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AI text to image generator robot and prompt

Recently it seems like AI has taken the lead in technological innovation and is even being incorporated into tools that artists and designers use. From computational photography to open-source tools and image enhancers, the lines between real creativity have become very blurred. But where do AI text to image generators fit in?

While many online tools allow you to create basic images with text, more complex designs can be difficult to achieve by untrained or aspiring creatives. That’s where AI text-to-image generators come in to bridge the gap.

These AI Tools use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create custom images based on word inputs from a user. For example, you would write something like the below “A photograph of a woman walking down a street” and get an output of the image below.

A photograph of a woman walkng down a street 
phoytograph of woman walking down the street

Whether you need an eye-catching banner for your website or a unique logo for your business, an AI image generator can help you achieve the look you want.

This article will look at some of the most popular and best text-to-image generators. We will also consider whether these AI tools are here to replace human designers and creatives, or are they just fun tools to use in design projects.

What Are AI Text To Image Generators?

A text-to-image generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to understand the words or prompts typed in the search bar of an AI text-to-image tool. The words are then interpreted and converted into a unique image. These AI tools can be used for entertainment or to create AI artwork.

According to Tech Journal text to image generators have grown in popularity, and AI-generated images hold vast potential. Most people search for free text-to-image generators and the best text-to-image generators online, confirming a genuine interest in AI tools that offer non-creatives to easily attempt to conjure creative results from words.

What Is The Purpose Of AI Text To Image Generators?

AI text to image generators have many uses. These AI tools create AI images and videos that can be used in many applications, from entertainment to education, and even offer those with physical disabilities another way to be creatively inspired.

The complexity and difficulty of learning to use digital graphic design tools are the biggest reasons people avoid them. If you don’t possess the technical knowledge or equipment to use these programs, your design options remain limited.

AI Text to Image Generator

AI image generator bridges this gap, and in just a couple of minutes, you’ll have a uniquely designed image based on text input into the text to image application.

AI Language models have grown in capabilities in the past decade due to powerful GPUs, deep learning algorithms, and big data. In addition, text-to-image generators are helping the world realize that computers will one day be used intuitively without knowing the complex systems and programs that make them run.

According to The Hustle, for text to image generators to work, they must be trained by massive amounts of data. This in effect allows text to-image generators endless design possibilities. Images have the potential to be generated in thousands of styles. For instance, you could choose your type of illustration, whether it be photorealistic, a pencil sketch, steampunk-inspired, or even in the style of an oil painting.

The Best AI Text to Image Generators?

There are many AI text to image generators. The major tech players have shown their hand by launching their own tools. Solutions like Stable diffusion from StabilityAI and Dalle-2 from OpenAI and Midjourney are gaining popularity and have been received well within creative communities.

Some AI text to image generators are open source and allow more functionality for the tech-savvy, while others cover the basics and can be used online. If you’re looking for a few more options for free text to image generators, there’s a great video by Digital Nomad Institute that covers a list of 10 free text to image generators.

Here are the best AI text to image generators that stand out:


Dall-E2 was released by OpenAI and is their newest text to image generator. Dall-E2 is the successor to Dall-E, a language model that takes text prompts as inputs and can then convert it into images. Dall-E2 can instantly add and remove elements while considering shadows, textures, and reflections.

Dalle-E2 AI Text To Image Generator

Image credit: Jim Clyde Monge

Dall-E2 is a diffusion model, and these models have a promising generative framework that creates impressive images and video generation. In addition, the Dall-E2 uses a guidance method to achieve better photorealism results.

The Dall-E2 generates a four times better resolution than the Dall-E and is the tool chosen by more than 70% of users in matching text to results and photorealism.

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an easily accessible AI text to image generator. StabilityAI created stable Diffusion and is an excellent text to image generator for users wanting to create their own art. Stable Diffusion stands out because the company has made its source code openly available, something its competitors don’t offer.

Stable Diffusion

Image credit:

Because their code is open source, many users have started communities and have already begun improving and building on the original code. Most users find AI image generators exciting, but navigating this online platform can be challenging.


Midjourney is a popular and widely used text to image generator. Midjourney gained most of its popularity when a user won a fine art competition from an image he created while using the software.

midjourney logo is on of many AI text to image generators

Unlike other AI text to image generators, Midjourney is operated through a discord server and can produce high-quality images in a specific style. In addition, Midjourney can also create pictures of celebrities, something Dall-E2 is unable to do.

Midjourney is not designed to create photorealistic images but has a unique style, primarily artistic in look and feel.


Glide is another text to image tool created by OpenAi. Glide was released in 2021 and can create photorealistic pictures from natural language. Glide allows users to create visual images easily and allows the user to refine these images.

Glide text to image generator laser lights

Like Dall-E2, this diffusion model can convert basic line drawings into photorealistic images. In addition, Glide has a wide range of features and can perform tasks like image making realistic edits to pictures, much like the features in Adobe Photoshop.

Glide can also match the style and lighting of the image and influence shadows and reflections with speed and ease of use.


Imagen is the Google Brain’s team text to image generator. This text to image generator was created to generate images with increased accuracy. Unlike other AI text to image generators, Google’s Imagen analyzes each section of the text prompt and aims to create a picture that is as close as possible to the text prompt .

brain and rocket

Image credit: Imagen

Like Dall-E2 and Glide, Imagen uses diffusion and language tools for image generation.

Do Social Media Platforms Have Text to Image Generators?

As text to image generators become even more popular, social networks are tempted to join the hype. One social media network that has just launched a new in-app text-to-image AI Generator. TikTok’s text to image generator lets users type in a query and generates an image based on that query. The image can then be used in the background of the user’s videos.

TikTok logo

TikTok’s AI text to image generator is very basic compared to Dall-E2 and Imagen. In addition, TikTok’s solution produces abstract imagery and cannot produce photorealistic images. It’s possible that this design flaw was intentional to ensure that the content created in the app abides by the app’s community guidelines.

TikTok also has built-in suggestions that appear when selecting effects, but according to The Verge, one of the newest effects is the AI Greenscreen. TikTok positions its text-to-image generator as a fun way to create backgrounds for TikToks and as a useful tool for creators. TikTok does not aim to compete with bigger brands offering better functionality with their text to image generators.

Are There Free Text To Image Generators?

Most text to image generators have a trial version, are open source, or require a premium subscription. However, there are a few basic text to image generators that are mainly for entertainment purposes. Some of these include:

  1. Nightcafe. Nightcafe is probably one of the most accessible text to image generators you can use. It’s an excellent tool for beginners and generates mind-blowing images in just a few minutes. When creating an image, type in the text, select a style, and your image will be made. When you create a Nightcafe account, you’ll receive five free and five daily credits. This allows you to create five images per day on Nightcafe for free. These will need to be purchased if you want more credits. You can refine your artwork, but this will also use additional credits.
  2. Starry AI. Starry AI uses text and turns it into images. Starry AI differs from other text to image generators because it has granular control over some results, making results more personal. Starry AI also lets you earn free credits by watching ads or sharing your creations on social media.
  3. Dream by Wombo. Dream by Wombo works magnificently and is 100% free. You can create unlimited amounts of artwork in various styles. Some styles include Robots, Psychic, Love, and Dark Fantasy. Wombo is available on a web or mobile app, but the mobile app offers a few more features.
  4. Pixray. Pixray is a text-to-art generator you can use in your browser, on your computer, or with an API. It’s completely free, with a simple interface, has customizable AI engines, and has custom codes that can be used to generate image mockups. The Pixray ai art generator creates images in the form of line sketches, stroke images, and GAN images. If you’re a techy, you can play around with the Pixray documentation and adjust the AI setting, allowing you to add artists and styles and uncover detailed ways to improve your artwork. ai art generator

Commercial use of Text to image generators

Not only can the text to image generator create high-quality samples, but it can also create novel images by combining unrelated concepts irrespective of sample quality. This technology is still in its early stages, but it has great potential for both artists and businesses.

Text to image generators can create realistic product mockups or marketing materials. They can also be used to generate completely new and unique art. Exciting possibilities abound, and it will be interesting to see how this technology develops in the future.

Round Up

AI text to image generators are great AI tools for creating incredible artwork or for entertainment. However, as the popularity of these AI tools continues to increase and the language models operating them become even more advanced, they will begin to compete with long-established design tools like Adobe Photoshop. Although,it is probabal that existing tools will adapt their technologies to integrate AI in some way or another.

The raging debate with text to image tools is whether they will replace creative jobs. I believe that the answer is nuanced in that AI text to image generators will complement creative work. By learning how to use these AI tools, creatives will be able to push their creative ideas to the next level. Moreover, there is also a high probability that non-AI generated work will be placed at a higher value because of the originality factor attached to it. One thing is certain though AI text to Image generators are here to stay

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