The Extraordinary Futuristic Mercedes Vision AVTR

silver Futuristic Mercedes Vision AVTR

If you’re into Mercedes, you’d probably know that the latest models are well-equipped with advanced technology and features. That makes us wonder what the futuristic Mercedes will have in store for us. Fortunately, the luxury auto manufacturer addresses our wonders in the most unique way – with a concept car.

Some like to call it Avatar, while others have named it Advanced Vehicle Transformation. We present the futuristic Mercedes concept vehicle, the Vision AVTR. It is a vehicle that combines the futuristic visions of Mercedes’ design and engineering teams to portray what travel will be like in the future.

What is the Vision AVTR?

The Vision AVTR (Advanced Vehicle Transformation) is a concept vehicle from Mercedes that promises to revolutionize driving. Unveiled at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in 2020, the vehicle exemplifies the vision of researchers, engineers, and designers regarding what travel will be like in the future.

The vehicle is an outcome of the collaboration between one of the most valuable brands in the world, Mercedes, and the most innovative entertainment industry brand, Disney. It allows building a unique connection between itself and the human using impressive biometric technology. It understands humans like no other car can.

Extraordinary Features

From design cues to performance, everything about the AVTR is revolutionary. Let us look at some of the features of this car: .

Innovative Controls Are On Another Level

Driving console  of the Futuristic Mercedes Vision AVTR
Image credit by Mercedes-Benz

The Vision AVTR starts interacting with humans from the moment they come close. It detects breathing to identify who is approaching the vehicle. Step inside, put your hand on the center console, and the interior comes to life. The control unit detects your heartbeat and connects you through neurons from the vehicle’s interior to its exterior. There are no pedals or steering wheel on this car, making driving this car a totally unique experience.

According to Car and Driver, One Pedal Operation is becoming a norm on electric cars these days. But to forego the pedals and move the car using one large control switch in the center console takes it to the next level. The driver has to rest their hand on the center control and move it forwards, backward, left, and right. It might sound like a video game joystick control but on a very advanced level.

The vehicle removes boundaries between the vehicle and humans. As soon as you put your hand on the center control, the car becomes an extension of your body. It recognizes who is driving and adapts accordingly. Mercedes claims the car to be a tool to expand human capabilities, much like what avatars do in the movies.

There are no buttons, no touchscreens, and certainly no knobs in the cabin apart from the large center control. All gadgets are either voice-operated or gesture-controlled. The interface is projected on the entire surface of the interior, making the occupants seem like they are in some sophisticated spaceship.

The Exterior Matches With the Interior

Interior of the Futuristic Mercedes Vision AVTR
Image credit by Mercedes-Benz

There is no way you can mistake this car for any other; after all, only one exists. The exterior does not have any sharp corners or hardly any sharp edges, except for the flaps. The doors are made of a translucent material, which give the car added futuristic appearance.

The rims attract a lot of attention with their LED strips, and they give out a lot of information. For instance, when the vehicle is charging, the lights move from the outside of the rim to the center. This motion depicts that the power is going into the vehicle. These LED lights can also change to become turn signals at the push of a button, where the lights turn orange and start to blink.

Both front seats can be used as the driver or passenger seats, thanks to the position of the main control between them. This means that the car is equally suited for locations that have traffic driving on the right hand or the left-hand.

The rear seats arch up and become the headrest of the front seats. Stepping inside the vehicle is like sitting in some fantasy world and almost feels surreal. According to Business Insider, “The vehicle is inspired by the alien creatures and vehicles found in James Cameron’s blockbuster, Avatar.”

Impressive Performance with Zero Emissions

Exterior of the Futuristic Mercedes Vision AVTR
Image credit by Mercedes-Benz

As per, the future is about electric vehicles. All big auto manufacturers have started competing against one another to deliver a vehicle with the best range and best performance.

Mercedes plays its move by displaying the Vision AVTR, which delivers more than 350 KW of power through its intelligently programmed, high-performance motors in four wheels. It gives a new meaning to all-wheel-drive; each wheel on the vehicle can be driven separately, allowing the car to control traction and speed.

With unique technologies, the car can even move sideways at an angle of approximately thirty degrees. This “crabbing” movement makes the car as unique in its motion as it is in appearance.

Efficiency is Maximized With State-of-the-Art Technology

Open Grill of the Futuristic Mercedes Vision AVTR along with Mercedez Symbol
Image credit by Mercedes-Benz

All vehicles have some energy losses when they are operated. Electric vehicles are more efficient than gasoline or diesel vehicles. According to Green Energy Consumers, “Fossil-fuel powered vehicles convert only between 21% and 40% of the energy in the fuel into motion. In comparison, electric cars can convert up to 77% energy into motion.”

It isn’t easy to balance a vehicle’s efficiency and performance. In most cases, where one goes up, the other suffers. But with the AVTR, both take the front seat. Mercedes promises that the vehicle minimizes energy requirements by the electronic systems.

Solar plates attached to the back of the vehicle act as flaps, which change direction to provide more aerodynamics to the vehicle. They can turn into airbrakes when the brakes are applied and into a spoiler at high speeds. They even help keep the car stable during turns by ensuring the correct amount of downforce in all areas.

Last Few Words

Whether we will see this car on the road or not is still a question that puzzles car enthusiasts. However, Mercedes is surely going above and beyond with technology with the Vision AVTR. It is, undoubtedly, the most futuristic Mercedes vehicle ever built.

We sincerely believe that getting a vehicle of this caliber from paper to reality is an achievement on its own. It features intelligent systems that can detect your mood from your heartbeat, offers excellent human interaction, and top-futuristic looks.

Since it is a concept car that has never been seen beyond runway testing tracks, its price is still undisclosed. What do you think a car like this will cost?

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