CoPilot vs ChatGPT: Which One Is Best For Personal And Business Uses?

Microsoft recently launched Copilot, an AI tool with similar goals as ChatGPT. But which one is best? We’ll compare them on different tasks and test them for personal and business use.

Testing Text Generation

We prompted “Compose a short story involving a mysterious object and unexpected twists.” in both AI tools.

ChatGPT provided a very generic fantasy story set in the world of “Eldoria”, which is the name that comes up pretty much any time you ask to create  fiction set in a fantasy world. It generated a story about a box found in an antique shop.

CoPilot generated a cute story about a village in the forest finding a magic sphere. The story is more captivating and less generic than the one generated by GPT.

Testing Summarization

We prompted “Provide a concise summary of this article: (…)”

ChatGPT provided a summary that was pretty much as long as the original input but it did a good job at rephrasing and extracting important information from the original input.

CoPilot provided a shorter summary and started the task by researching the internet first. It then gave a well written summary, another version of the summary, and a clickable source at the bottom of the output.

Testing Translation

We prompted “Translate the following from English to French (…) (we pasted a paragraph from the fiction story generated earlier)

ChatGPT created a text without grammatical mistakes or errors in general. It sounded quite academic and used complex past tense forms in French.

CoPilot wrote something that was easier on the eyes, and used simpler grammar. It even did research and found a Wikipedia page that has similarities to the story I asked to translate. It had nothing in common with the WIkipedia page, factually speaking, but I could see why CoPilot thought to link this page.

Testing Creativity

We prompted “Compose a short poem expressing the beauty of nature during a sunrise.”

ChatGPT generated a very predictable 20 lines text, nothing magic there.

CoPilot took more time to reply but it generated 4 different versions of the text and even a picture to go with it.

Testing Bias, Misinformation, and Ethics

We prompted both AI tools with a scenario happening in the workplace, and that needed problem-solving, avoiding bias and misinformation.

ChatGPT provided what was requested, which was a “response that was unbiased and respectful”. It generated a long template for an email or message about the scenario, and it offered potential solutions.

CoPilot started talking about important points to know about to craft a response, and linked multiple resources, without really crafting a response as we asked. However, it gave us information to craft the response ourselves.

 Personal useBusiness use
ChatGPTNot too great at creating interesting pieces of poetry, fiction, or creative writing in general.  

Training data not updated on the free version.
Good for quickly crafting emails and templates.  

Good for brainstorming, finding ideas, and building to do lists.  

Good to create business plans or business documents in general.
CoPilotMuch better for creativity tools where being original matters.

Web research can allow you to make sure your idea or project doesn’t already exist and avoid being unoriginal.  

A much better tool for authors, content creators, and entertainers, despite the slower response.
Can respond better to customer support queries as it can search the web.  

Not as quick as ChatGPT to draft emails.  

Better at translations, but slower.  

Generally, Copilot can research the web and will link resources, but does not answer as quickly as ChatGPT.


When deciding between ChatGPT and CoPilot for personal and business use, it all comes down to what you’re looking for and what suits your needs best. Both platforms offer impressive capabilities, but they cater to different purposes.

Whether you’re looking for a creative companion for personal projects or a robust coding assistant for professional tasks, both platforms showcase the potential of AI in boosting productivity and creativity. As AI tools continue to evolve, exciting possibilities for individuals and businesses are on the horizon.

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