BOPAI Hard Shell TSA Laptop Backpack




This versatile backpack offers a range of smart features to enhance your travel experience. Its TSA-approved luggage lock boasts a flat, easy-to-open design, making airport security a breeze while ensuring your belongings remain neatly organized and secure against potential theft. The backpack’s back section features seamlessly operating zippers that unveil a hidden compartment when pulled, providing you with additional storage space on demand. For added convenience, it comes equipped with an external USB port and a built-in cable that connects to your power bank (not included), simplifying the process of keeping your phone charged while on the move. Further enhancing its practicality, the backpack’s shoulder strap boasts a discreet card pocket, perfect for swift access to your transportation card, whether for the subway or bus. Plus, its back strap allows you to securely attach the backpack to your luggage handle, streamlining your travels.