First Neuralink Patient Controls Computer with Thoughts


It’s possible that you’ve been following what happened at Elon Musk’s company Neuralink. You may or may not know this, but the first human trial patient of Neuralink can now control a computer mouse just by thinking.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and Neuralink, recently provided an update on the progress of “X” spaces, formerly known as Twitter. The milestone achieved by Neuralink, which connects the human brain with machines, is a significant breakthrough for the company and all of humankind.

In 2023, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted Neuralink the permission to conduct human trials. These tests have been successful, indicating a significant milestone in Neuralink’s efforts to assist individuals with paralysis and neurological disorders.

The idea of merging humans and machines, which was once a concept only found in science fiction, is now becoming more prevalent in our actual world.

Neuralink’s achievement in implanting a chip into a human brain that enables the person to control devices is a breakthrough, demonstrating humanity’s eagerness to push beyond traditional limits.

The patient who underwent the surgery is reported to be suffering no ill effects that Neuralink is aware of, and the company continues to monitor the patient’s recovery.

The focus of the Neuralink implant is initially on ensuring that recipients of this technology are those with a disability that prevents them from using limbs and other parts of their body. Like many others, the breakthrough is just opening the door for what is to come, and Neuralinik will pave the way for other companies with similar ambitions.

This breakthrough could be what I’ll hastily label the emergence of “Neuralites” or “Linkites.” This means people who have a Neuralink implant. One day, a large percentage of the world population may have a Neuralinik implant. But, for now, the implants are only given to people with disabilities, and I emphasize the phrase “for now.”

With the successful trial on patient one, it’s safe to assume that others are observing the trial’s outcome on the sidelines. And I’m not just referring to those with disabilities. The question that many think about but may not ask is, “When will people without disabilities be able to trial-run Neuralink?

Currently, patients with Neuralink implants can control a computer mouse using their thoughts. Neuralink aims to expand this ability to control other devices in the future.

The question now arises, which other devices does Neuralink plan to integrate with their implant in the upcoming versions?

As someone who likes to let their imagination run when thinking about the fusion of technology and creativity, I see a world where man and machine are fused in unison in many ways. Imagine a world where a fighter jet pilot or a commercial pilot is synced through a neural link device, and this technology stack is part of an AI Sandwich; my gosh, the possibilities are endless!

There will always be ethical questions around the use of implants like Nuralink, and there will be those who are for and those who are really against it. Some believe that the Neuralink technology infringes on what it means to be human. In contrast, others think it brings humankind closer to a utopia where technology equalizes and amplifies human capabilities.

Regardless of which side you are on, it is undeniable that Elon Musk and his company, Neuralink, have successfully crossed the first hurdle of man and machine symbiosis.

If we asked the world population to nominate someone to lead humanity in connecting man with machine, it wouldn’t be surprising if Mr Musk’s name received the most nominations. However, there is no need for a poll.

Mr Musk has taken the initiative and paved the way for a future where there is a place for the symbiotic fusion of man and machine.

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