How to Design a Book Cover with ChatGPT, Canva, and Bing Create

ChatGPT and canva Book cover Design

If you’re a writer but lack some design skills or ideas, the trilogy of ChatGPT, Canva, and Bing Create (DALL-E) can help you out! To make this tutorial as authentic as possible, we will ask for a random book idea from ChatGPT and start from there. And here is the idea:

chatgpt book cover deign prompts

Getting your ChatGPT Book cover design idea

Okay, so we have a book idea but no idea what to put on our book cover. Given this idea, we can go in different directions, either representing the book owner on the cover, the lovers of the past generations, or something different that represents the story without showing specific characters. Let’s ask ChatGPT about it.

ChatGPT: Certainly, here are 15 book cover ideas for your story:

  1. An antique bookstore with a magnifying glass revealing hidden love letters in the background.
  2. A close-up of an old, weathered book with a love letter peeking out.
  3. A collage of vintage love letters forming a heart shape.
  4. A stack of old books with a single love letter protruding from one.
  5. A quill pen on a desk, poised to write a love letter, surrounded by books.
  6. A sepia-toned image of an ornate, vintage key unlocking a heart-shaped lock.
  7. An intricate, aged map with love letters serving as the map’s trails.
  8. A silhouette of a couple dancing in a vintage ballroom.
  9. A candlelit room with an open book and a love letter resting on an antique table.
  10. A bookshelf filled with old, love-themed books, with one book pulled out.
  11. A collage of faded photographs of couples from different eras.
  12. A close-up of a hand holding a love letter over a heart-shaped locket.
  13. A mystical forest scene with glowing love letters scattered among the trees.
  14. An old-fashioned typewriter with a love letter emerging from it.
  15. A collage of vintage postmarks and handwritten love letters form the book’s title.

Let’s go through the list and see which one would be the best. The first one might sound too “cliché”. The third one as well. Let’s go with idea number 2, 7, 8, and 11. We’ll generate a few designs and see which one is better. 

If the book is about romance as much as it is about the bookshop owner investigating this romance, then we can include both mystery and romance elements on the cover. 

We are lucky; ChatGPT formatted those cover book ideas promptly so that we can copy them into Bing Create. If not, you can use the prompt: 

“Rephrase those ideas so I can paste them into text to image tools”. 

Don’t forget to add the style you want for your prompt (anime style, realistic, water painting, etc). Remember that some image generation tools only generate square pictures, so think about the parts that could be cut out when the image is resized to fit the size of your book cover.

Generating visuals

Let’s open Bing Create, powered by DALL-E 3, and generate some images. Prompts 8 and 11 gave the best results for a potential book cover design.

A silhouette of a couple dancing in a vintage ballroom.

A collage of faded photographs of couples from different eras.

The design of the couple dancing will allow us to resize the image and still have the main elements present. The second set of designs is interesting if the romance is as important as the investigation. Having old photographs with blurred faces could be a nice mystery design.

Chatgpt Book Cover design idea

Final design with Canva

Now that we have some good designs for the cover let’s go into Canva. You can find a template related to the style of your book to make sure the fonts and elements do not seem out of place. 

Resize or zoom on your Bing Create design, add your title and name, and the job is done! If you’re still unsure about your cover, you can use your Canva work to guide a designer who will help you with your book. 

Please note that if you publish your book on Amazon KDP, your cover design must be horizontal, as you will be uploading the back and front of the book in one file. Ensure you leave space for Amazon to add their barcode and ISBN number, and double-check the required size and quality for your image.

Here is our final design:

canva and Dalle-3 aand canva book cover design


By combining three different AI tools, we generated a book cover without too much design knowledge. Of course, if this is too time-consuming for you as an author, you can delegate the task and send what you have already worked on to a designer. Have fun with your book!

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