Freelancing With ChatGPT: How ChatGPT Can Be Your Companion While Freelancing

Freelancing With ChatGPT

As a freelancer, juggling multiple responsibilities, fighting procrastination, having writer’s block, and struggling to complete tasks can feel overwhelming. Today, we’ll share some life-saving prompts to get your entrepreneurship and freelance projects going and learn freelancing with ChatGPT.

Remember: the goal as an entrepreneur or freelancer with ChatGPT is to delegate or automate your small annoying tasks so you can focus on your core activity and make more money.

Freelancing With ChatGPT

Task organization

1) Task organization

If you stuff a list of your tasks into ChatGPT, the daily ones, the weekly ones, which monthly payments you have to make, and how many times a week you plan to do specific activities, then GPT can sort them all into different categories and suggest a schedule to make sure you don’t get lost in the sauce.


Hey GPT, I’m an entrepreneur, and my goal is to enhance productivity and efficiency in task organization. I do many tasks weekly, daily, monthly, and for annual goals. I will include the list of all my tasks. Can you sort them by importance based on criteria and add suggestions on reaching my goals? Here is the list: (insert your data here.) I’d like the output to be in (format)

Hey GPT! Imagine you have a busy day ahead, with multiple online courses to create, blog posts to write, and administrative tasks to handle. What specific keywords or phrases would you use to describe your ideal task organization system? For example, would you prioritize keywords like flexibility, automation, visualization, collaboration, or customization? I want the output to be in (format).

2) Fighting procrastination

I don’t know if some of you feel the same, but starting a task is something a lot of people struggle with. GPT can solve that by helping you generate a draft, giving you ideas, advice, and more. Once that is done, you must adapt, proofread, and add your personal touch!


Hey GPT, I am currently working on a task, but I am unsure where to start to achieve the best results based on the criteria. I don’t like taking notes on paper or using my phone to increase productivity. Can you share tips on managing distractions and maintaining consistency in work habits and also add specific advice based on the tasks I have to do?

3) Writing emails and replies to your clients

Writing emails and replies to your clients

If you spend way too much time thinking of what to say and how to say it, ChatGPT will be your bestie. It can help you generate reusable templates, generate emails, and even find excuses for you (like why you missed the last meeting with your client)


In the past, I have used various email writing techniques and templates to communicate with clients. I need to be able to produce emails quickly to complete the task or answer the recipient is expecting.

  • Can you generate a template I can use to (task) and edit it when needed? 
  • How can one ensure clarity and professionalism while maintaining a friendly tone?
  • Can you effectively share tips on addressing client concerns or objections in email responses?
  • Can you generate a template for an email when I apply for this (title) freelancer job?
  • Can you generate a template for an email when I need to cancel an appointment? 
  • Can you generate a template for an email presenting my services and prices?

4) Writing Assistant

ChatGPT can serve as a writing companion, generating prompts, creating blog post ideas, and even assisting in crafting engaging content. 

Best prompts:

“I’m (job), and I’m trying to (goal). I need help with (task). I aim to generate high-quality and engaging content for (the platform you post content on). I am seeking guidance on (your goal) In previous content creation attempts, I faced (difficulties/what didn’t work before). For instance, imagine we are creating content for a (your idea). Can you provide creative ideas for blog articles or social media posts related to (your idea)? Additionally, should any specific keywords or phrases be incorporated into the content to improve its search engine visibility? Please provide a content piece of (length). Feel free to ask any clarifying questions to better understand the specific requirements”

“I’m setting up a new gig on Fiverr to help people build their YouTube channels. What tags would be good to use to ensure clients find me? Follow up: what are the top 5 most important ones in the list you produced?

Follow up: Can you craft a Fiverr service description? The service is meant to help people build their YouTube channels.”

5) Figuring things out

Sometimes, you may feel like you’re not providing the right services or that your gig descriptions could be better. ChatGPT can help you determine where to improve your freelancer/entrepreneur journey.

Select your primary skill (the one you master the most) and two side skills. Eg, building websites is your main skill. SEO and logo creation are your side skills.

Learn if you need to: Update your skills, especially for things that evolve quickly, like programming languages, data science, etc. Summarize what you know now, and put a date on that summary. We’ll get back to it later.

If you already worked with clients on your main and side skills, gather testimonies, ask what they thought about your review, and if they’re willing to write a public review.

Get everything ready: your portfolio of previous work, testimonies, a nice profile picture, a good personal bio, and a cleaned-up computer, ready to get some work done. You can host your portfolio on the freelancer website directly sometimes. If not, host it on your website or sites like Portfoliobox or Behance. If your portfolio is a bit empty, simply work on a new project to practice your skills and upload them into your portfolio. You can also offer your skills for free in exchange for testimonials.

It sounds easy on paper, but after setting up all your profiles (and saving them in your browser so you can check all of them quickly), you will also have to dedicate time to learning how to market your gigs, find clients, get your clients to review you, learn some SEO, etc.

Once you have a better idea of where you’re standing, ask ChatGPT for feedback on each part of your freelancer life.

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In the world of freelancing and entrepreneurship, things can get tough. You might struggle with getting started, staying organized, or finding the right words for emails. But ChatGPT, your AI friend, is here to help. These prompts we’ve talked about are like magic spells to make your work easier. The main idea is to use ChatGPT to do the small, annoying tasks so you can focus on what matters and make more money.

Whether you need help with managing tasks, beating procrastination, writing emails, generating ideas, or figuring out your path to success, ChatGPT is your helpful sidekick. With Freelancing With ChatGPT, your journey becomes more straightforward, efficient, and rewarding. It’s time to use AI to reach new heights in your freelancing adventures. Success is just around the corner.

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