6 Futuristic Motorcycle Helmets That Will Increase Rider Protection and Help Riders To Make Safe Split Second Decisions

Futuristic Motorcycle helmet

The motorbike helmet business is keeping pace with all the innovation revolving about and progressing at a breakneck pace. Motorcycle helmets have certainly come a long way, and the innovation isn’t stopping anytime soon. Below, we’ve shared some futuristic motorcycle helmets that you might have never thought would be possible.  

There’s nothing quite like getting out on your motorcycle and hitting the road – or the trails. A collection of stylish bike helmets is a must-have addition to your speedy inventory. Sure, the boom of your muffler, the chopping of your v-twin, and the flair of your bike make you feel like the master of the road. However, what good is all that strength if you don’t have good headgear to protect you in case of an accident?

1. Live Map Helmets

Livemap will accomplish the same with AR technology as Ford achieved with autos and Apple did with the iPhone – bringing it to the masses and making it all accessible. Livemap’s goal is to develop the greatest possible AR headgear the market has to offer. It will distinguish itself primarily by its display, which will be capable of projecting virtual visuals 20 meters out on the roadway.

Livemap is designing a helmet that will make data visible to the user regardless of the time of day. Whether it’s clear skies above you or even adverse weather conditions, you’ll be able to see your alerts on the screen. This is indeed a step into the future, and the new motorcycle helmet will be released to the general public soon.

This device will need to be charged, but the charging process is straightforward, requires only one device, and can be done at home or on the go.

2. Jarvish

Jarvish has released a new intelligent motorbike helmet driven by HERE tech. Riders have indeed been longing for this futuristic helmet for a long time.

When riding a motorbike, interacting with the road should be a seamless, simple, and safe experience. Because there’s no better protection than a well-informed rider, Jarvish is releasing new wearable equipment for individuals who want to combine these ideas.

Versions X and X-AR, from the smart helmet systems expert, will be unveiled soon, promising a high degree of protection as well as the most advanced data systems of any motorbike helmet ever manufactured.

Both setups are packed with capabilities that provide riders with the opportunity to make the right decisions imaginable, all without lifting their attention away from the road. The futuristic helmet allows motorcyclists to completely connect and really ride hands-free.

Voice commands, noise cancellation, remote access, built-in storage, and a 2K frontal camera come as standard on every Jarvish helmet. These smart features work together to make riding on the road easier and more fun.

Jarvish intelligent helmet users can use the integrated application to pinpoint any location through their voice and get audio instructions in-helmet, thanks to HERE mapping and navigation. Check out this video for a deeper insight into this futuristic helmet.

3. Modular Helmet

Man wearing helmet that has futuristic Motorcycle Helmet design
Image credit by Space Gamer via Flickr

A modular helmet of 2050 is a helmet design that looks remarkably similar to what astronauts have been seen wearing in movies where they travel to Mars.

The helmet’s full interior shield will reflect all of the heads-up data you’ll need when you’re on the road.

Whatever style of ride you’re looking for, this helmet appears to totally seal around your head for a fresh-filled O2 airtight drive.

4. Batman Styled Futuristic Motorcycle Helmet

Futuristic Motorcycle Helmet design
Image credit by Dovydas Pranka via Pexels

The apparent horns emerging from the top of this Batman-styled headgear will be the first thing you notice. They appear to be strong enough to utilize for self-defense in some sort of Saturday biker riot.

The translucent face shield appears to offer a lot of front seeing space. We’re not certain what the lateral mechanisms will offer in terms of movement, but they give this dark and contemporary spiky helmet idea a more adaptable look.

No one can dispute that motorcycle batman helmets are quite stylish. It’s a fantastic helmet to have, but it does have one drawback: the price. This style of helmet is not cheap.

5. Intelligent Cranium Helmets

Several Intelligent Cranium (IC) helmet types are currently up for pre-order.  They have a version that appears to be among the most cost-effective smart helmets available.

These IC helmets have auto-tinting goggles, blind spot sensors, a linked app for your cellphone, and motion detectors, to name a few features. IC’s helmets are now in the alpha/beta prototype phases, and they will be available soon!

6. Police Helmet

Futuristic police Motorcycle Helmet
Image credit by Stuart Grout via Flickr

With its futuristic design, this headgear concept for sport bikers considers aerodynamics. A shield or visor that can be flipped down and mounted on the outside is also available.

This helmet was created with motorcycle law enforcement officers in view. It has wireless communications, a heads-up projection of auto license plate recognition information, and other interesting functions that a cop would desire.

Final Verdict

You can see road names, turn-by-turn instructions, and what’s going on behind you while riding your bike throughout the town without peering down or moving your head. This is because the information appears on the visor of your helmet. This is an expansive vision of the future.

While having all of this innovation in one motorbike helmet, such as virtual reality and real-time rearview camera systems, isn’t yet a reality, you can bet that it’s coming soon, and futuristic helmets will undoubtedly include these features.

These emerging innovations aren’t just a fad. Experts believe that they’ll help riders stay safe by enabling them to maintain their attention on the road. The likelihood of accidents will drop significantly once these futuristic motorcycle helmets become the norm.

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