DeLUX Seeker Ergonomic Vertical Mouse OLED, 4000DPI, BT and USB


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The world’s first vertical mouse with an OLED screen, the Transparent Mouse Vision, revolutionizes how you interact with your device. Easily check essential parameters such as battery capacity, DPI level, and connection mode without the need for software. Inspired by nature and designed with decades of vertical mouse technology expertise, the DELUX SEEKER offers natural comfort with its ergonomic snail bionic structure, placing your hand in a relaxed handshake position. It includes a magnetic detachable wrist rest for extended comfort and a 7200DPI tracking engine to minimize fatigue caused by excessive movement. Plus, it simplifies your workflow by allowing you to seamlessly connect up to four devices through USB-C wired, 2.4G wireless, and BT 5.0 (BT1 BT2) connection modes. With versatile navigation capabilities in four different directions, it enhances your overall experience, making it an ideal choice for efficient, multi-device productivity.