Futuristic Jobs Types Will Force Humans To Acquire Valuable skills and knowledge

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According to TimeLine, for nearly 200 years, people have been worrying about technology taking over many jobs, leading to massive unemployment. It is partly true; we have seen jobs disappear over the last few decades. Hardly anyone remembers timekeepers and telephone switchboard operators.

But all is not lost because if technology had been so detrimental to jobs, we would not see economies with near to full employment rates in the present time. Changing times and technological advancements open doors to new opportunities and futuristic jobs. This is not to say all jobs will disappear, but new times have different demands and require new skills.

Futuristic Jobs Types

With all the fuss about robots swallowing up our jobs like candy, several jobs have emerged over the past few years. No one had heard of a position like an app developer or social media manager until only recently.

Artificial intelligence and robots are advancing every day. According to the BBC, Professor Stephen Hawking believed that artificial intelligence would take over the world one day and outshine human intelligence significantly. It will then proceed to destroy the human race.

Well, until that happens, let’s see what kind of jobs artificial intelligence and other technologies have in store for us in the near and distant future.

Drone Managers will Manage Fleets

Drone Managers controlling a military drone
Image credit by the U.S. Pacific Fleet via Flickr

Drones are likely to lose their novelty over the coming years. They will become almost as popular as cars. Some package delivery companies are already testing drones for efficient and fast deliveries.

Many companies will acquire huge drones to help them with their everyday operations. They will also require managers to take care of the fleet and allocate the drones for maximum efficiency. These managers will build groundbreaking rules and ensure standards are adequately met.

Air Traffic Controller Will be Required for Private Fleet

Air Traffic Controllers in a room
Image credit by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Savannah District via Flickr

With a multitude of drones flying around, someone will need to manage the traffic to ensure that drones don’t run into each other or cause traffic jams. We expect drones to cross international borders in the distant future, which will open an opportunity for air traffic controllers.

These air traffic controller companies will have to negotiate with the government and coordinate with other companies to maximize productivity.

Autonomous Vehicle Experts Will Repair Vehicles

Futuristic Jobs of Autonomous Vehicle Experts
Image credit by Niall Kennedy via Flickr

What do you do when your car breaks down? You take it to a mechanic who repairs it for you. What do you do when your self-driving vehicle breaks down? Err… take it to an autonomous vehicle mechanic? Exactly.

With self-driving cars becoming common, many people like cab drivers and truck drivers will go out of their job. But these cars will open another window of opportunity for people who know how autonomous vehicles work and how to repair them if something goes wrong.

Autonomous Transport Expertwill Ensure Smooth Transitions

car dashboard display
Image credit by Jaguar MENA via Flickr

Self-driving cars have evolved and are developing day by day. Sometime in the future, we expect all traffic to comprise autonomous vehicles that comply with all traffic rules, follow traffic lights, and ensure fast and efficient travel.

However, the transition from today’s vehicles to modern vehicles will need to be managed. A lot of planning and technology will be involved to maintain a smooth traffic flow. An autonomous transport expert will ensure that the transition into the autonomous world is flawless and smooth and manage these autonomous systems to make sure they are running smoothly.

Personal Medical Assistants will customize treatments

Futuristic doctors and nurses analyzing patient history
Image credit by Asian Development Bank via Flickr

Advancements in genetic engineering will enable every individual to receive highly customized treatment and medication. According to Live Science, we can modify the DNA of a living being, and in the future, we will be able to alter the genes to make them resistant to viruses and other diseases. This futuristic technology is called CRISPR and stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats.

We expect jobs for understanding genes and operating these advanced medical technologies will open up in the distant future. Personal medical assistants will interpret what genes tell about the individual and prescribe treatments accordingly.

Technology – Human Integrators will make technology more understandable

Futuristic job involving backend electrical engineer working using computer
Image credit by WeMake Milano via Flickr

Even today, some people still struggle to use smartphones over their traditional phones. As technology evolves, life is expected to become more manageable, but only for the tech-savvy. Modern technologies can be challenging to understand and get used to. Nobody has the time to read through hundreds of pages of user manuals.

Advancements in technologies will only add to the complexity. Experts will be required to train people to integrate technologies into their everyday lives. They will study the requirements and objectives of the individual and mentor them on the technologies that best suit their needs.

Data Science Quality Assurance will help achieve the right solutions

woman in a classroom looking at teacher
Image credit by gdsteam via Flickr

Organizations are spending billions of dollars to acquire data. Companies are throwing large sums of money toward data mining jobs. With all the raw data flowing in, someone needs to filter out the trash from the valuable information. Data science needs quality assurance to ensure that the conclusions derived are authentic and properly based.

The rate of data mining is growing every day. More quality assurance experts will be required in the near and distant future to increase the reliability of the collected data. False or inaccurate results can lead to companies losing considerable investments in the future.

Last Few Words

Many people believe that technology will eat up a lot of jobs and leave nothing for us humans to do. Although we have seen many jobs disappear in the past, many new positions have also emerged. According to ZD Net, as technology continues to grow, we expect more jobs to surface in the near and far future.

Jobs change as the dynamics of the world change. For instance, with autonomous cars coming in, traditional drivers might lose their jobs, but multiple opportunities will open for charging station staff, self-driving vehicle mechanics, and spare parts manufacturers.

Humans need to acquire valuable skills and knowledge to keep us well-equipped for the demands that futuristic jobs will bring. In your opinion, is technology a blessing or a menace for the job industry?

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