Craiyon AI: A Fun and Free Way to Create Amazing Art from Text

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You’ve probably seen some interesting AI-generated images floating around the internet recently and wondered how they were created. As it turns out, there are free AI tools that anyone can use to generate unique pieces of art. One of the best is Craiyon AI, a fun and easy-to-use AI that creates amazing images from just a few words of text.

Want to learn more about this AI tool? Hop in and learn everything related to Craiyon AI and how to use it efficiently. Let’s dive right into it!

Introducing Craiyon AI: A Revolutionary AI Art Generator

Craiyon AI is an innovative text-to-image generator tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate unique works of art from text descriptions. Simply enter a few words or short phrases describing what you want to see, and Craiyon will create an original image based on your prompt.

Craiyon AI is free, fun, and easy to use. It lets anyone become an artist and create shareable digital art in seconds. The results can be whimsical, thought-provoking, or even bizarre. It offers an innovative way to create and share visual art. Give your creativity free reign and see what inspiring images emerge!

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Craiyon AI

Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to get use Craiyon AI for your assistance:

Accessing Craiyon

Creating an account with Craiyon AI is simple and free. Just head to Craiyon AI and click “Sign Up” to get started. Enter your email and a password to register.

Generating Images

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a text prompt bar at the top of the page. Type in a few words or short phrases describing what you want to see, like “cyberpunk city” or “fantasy landscape.” Hit enter, and Craiyon will generate an original AI-created image for you within seconds.

Craiyon AI  Homepage screenshot

Part of the fun is experimenting with different prompts to see what kinds of crazy and imaginative art this AI can dream up. You might get anime-inspired characters, retro-futuristic vehicles, or psychedelic patterns. The possibilities are endless!

Craiyon AI  cyberpunk image generation

Sharing Your Creations

Found an image you love? Download the image and to post it to your profile or other social networks. You can also save images to your personal gallery to generate new images from the same prompt later. 

Perks of Using the Craiyon AI

Want to know why Craiyon AI is the best in the town? Here are a few of the many benefits that this AI offers:

Completely Free of Use

One of the best perks of using Craiyon AI is that it’s completely free to use. There are no hidden fees or paid subscription plans. All you need is an internet connection and a curiosity to see what kinds of art this AI can generate for you.

Let’s You Experiment with Your Creativity

Craiyon AI allows you to generate an endless collection of unique AI art with the click of a button. Just type in a few words, phrases, or sentences, and Craiyon will instantly create original artwork based on your text prompt. You can generate psychedelic art, abstract shapes, futuristic cityscapes, or anything in between. 

Promotes Educational Art

This AI tool is also great for brainstorming or overcoming creative blocks. If you’re feeling uninspired, Craiyon can generate surprising and thought-provoking images to get your creative juices flowing again. Who knows what hidden meanings or ideas might emerge from the AI’s surreal creations?

Innovative & Cutting-edge Experience

Craiyon AI is ideal for anyone looking to expand their creativity in new ways. Whether you’re an artist, writer, student, or just curious to see what an AI can dream up, Craiyon offers an easy, engaging way to make and share art. The best part is it’s all available at the click of a button, for free.

Price Plans of Craiyon AI

Craiyon AI offers three simple price plans to choose from:


This basic plan lets you use the Craiyon AI model for non-commercial purposes. You can create up to 10 images per day, with a maximum resolution of 512×512 pixels. You can also browse and share your images with other users. However, this plan has some limitations. 

With the Free plan, you’ll still have access to all the features like image generation from text prompts, tweaking and improving your images, and downloading your creations.

Supporter Plan

This is the premium plan that lets you support the development of Craiyon AI and enjoy more benefits. It lets you create unlimited images per day, with a maximum resolution of 1024×1024 pixels. You can also customize and download your images without any watermarks or ads. It is $5 per month (paid annually) or $6 monthly (paid monthly).


Serious artists will appreciate the Professional plan, which offers unlimited image generation and advanced features like commercial use of generated images. Pricing for the Professional plan is $20 per month (paid annually) or $24 per month (paid monthly).

Craiyon AI  priciing page

No matter your chosen plan, you’ll enjoy an easy-to-use AI tool that can generate a wide range of artistic styles from simple text prompts. Craiyon AI makes creating digital art fun, accessible, and affordable for people of all skill levels. Why not give it a try today?

Craiyon AI Frequently Asked Questions

Craiyon AI is an artificial intelligence tool that generates unique images from text descriptions. Here are answers to some common questions about using Craiyon:

Does Craiyon Cost Anything to Use? 

No, Craiyon is completely free to use. You can generate as many AI images as you like at no cost.

How do I Get Started with Craiyon? 

Using Craiyon is simple. Just go to, enter a text prompt or description of the image you want to generate and click “Generate Image.” Craiyon will immediately create a unique AI-generated image based on your text.

Are There Any Tips For Getting Good Results?

Be creative and descriptive with your text prompts. The more details you provide, the better Craiyon can understand what type of image you want to generate. You can also try different wordings of the same prompt to get different results.

Does Craiyon Have a Mobile App?

Yes, Craiyon AI has a mobile app for Android devices. The app lets you create amazing art from text using the same AI model as the website. You can also browse, share, and save your images on your phone or tablet. 

The app is free to use but contains ads and some limitations. If you want to access more features and faster results, you can upgrade to the Supporter or Professional plan on the website.

What are Craiyon’s Capabilities and Limitations? 

Craiyon is designed to generate unique conceptual images based on text descriptions. It works best with prompts describing scenes, objects, abstract concepts, or themes. However, Craiyon has some limitations. It cannot generate photorealistic images or replicate specific images you have in mind. The results will be stylized and interpretive.

Wrap Up!

You now have all the information you need to get started creating fun and whimsical art with Craiyon AI. This innovative tool puts the power of artificial intelligence in your hands, allowing you to generate a seemingly endless array of images from the words and phrases you provide. 

So what are you waiting for? Give your imagination free reign and see what visual delights Craiyon has in store for you. The possibilities are as boundless as your mind.

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