

16. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Stay connected on the road with the LM Bluetooth helmet. It lets you control your phone with one touch and communicate with fellow riders through the intercom. Listen to music, FM radio, and GPS navigation audio with built-in speakers. This DOT-certified helmet is made from high-quality ABS shell material, with a dual visor, replaceable liners, and air ventilation system for optimal performance.

The integrated Bluetooth system offers riders one-touch control for making phone calls, answering and rejecting incoming calls, intercom communication, and listening to Music, FM Radio, and GPS navigation audio.

With a Built-in speaker and noise-canceling microphones, the Bluetooth modular helmet allows bikers to conduct calls or listen to music or voice commands while commuting or touring.

The Bluetooth motorcycle helmet is DOT certified, made of a quality ABS shell, and designed with dual visor, replaceable liners, and an air ventilation system, it ensures safety and is comfortable to wear when riding off-road.

17. Storm Motorcycle Bike Full Face Helmet Mechanic

1Storm Motorcycle Bike Full Face Helmet Mechanic Skull- HJDJ11

Ensuring your safety is top priority, this helmet is the ultimate solution that combines cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials. It conforms to the highest safety standards, providing complete protection for your head.

With strategically placed adjustable air vents located on the helmet’s top, you can easily manage your comfort level, even in hot weather conditions. Say goodbye to heavy helmets causing neck strain, as this lightweight helmet offers unmatched agility and ease of movement, giving you the freedom you need.

It seamlessly becomes a part of you, providing you with a liberating feeling. This helmet combines the best of both worlds – comfort, and protection, enabling you to navigate corners and turns with ease. Embrace the feeling of liberation and never compromise on your safety again with a helmet that feels like an extension of yourself.

Final Verdict

The Era of the futuristic motorcycle is here. As you’ve seen, futuristic motorcycle helmets are packed with various features. This technology within these motorcycle helmets makes us understand that the future that we anticipate is already here.

As companies continue to roll out the technology, mixed reality helmets and AR Motorcycle helmets will permit you as a rider to see road names, receive turn-by-turn instructions, and know what’s going on behind you when riding your bike through busy roads without peering down or moving your head. This is because AR and technology-rich helmets will offer the information as it appears on the helmet’s visor. This is an expansive vision of the future.

While having all of this innovation in one motorbike helmet, such as virtual reality and real-time rearview camera systems, isn’t yet a reality, you can bet that it’s coming soon in a futuristic world, and futuristic helmets will undoubtedly include these features. There are helmets that you can Purchase now.

These emerging innovations aren’t just a fad. Experts believe they’ll help riders stay safe by enabling them to maintain their attention on the road. The likelihood of accidents will drop significantly once these futuristic motorcycle helmets become the norm.

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