Crypto Launchpads Explosion – The New No. 1. Crypto Goldmine

Crypto Launchpads

Another name for crypto launchpads is “crypto incubators.” Crypto launchpads are Decentralized Exchange (DEX) platforms that allow crypto founders to introduce their projects and raise funding from crypto investors.

For crypto investors, crypto launchpads are an excellent opportunity to buy new tokens at cheap prices and profit from their future price increases. A launchpad allows projects to make their tokens available to investors before publicly listing them on exchanges.

Similarly, crypto founders who use launchpads benefit from exposure to a pool of ready crypto investors and fans who are waiting for the next exciting crypto venture to invest in.

How To Know Trusted Crypto Launchpads

Crypto Launchpads

There are many crypto launchpads in the crypto ecosystem. Trusted crypto launchpads take responsibility for doing due diligence for their investors and users before listing projects.

Like other users and investors, they thoroughly screen new projects and mandate that they undergo the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This way, these launchpads protect investors and crypto founders.

DAO Maker is an example of a launchpad that performs due diligence on behalf of investors. These singular characteristics of this DEX are one reason it is growing in popularity, and its tokens are increasing in price.

The DAO Maker Launchpad

Crypto Launchpads

There is something brilliant with the DAO Maker launchpad. This Launchpad is doing pretty well. People like to Degen in Bull markets because we’re still in a long-term bullish Trend. DAO Maker has been making money. In the last one month, it has had a 174%.

Let’s see DAO Maker on Crypto Rank. Crypto Rank is a platform that tracks ROIs (Return on Investments). Many people like to speculate, ape, and Degen into launchpads in bull runs, and DAO Maker is a Launchpad and project you should keep an eye on as a trade in the next few weeks. Please note that what we are saying here is pure speculation trade.

Crypto Launchpads

On Crypto Rank, DAO Makers did an almost 2X ROI recently and an all-time high of 32X. Hence, this project is an excellent project to keep an eye on if you are a crypto trader. We think it has this kind of high ROI because people buy into the project. Also, it could be because there is a vast project launching on the DAO Maker launchpad.

The Best Crypto Launchpads

The DAO Maker launchpad may not be as good as the launchpads on crypto exchanges, but they can make you some money. Launchpads like Binance Launchpad is a money printer. The average ROI you can get from projects that launched on Binance is 200X.

Final Thoughts

Many new projects launched their tokens via launchpads at the peak of the 2021 bull cycle. Many investors poured significant amounts of money into these new projects.

Unfortunately, many of these projects were scams or pump-and-dump projects, and some investors lost money, too. Some of the investors who lost money to the scam projects are the ones who didn’t do their due diligence to screen the projects.

Some launchpads are breeding grounds for pump and dump projects. Hence, you must be careful and invest in launchpads that are proven to launch long-lasting crypto projects.

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